My son made this. He called it “Monstrous Moon” and it was presented to me at a parent teacher’s conference this week.

Teacher: “Can we talk about your son’s art project? He made this moon.”
Me: “Neat.”
T: “He then told the class that it was an evil moon that demanded gifts and songs. People who made it happy could turn into werewolves and those who made it mad would be eaten by said werewolves.”
M: “Ah.”
T: “He then said we was making the monstrous moon happy and howled, which made other kids howl. They then spent recess howling and talking about eating people.”
M: “Oh. That’s a problem.”
T: “I’m glad we’re on the same page here.”
M: “I’ll speak to him about the importance of the separation of Church and State. He shouldn’t bring his religion to school.”
T: “Uh, that’s not what I meant. I have a few therapists that-”

Bible study classes, god on walls, and forced pledge

Kentucky is now amongst the states(yes, there is more) who allow bible study CLASSES in their public schools.

Not clubs, not groups, no. Actual bible study courses. In PUBLIC schools.

Arkansas is putting “in god we trust” on their public school walls.

A public school student in Michigan was forcibly removed from his chair when he refused to stand for the pledge. Which is his right. - his reasons were theistic, but still.

If there was ever a time to speak out, its now.

Our rights, everyones rights, are being stepped on.

Someone actually said “church and state is meant to keep the state out of church not the other way around”

We are not a Christian nation.

Speak up.

Im begging you. Speak UP.

You dont have to be atheist to see the problems here.

You dont have to come out as atheist to speak up.


I strongly oppose religion in the government and public schools, not because I don’t believe in any particular religion but because it’s completely unfair to those who don’t share those beliefs. Not everyone in this country is a Christian. To any Christian who wants to make their beliefs the law of the land, how would you feel if for example a group of people tried to make orthodontics and dentistry illegal because it violated their beliefs in the tooth fairy? You would of course complain that your rights to get a check up were being violated based on a belief system being forced into your laws that you don’t share. That’s why we have legislation that attempts to be fair some of the time. It’s also quite hypocritical that one complains about the thought of Sharia Law being the law of the United States yet these same Christian Fundamentalists and Dominionists want a government based on Biblical Law.