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They grew up in a rough neighborhood, where an intelligent, gentle boy like Mycroft Holmes would have been savaged if it wasn’t for the fact that his best friend was Greg Lestrade one of the toughest kids around and one who was devoted to keeping Mycroft safe from anyone who might want to hurt him.  That devotion deepened into something very different as the boys aged and, though his heart swelled with pride when Mycroft won a scholarship to a prestigious college, that same heart shattered when Mycroft went away, determined to study theology and forge a life in the church.

Without Mycroft’s steady support and clear sense of right and wrong, Greg took the opposite road and forged a life in the criminal underworld, where his keen mind, determination and ruthlessness helped him rise up the ranks until a deal went horribly wrong and the blame landed on Greg’s shoulders.  Now, on the run from those who would happily take his head as a trophy, Greg turns to the one person he can trust with his life.

Little does he know that Mycroft, now the vicar of a church with a small, yet lively, congregation has always felt something missing in his own life and that the missing piece had a very familiar shape, warm eyes and blindingly-boyish smile.

Can that piece still fit the empty place in Mycroft’s heart or have Greg’s choices irrevocably changed his curves and angles, forever closing the door on their relationship, be it one of friendship or something much, much more?  When an unfamiliar car pulls up to the front of Mycroft’s church, that question has a chance to be answered…

Weight loss, my diet....

So a few of you have shown interest in how I lost so much weight in a short amount of time. I’m no dietitian or nutritionist. I do have a pharmacist for a mom and she’s one of the few who’s played a role in my interest for diet and nutrition. I was a vegetarian for 15 years, then transitioned into a pescatarian, then omnivore then vegan, then omnivore again. My interest in health grew bigger when my memory and focus declined as a vegetarian. Since then I’ve just become more health conscious and just kept learning how to improve my wellbeing. I strongly believe Christians should take their health seriously because it pleases the Lord. I’m more focused, driven and just overall confident when I treat my body with the respect and love God wants me to give it. He blesses me with healthier relationships, a closer one with God most importantly, and my outlook on life is clearer. I want to help so many women who struggle with weight because weight does add on other problems like depression and axiety, so I want to mainly help get their lives back in tune with God. The past year and a half I had become lazy in taking care of my body that’s how I gained the weight and at the same time it affected my walk in faith, I just wasn’t as excited about life or God. But despite that struggle, He only strengthened my interest in health. During that time I studied independently about the female body, the sex hormones and all hormones that affect weight, and last but not least the menstrual cycle. I ended up developing a diet that transitions from vegan to pescetarian and this all revolves around the menstrual cycle. On top of that I’ve also fashioned the ketogenic diet around it. There’s specific foods to avoid on certain weeks and specific foods to eat as well. To me the diet makes a lot of sense. I closely monitor myself and documenting my progress, updating my blog with pictures, but really I’m just experimenting on myself. I have 2 more weeks to go. If I am successful at getting down to my goal weight, my mom will be my next guinea pig. She’ll start first week of July. I can’t say yet exactly what I ate and what I didn’t and how I ate and what times. I’m praying that my ideas/theory will work for all menstruating women, and particularly the time and organization to put this all in ebook(s). I have a lot going on, I’m also an artist, I draw and paint portraits, I’m trying to build a website that will later on house all my ebooks, I’m working on my body, I sit kids and walk dogs sometimes, I’m trying to revive my YT channel Leighla93, and I might soon take up a job as a youth leader in my church. If I don’t answer your questions right away, please don’t be offended. And if you are interested in my diet please DON’T REBLOG but instead LIKE THIS POST NOW. Thank you! :)

By His Grace, Sheela

how to do the most you can with what you have when what you have is nothing by fauchevalent

“Rough day?”

She gives a wet laugh.

“You could say that, yeah.”

or - a runaway bride au.

He’s driving past the water tower when he sees her, all lace and taffeta hiked up around her knees and a veil tossed beside her in the grass.
Percy has the fleeting thought that she might actually want to be left alone, but then her thumb flicks into the air and he pulls over. He doesn’t usually pick up hitchhikers - especially not ones with such clear emotional baggage - but hey, there’s a first time for everything, right? Or at least, that’s what he tells himself as she climbs into his passenger seat, veil still discarded on the ground, and offers him a gentle smile.


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Evening everyone

I am immensely grateful for the prayers people have been offering for my gf. She’s got an appointment Monday with people who can help.

So since she’s now safe from bodily harm, can I ask for prayers for her spiritually. She was raised in a very strict Christian sect by two pastor grandparents. The result is that she now doesn’t really go along with any of it. She holds that God doesn’t need her to do “xyz” so long as she isn’t an objectively horrible person and hasn’t been to church in years. She’s found my answers to the world’s questions from a Catholic perspective fascinating, but hasn’t voiced any desire to go back. So prayers would be very helpful.

And you may as well add me there too. I’m finding bumps in my own religious life that I could use help in. Thank you all.

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Hi! I was just curious what the process of converting to Catholicism is like?

It’s fairly simple, though long. When you decide you may be interested in, or wanting to join the church, you attend RCIA classes. That stands for Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults! Usually you meet up once a week for six months or more and discuss the church. They explain all the teachings, answer any questions. It’s a time where you can decide if the Church is for you.

RCIA Ends at rhe Easter vigil where people wishing to join are baptized (if not already) and confirmed into the Church!

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I'm interested in learning more about The Catholic Church and what Catholics believe. Do you know of any good resources I could go to for this?

*cracks knuckles* 

Catholicism for Dummies - It may sound totally stupid, but this was the first book I read when I began discerning converting to Catholicism. It really gave me the framework of the Church; more practical matters like the Papacy and why we do certain things at Mass, more so than theological matters. 

The Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church - This is an extremely condensed version of the CCC (Catechism of the Catholic Church), which can feel overwhelming from the moment you open it. This tells you exactly where the Church stands on social teachings like abortion and divorce, what the Sacraments are, a breakdown of the Mass, teachings on moral conscience and man’s relationship with God, etc. The Compendium breaks things down in a way that is easy to… digest, if you will. 

Word on Fire, or Ascencion Press (Father Mike Schmitz) - If you’re not much of a reader, or you don’t really have time for it, I would suggest looking up videos by Father Mike Schmitz and Word on Fire ministries. The videos are usually short, and contain easy language that non-Catholics and even derp-Catholics like myself can understand. 

Reach out to your local parish - Most Catholic parishes have what’s called an RCIA program, or Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. This series of classes teaches you all about the faith. This is the place where they can best answer your questions about the Church, our beliefs, WHY we believe certain things. And if you decide that you want to become Catholic, they take you through the process of preparing for the Sacraments of Baptism (if you haven’t already been baptized), Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Confirmation. Disclaimer: If you decide along the process that you do NOT want to become Catholic, you’re not going to have a priest or some little old ladies banging down your door. 

Hope that helps to get you started! Of course, I have no doubt that some of my awesome, more Catholicy-Catholic friends are going to reblog this with their own helpful suggestions. *nudgenudgewinkwink* <3 Best of luck, my friend, on whichever path God calls you! 

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There was a female Church of England Vicar on TV the other day arguing against the church allowing same-sex marriages and this just baffles me because twenty odd years ago she wouldn't have been allowed to become a Vicar and the Bible says as much against women speaking in church as it does gay people. What the heck?

If you are looking for logical consistency is religion then you are looking in the wrong place. 

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Would you agree that the Catholic Church is a criminal organisation? Nothing against the everyday believers but the institution itself has caused as much harm to humanity as the mafia.

No, I do not. The church as done some harmful things and this must be admitted. In particular shielding pedophile priests and forbidding birth control in developing nations. It has also done untold good through charity. The Catholic Church is the single biggest charitable organization in the world. It is an institution made up of human beings and human beings are fallible.

Ask Stuff                                     (Church of Satan Edition)

These are some of the questions required to answer due to send the application for an active membership in the Church of Satan.

1. If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?

2. What is your attitude toward animals? (If you have any pets describe them)

3. Are you satisfied with your sex life? Describe your ideal of a physically attractive sex partner.

4. What is your life’s goal, and what steps have you taken to attain it?

5. Do you find any of your tenets objectionable? If so, which and why?

6. How many years would you like to live?

7. What are your musical tastes?

8. What are your food preferences?

9. Cite four books you consider your favorites, and why.

10. If you own an automobile, describe it. What is your ideal automobile?

11. As a child, what were your favorite pastimes?

12. Of which country other than the one in which you now reside would you prefer being a resident?

13. In which type of dwelling do you live? Describe your ideal home.

14. Describe your political philosophy.

15. What is your personal definition of magic?

16. Do you feel oppressed or persecuted in any way? If so, explain.

17. Are you self-sufficient or are you most productive in a group?

18. Do you make friends easily if you so choose?

19. What is more important for you, self-satisfaction or approval from others?

20. Would you rather influence or be influenced?

21. Do you feel you have leadership abilities?

22. Do you feel yourself a good judge of character?

23. Have you possessed or used illegal drugs or been convicted for a crime?

24. Describe a significant experience in your life bordering on what you would consider the paranormal or demonic, if any.

25. What forms of entertainment do you prefer?

26. Tell one of your favorite jokes.

27. Have you served in the armed forces?

28. Are you a smoker?

29. Have you accomplished anything important or significant?

30. Which parent do you admire the most and why?

31. Do you drink alcoholic beverages? If so, to what extent? State preferences.

32. Describe Satan.

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How does one join your church?

Oh, well that’s a simple question to answer, however a far more complicated one if you’re truly ready to join us.

Now, you will proceed with a series of difficult trials with one of our Sisters of Sin. More than likely one with years of experience to ensure you receive the proper training in becoming an official member of our Clergy. It will not be an easy feat, but a life-changing endeavour should you succeed in completing your appraisal, if you will.

It was hard for me to advise him. He was a Christian, and the Christian church had not found any practical answers to questions such as he had posed. For such moral problems the Communists have ready answers; they would have directed the man to remain on his job and organize, serve the interests of the Party, thereby enabling him to assuage the moral outrage done to his feelings… But Christians have no Party, no practical cause to serve. Hence, such men carry out their colonial duties with loathing.
—  The Color Curtain: A Report on the Bandung Conference, Richard Wright, 1956.

Stories from the Physical Facilities Department

I work in an upscale art gallery in Salt Lake. Today, an older couple came in wanting to order several rather large pieces and were clear that money was not an issue. The wife explained to me that her husband was going to be a mission president this summer and they wanted to pick out some stuff to decorate their home here in Salt Lake. After picking around 4K worth of stuff, she asks me to put them on hold and that their “facilities guy” will be contacting me within a few days. I asked her if I coordinate payment through him and she says “Oh yeah, the church will pay for it. I might come back and get some smaller things for our bedroom but we want to make sure it all fits! We’re going to look in Deseret Book next.”

I knew that mission presidents had a pretty sweet deal but I was always under the impression that the church’s money only covered basic living expenses and salary, not furnishing their home with fine art! This especially hurt me because I grew up in the church in a low income ward where everyone, including my own parents where constantly reminded on how GOD NEEDS TITHING and it should be paid before your rent and groceries, because god provides the rest!


This is an issue that drives me really angry. I worked in Church’s Physical Facilities Department for a few years and I could tell you many examples worse than that. Every year we had a change in mission president or temple president we had to plan at least 10K € for refurbishing their houses. Some times we would spent even more.

To share just one example, we had a new temple president who requested to have a fireplace built at the living room because it reminded him of his home. We live in a warm area, so he was never to use it, but still insisted on having one. It costed 6K €.

Another president asked for a 3K € treadmill for his personal use. Another one asked for a piano in the living room, etc. All mission, MTC and temple presidents have luxurious cars for their personal use and get replaced for new ones every three years. Regular missionaries struggle living on budget, but presidents live luxurious lives.

One time Elder Ballard visited our area and he stayed in a 5-star hotel, the most expensive one in the city. I looked on Internet and the least expensive room was over 600€ per night. He stayed three days in a suite, meals included, with his wife, two other GA and their wives and a bodyguard who came with them, all of them stayed at the same hotel. I can not imagine how much it could have cost.

Well, these are just few little examples. I could tell you hundreds more like these ones. This issues are really hard for me to understand. Many members have a hard time paying their tithing, and if they knew what their money goes for they would stop paying it.


TSCC threatened me with a lawsuit if I share information about it.

 I also think I could have much to share, but I am afraid of retaliation from the Church, let me explain: few months after I finished working for TSCC I received a summon as a witness from labor court. One employee had been fired illegally, he sued the Church and I was being called to court because my testimony was key to the case.   Where I live it is mandatory to attend if you are summoned, so I thought it was not a big deal.

The day before the oral hearing the employee’s lawyer decided not to call me as witness because Church’s attorney had received instructions from the Church to sue me for breaking the confidentiality if I spoke as witness. The Church did not want me to testify and they were ready to sue me if I spoke. The lawyer did not want to put me in trouble, so finally they had to come to an agreement with the Church less beneficial for the employee.

It seems that I had signed in my contract agreement with the Church a confidentiality clause by which I could not share any information related to my work position.

After this happened I was very upset. It was not my intention to harm the Church, but to answer the questions from a judge. TSCC was not interested in the truth, but in winning the case, and they wanted to silence me.

And that is how the church works. It is a corrupt, obscure and evil organization, comparable to mafia. I could provide a lot of information about its insides, but I know that afterwards I would have to face a lawsuit from the Church.


Can confirm. I also worked in an FM group.

One MP moved in and his wife was super upset at the lack of artwork. Apparently previous presidents didn’t think to complain and just brought their own stuff from home. So the MP’s wife ends up talking to the right people and we end up supplying her with several thousand dollars worth of Mormon art to go throughout the house.

She was also obsessed with GAs coming to visit. Every so often they would choose to stay at the MP’s home instead of a hotel. The wife ended up labeling a bedroom the GA suite. So of course it had to have a better bed and desk.

The mission office had some artificial flowers when you first came in. She didn’t like them because to looked cheap. So they authorized an insane amount of money to buy from a certain vendor to get new flowers (I want to say it was something like $2,000).

We had a temple president condo also. But because they pretty much always cashed someone who lived close by it was never really occupied. The only times the TP would live there was out of financial convenience. One guy stayed for a while so his kid could live at his house and pay off some debt. Another moved in for a short time while he sold his house and waited for his new house to be built across the street from the temple. But again, it was almost always empty. I would say in 6 years it might have had a total of one (maybe two) years lived in. Of course that doesn’t stop the spiffing up the place every three years for the new guy.


A couple days before the new Temple in Provo had their open house, I believe it was someone on here said that they got to go through and all the small fake flower arrangements had at least $2k price tags on them. When I went through the open house there had to be at least 50 small fake flower arrangements throughout the Temple, so I can’t imagine what the big ones cost. When Denver re-did their Temple people were upset because the chandeliers were over $200k each and imported from Italy.  


I was at a private dinner with two released mission presidents and their wives. All four were touting what a great gig it was. One was had served in England and the other served in Japan. The wives especially enjoyed how their grown kids were flown over once per year to visit them (flights paid by the church), and how they even had Christmas gifts for their children paid by the church. Oh, and by the way, all of their kid’s education at BYU was paid for, and if the kids decided to go to a non-church school they were given the equivalent money (whatever they would have spent at BYU) towards their tuition at the non-church school. They said the would do it again in a heart beat. Sweet gigs!


My dad works for the church FM group doing maintenance and janitorial work for about 15'ish nearby chapels. Recently, the church built a new mission president’s home in the area. The mission president and his wife were able to pick out the cabinetry, countertop, light fixtures and home features just as if it were a fresh build of their own. He is super-ultra TBM and was even surprised at the high end features they were given without question. Its disgusting.



continued from before

Leorio wanted to ask who but knew that subject be extremely tense on how the blonde stated it so he only made an “oh” sound while glancing at the boy that was answering his question on noone entering the church 

 “I see well I’m at the edge and I don’t see noone coming for me so I guess whoever said that was just trying to scared you” the hunter mention then chuckled at the last question “I’m studying to be one and that why I wanted to help you all but I can’t do that if you guys don’t trust me to help you” 


Today this happened in Jessie Mueller’s “Show People” interview with Paul Wontorek for broadwaycom. We’re not entirely sure how to respond so we’ll just say…spread the word, love this blog, but you guys…don’t cuss in church!! 

To answer the larger question of why this blog exists, we think this post sums it up nicely. All the thanks in the world to the Mueller family for sharing their talent with us all and…holy shit!!! Er, sorry. Holy crap!!!

Pls everyone write the pope and ask him why God made mosquitoes. This unanswerable question has caused many to waver in the faith and we need an explanation in the catechism or maybe even for the subject to be answered Ex Cathedra.

A Reformation Day Mythbust

Nailing the 95 Thesis to the castle door wasn’t as epic as it’s usually made out to be. Castle doors were actually the billboards of the time - Luther’s script would have been up there alongside the 16th century equivalent of bake sale advertisements and missing cat posters.

It was also in Latin, and couldn’t be read by the common person, because Luther didn’t intend it as a revolutionary document. He simply wanted his questions answered by the Church. Problem is they couldn’t.

Nor did Luther intend to spread his texts - it was the local printers, the new-age journalists, who snapped it up as a great story and created one of the world first (and surely most impressive) hype snowball campaigns.