church rave


I was originally going to save this name for a Brendon smut but what better name for Part II of Praise than Hallelujah?
Pairings: Churchboy!Joshua Dun x Fem!Reader
Warnings: tipsy and touchy on communion wine aka underage drinking, car sex, slightly less praise kink, just two young kids living life
Word Count: 2.8k

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everyone at my school goes to the same new age rave church and i have no idea what’s going on. i know this kid who is so enthusiastic about church that, during hurricane irma, he went to a shelter and preached despite not needing shelter. last year we sat together at lunch and after he found out i’m not christian he invited me to church EVERY FUCKING DAY and he’d be like “it’s not like a normal church it’s a FUN church” and i’d be like yeah sounds great buddy but uh no huh.