• Random church dude: And here lies Sun Wukong, the monkey faunus from the team named after him, or the giant ball of gas in space. May he rest in peace.
  • Neptune: Why did he have to die?! He was so young and had so much more to do in his life!
  • Sage: Don't worry Nep, I'm sure he's in a better place now.
  • Scarlet: Yeah, I bet he's on a beach where the sand don't get in your shoes or between your toes. Prolly stealin' bananas or something.
  • Neptune: *Sniff sniff* Yeah you guys are right.
  • Sun: *Walks up and puts elbow on Neptune's shoulder, taking a sip from his coffee* So what's up, who died?
  • Neptune: Ghost! *Dives out a window*

I wanna start off by saying that this post is not meant to offend anyone, or make anyone feel bad for their religion. But in light of recent events, i have some things i want to say.

First off, this isn’t something i share with a lot of people, but i feel like this is a time where my story could help. When i was a child, i was sexually abused by my biological father. I won’t go into detail, because that’s not whats important. But it happened, and it happened for years.

And while he did serve prison time for what he did, my issue currently lies with something much bigger than the justice system. It lies with the mormon church, and people covering up for him.

About a year ago, i was asked to write a letter to the first presidency of the Mormon church, and to the prophet of the Mormon church, and they had asked for my opinion on whether or not i believed my biological father should be allowed to be re-baptized and granted membership. This came at a time after i had left the church and cut ties. But i wrote the letter, because i truly believed that he should not be allowed to be in a church where he would have access to children because he never once showed remorse for what he did and i truly believe that given the chance, he would do to another child what he did to me and other children. And it wasn’t an easy letter to write, because i put things in it that no one else knew about, and feelings i had never told anyone before. Only to be told that they were going to reconsider and hold onto the letter until further notice. And that alone hurt me, because it felt like they had asked for something so personal, and was then told in a way that it didn’t matter.

And then tonight I found out that his membership had never been revoked in the first place. And that for years, i was lied to. I had been told that he had been, and that his name was no longer on my personal church records. And that i wasn’t sealed to him anymore because he was no longer a member of the church. I was told this by my church leaders as a teenager, i was this by his church leaders when he was released from prison, and i was told it by members of the first presidency last year, and by members of his family. All of who, were lying to me.

And in my eyes, i feel like the church is defending him and what he did to me, and several other children. Which makes them guilty of the same crime.

And my whole point to all of this relates back to everything going on in Hollywood and around the Harvey Weinstein situation. There is so much talk and people saying that this sort of thing only happens in Hollywood and that’s simply not true. Cover ups are happening, and happen, everywhere and in every place that someone has power over someone else. It happens.

The leaders and the higher ups of the Mormon church have swept this under the rug so that no one will know and so that HIS life won’t suffer from the choices he made and the things he did to his own daughter. And for so long i was afraid to speak up against the church, and just in general because it felt like everytime i did i was questioned or just ignored in general and that no one cared, but after this last blow and knowing that he has been allowed to remain in the church after what he did to an innocent child, to his own child, makes me sick. Every member of that church that defends, and lies for him and protects him, is just as guilty as he is. Where there is power, there is corruption. And to defend him is to say that he is right, and that i am wrong.

This is the same church that told me i was wrong and a sinner because im gay. And the same church that is protecting a child molester. Let that sink in. Let i sink in that a church that claims to want to help people, is allowing a child molester to be in the prescence of children without their parents knowing the risk and danger of allowing him to be there.

And its wrong. And no one is doing anything about it.

And in sight of this, im going to be taking a break. There are things i need to deal with, and im not in a place where i can do that and keep up with this blog. I hope you can all understand, and i promise ill come back. I just don’t know when.

And please, if you’ve been hurt by someone or sexually assaulted, please know that you are not alone. And that it wasn’t your fault. And no matter what anyone else says, you matter, what happened to you matters and i love you.

Burning Church

He trusted in the scripture her lips had written on the parchment of his soul. A pure heart laid upon the altar of hope sacrificed in the hands of temptation. A once beautiful sanctuary incinerated- left sifting silently through the solitary ashes.

She brought the match as close to his heart as she could striking at the core of innocence and romantic dreams. Flames of passion and desire ringing high- he was left burning in the fire she set with her lying eyes.

Written on her palms was “I’ll never leave,” imprisoning his heart with every rose laid at his feet, while her fingernails dug deep graves in Satan’s back. His hands worshipped her whole being, believing in holiness. Even built a home around her impurities, expecting salvation.

Lost in this church of lies, once a bright light of hope breaking through the colored panes. Only a shattered reflection remains in the hallowed empty space where darkness carved her name-
A casualty to his own will, wandering the wasted lands, promises unfulfilled.

A man brought to his knees, risen in her confession, cleansing his hands of guilt created within his own mind. Forgiveness given only unto his own heart for its blind ignorance brought upon this pain- the rusted chains broken, laid upon the doorstep of this prison.

Casting a covenant between himself and his barely beating heart promising to glue the broken pieces back and create a memorial to ameliorate the sting of each lash she whipped across his back; so his mind may never forget, so his heart can forgive.

A collaboration between @cryptictalk and @denmysterywoman

Imagine (8) - GLEE

Anonymous said to imagine-unicornys: Could you do a Hunter Clarington x reader one, where the reader is on the New Directions and so they have to sneak around in order to be together?

(not my gif)

Hunter Clarington

Oh Hunter Clarington, where do you even begin…

It started out when the New Directions’ Nationals Trophy was stolen by The Warblers. Everyone thought that Sebastian was being an ass yet again and sent Blaine along with Sam on a mission to retrieve the trophy.

When they returned with the trophy in their hands, Blaine had informed everyone that Sebastian was no longer the captain of the Warblers and proceeded to show the glee members a photo of Hunter.

He tried to entice me to join back the Warblers,” said Blaine. 

He looks straight up evil,” remarked Kitty.

Screw that perfect jawline and dreamy eyes,” you thought. He was your type.

To hell with Glee Politics. You weren’t going to allow anyone to get in your way of hooking up with your ideal guys. High school period was when you were supposed to be young, wild and free.

When Blaine was busy gawking at Kurt who had returned from New York for a small visit, you took the opportunity to ‘borrow’ his cellphone and searched for Hunter’s number. Just as you expected, he indeed had it.

You took the liberty of texting Hunter, and to your surprise, he wasn’t an ass as he made himself to be in front of the New Directions. You went out with him for frequent coffee dates, of course without the knowledge of the New Directions members. You clicked, and you began casually dating.

“Remember, rehearsals on Sunday,” Mr Schue announced before the start of our Glee practice.

“I can’t make it,” you raised your arms and informed everyone. Sunday was when you were meeting Hunter. Everyone gave you skeptical looks. 

“Why not?” Sam asked.

“I have church,” you lied. 

“It’s uh, urgent. Tina could fill me in,” you added, hoping that your lie would work. 

Mr Schue took a moment to consider before he finally agreed to excuse you from rehearsals.

Thank god your lies weren’t exposed.

“Y/N , you crazy girl,” Hunter smirked. 

He lifted you up and pinned your body against the wall. He started planting soft kisses on your neck, making his way up to your cheeks. As he released his grips on your arms, you wrapped them around his neck and kissed him back.

Hunter, the first to pull away, wiped your lip gloss off his lips as both of you attempted to catch your breaths. He had been wanting to do that for a while now, and was glad that he did, until-

“I’m actually part of the New Directions,” you admitted.

“Sorry love, can you repeat that again? It sounded like you were saying that you were part of the New-”

“I’m part of the New Directions,” you repeated it again. Only this time, slower. To be honest, you felt tired of lying to Hunter. Sneaking around the Glee members was fine, but trying to pretend to be someone that you’re not, bad move.

“So you’re not home-schooled, you’re not in Hockey, and you certainly didn’t get my number from the newspaper,” Hunter let out a grunt as he plopped himself on the couch, trying to digest whatever that was happening.

“Nope, I got your number from Blaine, but none of the glee members know that I’m seeing you,” you clarified and bit your lip, not knowing what Hunter’s reaction was going to be. 

He remained silent.

“Uh, I’m just gonna go now,” you could sense that he wasn’t happy, but hey, at least you got to kiss him.

“Wait,” he grabbed your arm firmly, preventing you from moving a step further.

“I want you on the winning side,” said Hunter as he stared intently into your eyes.

“I’m a girl, I can’t transfer to Dalton,” you replied. 

“You could help me spy on them,” suggested Hunter. He would be even more confident of winning the New Directions once he had a spy.

“No. They are my friends,” you rejected.

“Maybe you should have thought of that when you came to me, love,” retorted Hunter. Who were you to enter his life and entertain him with full of lies?

“Which is why I’m leaving now. Good luck Hunter,” you said.

“I didn’t say you could go!” exclaimed Hunter as he pulled you towards him and pressed his lips on yours again, only this time it was more intense. You struggled to break free, but with those soft lips, you could only give in to him.

When he broke away from you, he sighed.

“I have a suggestion,” said Hunter.

“If it involves me trying to stab my friends in the back, answer’s still no,” you replied, crossing your arms.

“Why not you continue doing what you’re doing, sneak behind your friends, and I’ll treat as if your confession to being in New Directions never happened,” suggested Hunter.

“You- you’re willing to do that?” You covered my mouth, not believing Hunter’s words.

“Decide now before I change my mind,” Hunter closed his eyes and clenched his fist, unable to believe his decision.

“Answer’s yes,” you nodded and in the back of your mind, you were starting to think of every excuses you could make just so that you could see Hunter behind your friends.


“I have never met my parents, the Church of the Faceless Ones is all I have ever known. And it is within the Church that my loyalty lies. I have dedicated my life to the Faceless Ones and their cause.“

//OOC: The kid praying in the pic is kid!Mevolent btw. And since I feel the answer to the last question wasn’t quite clear: The Faceless Ones. The Faceless Ones are his favourite thing in the world. Because he’s bainwashed, essentially. But of course he doesn’t know that.

Not far from the Christian church lies the equally beautiful Tianhou Gong. Tianhou is an alternative name for the Chinese goddess Mazu and many cities throughout Asia have a temple dedicated to her, usually called Tianhou Gong or sometimes just Mazu Temple. Tianhou means “Heavenly Empress” in Chinese.

I particularly liked the way that the gate, leading to the inner temple, was flanked by those beautiful autumnal leaves.

anonymous asked:

Hey are you gonna finish that request I put out when Mini tweeted a picture of his thicc body, like the smut with Tyler. So basically full smut, thigh grabbing, and etc. cause I have been waiting bro


I know, I’m really behind on all those requests and I’m really sorry guys. I literally fell off of my star of promises and I’m so fucking sorry.

I literally wanted to finish all of them before school started but I couldn’t then I caught up with all the stupid homework and settling into High School then dealing with this stupid church bullshit and basically now I’m dealing with the possible stress of being baptized to apparently get rid of my gayness because of my parents and their stupid church of lies.

I’ll be back to writing the requests and everything, soon, I promise. This time, I’m not breaking that promise.

But I can’t set a deadline for myself because I don’t know when I’m going to break out of this stupid bullshit.

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  • god i hate how emotional dragonsong makes me
  • hello i like to get pissed off about the fact that the church of lies tm fucked everyone over by keeping them in the dark about the truth for so long
  • and that if they hadn't no one had to die and sOME PEOPLE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE AND ACTUALLY HAVE A FAMILY
  • how the fuck did this happen
  • everything was nice i was having a good time with minfilia and my leafy green vegetable
  • now im screaming over elves

if someone tries to tell you that The Latin Mass is wanted by the people and that’s why we offer it, that’s a lie. in a church that can fill 500 ppl, only 17 are in attendance. this is how it is most churches. don’t believe their lies. it is being forced upon us by ‘traditionalists’ and conservatives to further a political objective–a regression to pre-VII times. we must say no, we must fight back