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London’s Imperial War Museum schedules closure for refurbishment in 2014 gearing up for WWI Centenary

I’m a Little Behind

I know I was supposed to probably make about 4 posts these last few weeks. So I am doing a rapid round of posts! This post is all about my time in London after Scotland. 

London feels like home, and I’m having so much fun. I want to thank you all again :). I realized I never shared my picture of AHA either, so here.

There are basically 4 parts to this post. Shakespeare’s birthday, V&A Museum Theatre exhibit, Churchill War Rooms, and Kensington Gardens.

Going way back  to Sunday April 19th, I went with a few girls to The Globe for free because of Shakespeare’s Birthday! 

The tour was really cool, we were able to not only go through museum type stuff, seeing the original plan and location of the Globe. I also learned a lot about the production of the plays from costume to music. 

I was then able to go into the theatre and there was a quick silly version of Hamlet going on, and one of the Hamlets (there were multiple) was very cute haha

I also got to excitedly sign Shakespeare’s birthday card.

Next Part:

For my theatre class we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is SO BIG, I am going to have to go back to go to the fashion exhibit, and Alexander McQueen exhibit, obviously.  But for class we just went to the theatre exhibit. They had a lot of cool pieces of set production, costumes, and a whole bunch of other stuff. We also took pictures in funny costumes, but they were not on my phone. So when I get them, I promise I will post a few.

And one random cool thing we walked by in the museum that I didn’t have time to explore, but well worth the picture.

Onto Part Three

I was able to go to the Churchill War Rooms, which was setup into a museum as well as being able to walk through the actual areas of where Winston Churchill and others resided and the rooms from during the war. 

But on my way to the War Rooms, I was delayed by the Queen! The street was super crowded and they closed it down. I was waiting for 15 minutes, and then found out the the queen drove right by me, and I wasn’t able to see her because I was too far back in the crowd. So that was exciting, I guess.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the War Rooms, because it was just a really cool experience, and really difficult to capture in photos. Here is the front of the building, one of the meeting rooms. 

And to end to the amazing Churchill section, we have my favortie quote from the entire museum.

We are all worms. But I do believe that I am a glow-warm

Final Section

After the War Rooms we went and walked around Kensington gardens. IT was super beautiful and I got to see the Peter Pan statue (again, the picture is on someone else’s phone, and will be posted once I get it)!

You will probably recognize the place in this first picture, I’ve posted this place before, but the weather was beautiful this day so I had to take another one. 

When we first walked into Kensington Park, it was this beautiful garden where you can’t actually sit in the grass… Look how regal.

After walking around, finding the random parakeets and the Peter Pan statue we went to the Diana memorial. It was a beautiful ever flowing fountain that little kids could play in.

Somewhere along the way I was pooped on my a bird, we still can’t figure out when it happened.

The last part of Kensington Park was actually visiting Kensington Palace, where Princess Diana lived.

It’s amazing how big this park is, none of these places are near each other. The parks in London are huge, and nothing like american parks.

And those were the big things I did before leaving for my Spring Break! I’m super excited to post all about my adventures in Madrid and Paris!! They will be posted throughout the week (I know I say this and don’t follow through a lot). This time is different.

Also, happy mother’s day! everyone!!!!!! Thank you mum for being so supportive and excited about this opportunity. I love you so much.



Postcards I bought at the Churchill War Rooms shop.

Captions from the back, in order:

Women’s Royal Naval Service, Join the Wrens and Free a Man for the Fleet

Women of Britain Come Into the Factories by Philip Zec

Neighbors chatting as normal despite the restrictions of their gas masks during a practice drill in Southend

An ARP warden applies her lipstick between emergency calls

Miss Vivian Thomas applies face powder using the wing mirror of an ambulance, 1941

I plan to put them into a photo collage when I get home.


So today I woke up at around 6 o'clock (After falling asleep with a map on my face, I was super tired, guys) because it was freaking light outside. It looked like it was 9 o'clock. But, we all got ready and went down for our breakfast! I had some English Breakfast Tea (I am in England), water, orange juice, scrambled eggs, and some toast. I like breakfast. Once we finished breakfast we were off to Westminster Abbey! Which was really interesting, if not crowded. After that, we needed some lunch and a guy pointed us to a fete behind the abbey… It turned out that it was a fundraising event for the Westminster Choir School. It was a pretty neat experience. Once we ate, we decided to go to the Churchill War Rooms. Which were really interesting. Part of the museum was dedicated to Churchill’s life, and it was very unorganizing, confusing, and the layout was overwhelming, but seeing the actual rooms was really interesting. Once we walked through that we decided to go to the Ben Franklin House, but we had to wait for the next tour an hour from then, and went and got some drinks while we waited. The tour it’s self was pretty interesting… It was a mixture of video/recordings and real life “reenactment” (There was one person in character, I just can’t think of a better way to say this). After, we headed back to the hotel so we could change and figure out our way to our theaters. My aunt and sister went and saw Mouse Trap, and I met up with my roommate (who is also on vacation in London with her family) and we saw The Cripple of Inishmaan… with Daniel Radcliffe. It was really funny, but the kind of funny that you need to see, because the plotline doesn’t sound funny. Once the play was over we went to the stage door because it was my roommate’s birthday and she wanted Daniel Radcliffe’s autograph, which she got with the help of a very tall boy. So it was a fun day! 


     As the students and professors made their way down the cement steps and through the doorway, immediately upon entering we saw the cabinet room. During the war this room would be heavy with smoke, stale air, and even staler attitudes. As the audio tour reminded us, often under such intense pressure, these officials who appeared to “keep calm and carry on” in public would often let their tempers get the better of them. As we moved on down the hall, a hatch led the way to what had previously been the sleeping rooms. For those who worked in the war rooms this was also their home and shelter from German air raids. As one woman recalled, they would sleep down in this area, and to her displeasure it seemed that everytime she came up the hatch to find the restroom, what she found first was a well-dressed officer passing by- her in her nightgown.