Is this? Not acceptable. Shame on whoever took this god damn photo!! I just get these serious boyfriend feels everytime I see him in a hat like this,like…..

Your looking through your closet trying to find something to wear for a casual day out on the town knowing Harry will look amazing no matter what he wears.

“You know you could wear a black trash bag and still look amazing, its really not fair!” You yell from the closet. All you get back is a deep chuckle coming from the bedroom.

“I don’t do anything special and you always look better then me.” He states while slipping on his infamous boots. You come walking out of the closet looking down at the sun dress you picked out asking if its okay.

“You’ll look beautiful, like always.”
You look up to roll your eyes at him but instead instantly notice what he’s wearing. He has on a light flowing orange tank top, his black skinny jeans and placed perfectly on top of his head is a black snapback on backwards.

“JESUS WHAT IS THAT! My god, who gave you that!” You yell as you walk up to him and grab the hat off his head. “No.” You state in a solid tone glaring at him.

He walks up to you chuckling grabbing you around the waist and kissing your nose.
“I figured you wouldn’t approve of the hat but it was worth a shot.” He smiles while giving you small kisses all over your face. You just glare, he glares back for a second then leans in to whisper in your ear,

“By the way, I didn’t think it was that cold in here, must just be you.” He whispers with a kiss to your earlobe.

He looks down and you follow his gaze taking note to what he’s talking about noticing your nipples are perfectly peaked.

“Nope that’s just you, asshat.” You giggle as the you push him back to the bed.

Yup that’s what that picture does to me. Just thought I’d share.