Vertigo-Inducing Vertical Panoramic Photographs of New York Churches by Richard Silver

Born and raised in New York, photographer Richard Silver has captured the beauty and grandiosity of New York churches through the unconventional perspective of a vertical panoramic view. Composed anywhere from 6 to 10 individual shots, Silver’s images create a cohesive vertical panorama, which deliver a mind-blowing, vertigo-like state. 

Silver admits to Colossal that finding the ideal location for shooting is a challenge. He said: “Finding the perfect location in the center aisle then shooting vertically from the pew to the back of the church gives the perspective that only architecture of this style can portray.”


5 black churches in the St. Louis area have been set on fire

At least six churches in the St. Louis area, five of which are predominately black, have been targets of suspected arson, spurring federal investigators to get involved. Police are seeking suspects and a motive, calling the attacks “arson” and possibly acts of hate.  Fires and attacks on black churches have a long, tragic history in the United States. 

War On Christmas? Historically Black Churches In The South Keep Getting Burned Down

If you’re keeping score at home about whether or not a “War on Christmas” is going on in this country, it looks like you can add another tally to the “Yes” side: Historically black churches in the South keep getting burned down.

Yep, this one’s pretty much an open-and-shut case.

Sure, it’s easy to write off the War on Christmas as hyperbolic, but from Briar Creek Road Baptist Church in North Carolina to God’s Power Church of Christ in Georgia, 2015 has seen multiple fires intentionally set to predominately black churches. It’s pretty difficult to say that there isn’t something going on when stuff like this keeps happening.

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Saving Harlem and its Churches

“Harlem, I would say, is the most legendary neighourhood in the United States of America.” - George, Tour Guide 

From a church to a fortress, look at the bars at the windows in the fifth GIF. 

This is happening in London and the Caribbean as well, not the churches, but the pushing out of working class people by local politicians and property developers.  

People are starting to get angry and get organised because they can’t afford to live and work in the city.  Even employers are getting worried because their staff can’t afford to live in London, Deloitte has had to buy property just so they can house their staff.

Christians have a tendency to idolize the “early church.” Although they don’t necessarily have a specific time or place to identify the-holiest-group-of-believers-of-all-time, they continually compare the disappointing “modern church” to the perfect “early church.”

“If only we could be like the early church” is often uttered in reference to current styles of worship, discipline, structure, style…

But what many Christians fail to realize is that the early church was just as messed up back then as modern churches are today. In fact, entire books of the Bible were written primarily for churches that were so dysfunctional that they had to be addressed.

Would you take a Medieval Journey?  Man recreates Pilgrimage across England with period supplies only

Many speak of observing the Christmas holidays with a return to more traditional or spiritual celebrations, but one man is taking that to heart by going on a medieval pilgrimage across England. He is living and traveling as they did in the 14th century, on foot, using only period clothing and equipment. His mission has even received the blessing of the Pope.

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