"invalid users", which is the nice way of saying "liars".

T. J. Church, on an eloquent summary of Literotica’s issues.

Back on-topic, I believe they (at least Laurel for sure) are “invalid users”, which is the nice way of saying “liars”.

I was asked by some of the Mods of lower sections of the Forums to contact Laurel about some possible future actions, problems I was experiencing, etc. I did so.

He responded with no opinions, actions, suggestions, none of the above, nor anything similar.

The source is a thread poking at the accounts of the ever-absent site administrators. Their absence has been particularly notorious among other sections of the site’s forums.

Thrilled for my brother who just accepted a tenure track at Notre Dame and a postdoc at Princeton...

I found myself reflecting during the celebration on how desperate the Black folks at Columbia are for each other. In our laughter of relief for our brother, the relief (and ease) of being around each other was thick. Those of us from TC, Union and “Columbia main” hugged and laughed and hugged some more. Boundaries gone. Churchisms thrown into the air. Playing in each other’s hair. We raised our glasses and talked of coconut oil and shea butter and the south. Buried deep in our individual work and so often isolated from each other, we gave in to the moment of giddiness. Grounding ourselves in each other.