I was like a soldier, winning one battle after another~St. Therese Weekly Inspirations:

✘ ▌ ❛❛ ACWNR Appreciation - Name Meanings ( 4 / ?? ) ❜❜ 

❛ ISABEL - ( Latin ) ; God is abundant / bountiful. Derived from the word ‘belle’, which means ‘beautiful’. ❜
❛ FARLAN - ( Scottish ) ; man / son of the furrows. Furrows are irrigation trenches that aid the planting of seeds or crops.❜
❛ LEVI - ( Hebrew ) ; pledged, attached. From biblical times, Levites had no land - & therefore no home. ❜

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Jesus' Passion was not for Himself alone; it was to pierce, like a sword, the soul of the Mother of God.
—  St. Therese

SATURDAY!  With only one day off I’m making it count.  Today I headed to the annual St Peters booksale and picked up a nice little haul.  I got four small paperbacks by Satre, Hemingway, Orwell and Vonnegut.  I also got a book about the earthquake that destroyed my birthtown of Napier and another about Edwardian Melbourne postcards.  I’m overly happy with my score.  Time to head to Chapel Street to look for clothes, books and to just enjoy the beautiful day that it is.

The flowers are from on my posty run.  They remind me of the tree lined streets of my childhood.  Upon seeing them I smiled like a most wonderful fool dressed in fluro.  I’m also loving that jasmine that I smell from time to time as I deliver the mail.