Because you have a kawaii boyfriend, I'll give you not just flowers, but also balloons, because.. they are just cute.

Because you have a kawaii boyfriend, I'll let you wear stuffed slippers, I'll also wear such but yours are pink stuffed pig slippers.  They'll make you remember you need to be fat.  

Because you have a kawaii boyfriend, you have to get your lap empty from anything while watching TV, no pillow, no popcorn bowl, no remote.  Because being kawaii means being like a cat, a cat that will rest his head on your lap.  

Because you have a kawaii boyfriend, you need to wear bunny ears that I'll buy you, wear it while we walk at the park, with the balloons, plus a cone of strawberry ice cream.  

Because you have a kawaii boyfriend, you have to dance with Kissing You, or else, you'll have no kiss for a week, maybe.  

Because you have a kawaii boyfriend, you are obliged to endure action-packed cheek-pinching activities, and also, pillow fights.. or even bed fights.  

Because you have a kawaii boyfriend, you need to watch cartoons during weekend mornings, you are not allowed to hold the remote at weekend mornings.

Because you have a kawaii boyfriend,  be ready to get spooned and to spoon, then get spooned again and so forth, I change sleeping positions like 8 times an hour, and I hug like a koala.

I can also spoon you when you're doing office works or even when you're doing the laundry or when you're cooking.  You have to get used to it.

Because you have a kawaii boyfriend, you never have to worry, kawaii boyfriends may be stubborn, but they are mushy and I know you like mushy things and I'm perfect for you so wear those bunny ears now.


This week has been light.  Finally, weekends matter to me now.

My boss was on leave for a week, good and bad.  Good that we have no guard, we can loiter, do our thang and all; bad that our team actually missed him.  I know that’s cheesey but hey, whatever.  The cake proves it.

I think I never laughed that loud in a movie theatre.  Thanks Lendl for watching DM with me, I hope he didn’t get embarrassed because of my deep evil laugh (yes, even for comedies).  I also got an achievement for I asked him to pose (or pause) for a mirror shot and that’s his first.  Way to go, best friend!

The sole TV show I’m yearning for right now is still in the making and will be out on September’s very end.  To suffice the need, I’m rerunning my Lost copies and lol I just understand the show now, I was really young when this show aired and of course, the language was a problem.  Now that I’m starting it again, it’s like.. amazing!

I don’t understand how people say my phone is still fine, I mean, I use small pieces of paper stealthily to make the side buttons work lol.  So there’s the prospect. Because of my continuing hate of Android and Apple, and Blackberry is not planning to give a reachable option, I’m heading for the lesser: a Windows Phone.  Have I told you that I’m a bit of a tech junkie?  No.  Ok.

Being a WP will not make it uncommon enough for me so I’m not getting a Lumia, but an HTC 8XT.  Look how sexy it is.

And of course, there will be a selca.  Not a selfie!