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Little White Lies // Children Of Men

I had the chance to illustrate one of my favourite films of all time, Children of Men, for the latest issue of Little White Lies.

A little later in the month, this image, along with 9 other original artworks based on post apocalyptic movies, will be part of an exhibition at 71a Gallery in London and sold as high quality A2 prints. Keep an eye out for more info.

Big thanks to Timba Smits and the guys at TCOLondon.

Not far from the Christian church lies the equally beautiful Tianhou Gong. Tianhou is an alternative name for the Chinese goddess Mazu and many cities throughout Asia have a temple dedicated to her, usually called Tianhou Gong or sometimes just Mazu Temple. Tianhou means “Heavenly Empress” in Chinese.

I particularly liked the way that the gate, leading to the inner temple, was flanked by those beautiful autumnal leaves.