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Why are conservative Christians so united against the principle that homosexuality is wrong? I know that’s what it says in the Bible and I accept that. But why does that give you the right to judge others, or say that Christians who support gay rights are “Christians in name only”? A Tumblr that you reblogged earlier said something to this effect and I don’t see how that helps us accomplish our mission of growing the church.

you kinda answered your own first question. The Bible says it is wrong so that is what we believe because that is our basis for our beliefs. There is a huge difference between judging someone unfairly or unjustly without all information and making what I think of as a “righteous judgement” based on having all the information at hand. Now as to individuals I’ll let them and God decided what’s going on in their relationship however if they are actively living a lifestyle or doing things that go directly against what the Bible teaches us then they are sinning and doing wrong. Now to say we don’t all struggle we do but struggling and doing things you know that the Bible says are wrong are two very different things. And I mean that for any thing be it that or lying to cheating or anything that goes against what the Bible and God say. We should grow the church but we should grow it based on truth and leading people right and not by telling them things to make them feel good and essentially lie to them. That is not how we should grow the church. Like I said as to the individual i’l leave their relationship with God between them but if I see someone i know and care about doing something that I think is hurting them or may end up hurting them and I don’t try to tell them what they’re doing is wrong and may hurt them and their walk then i’m not a very good friend. I’m starting to think of it like this (and yes it did come from a commercial on tv but it’s still good) nice tells you what you want to hear but kind tells the truth. Be kind. 

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where would you prefer to marry, in a church, or under the bridge where you two teemed up properly?

Judy:Oh Wow that would be great~ i would love to see each other getting married under the bridge so romantic ~ -^·^-

Nick:… I was thinking of getting married at church ^.^



Both:hope that answers your question, bye bye. :)

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wow, I've always wondered about the you can't wear fabrics and eat certain meats thing. Thanks for clearing that up! Im amazed at how well you know the Bible. How have you come to know the Bible so well? Classes, studying with friends/alone? Just curious!

I’m glad you found my response helpful!

Thank you for your kind compliment! I mostly read the Bible on my own. Listening to sermons at church is also helpful in adding to my understanding. Answering questions here has also helped substantially. But no matter which way I am exposed to and apply the Word, He is responsible for giving me the ability to understand! All the credit goes to Him, and I’m thankful that He continually helps me understand the Word. :)

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I have a question.. What kind of PJs would the versions of church wear

ok… i’m not that imaginative BUT

Alpha totally just wears a beat up tank and boxers that says “no” on the butt. Just. No. Leave him alone he’s had a long day.

and then epsilon just keeps it simple. he has no time for fancy stuff plus everyone steals his things so why spend more when caboose will stretch it out later… 

(i drew them w/ helmets just cause i didnt want to do face canon sry :v )

Pls everyone write the pope and ask him why God made mosquitoes. This unanswerable question has caused many to waver in the faith and we need an explanation in the catechism or maybe even for the subject to be answered Ex Cathedra.

Heard an interesting story at mass during the priest’s homily yesterday. During the past week there was a blizzard, and a priest gets called into the hospital, a baby had been born who wouldn’t live for very long and the parents wanted their baby baptized.

Priest comes to the hospital and baptizes the baby, and says to the parents. “Hey, I know it might be tough, but could you answer a few questions for the church’s records?”

Of course the parents obliged and he asked them what their faith was, trying to determine which parent was the Catholic parent. Answer? Neither, they’re both Methodist.

So he walks out after a bit and he asks a nurse, “hey, why did you call me and not a Methodist pastor?”

The nurse’s response?

“Because Father, we knew you would come.”

They had disguised the Bayside entrance to the Torchwood Hub as a Tourist Information Centre. And not a particularly salubrious one at that because, obviously, they didn’t want to encourage a steady stream of eager visitors asking for directions to the Pierhead Building or opening times for the Norwegian Church. Not that Ianto couldn’t answer those questions, of course. He prided himself on his arcane local knowledge, whether Cardiff indie bands or the history of Tiger Bay. Mostly, though, they only wanted to know the reason why the word ‘Brains’ was stenciled on a city centre chimney stack. This had all proved useful cover on an awkward occasion when a film crew from a BBC Wales travel programme wouldn’t take no for an answer when looking for an interview.

Another Life by Peter Anghelides (Torchwood Novels #1)

He really does know everything. 

Also: love that Ianto keeps tabs on indie bands (just picture him going to local tiny pub shows!), and history (Ianto’s definitely a a reader). He’s such a great cover too, with that friendly, sweet face and adorable smile.

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What do you think if interracial dating, do you think the church should be for it or against it? Also homosexuality?

I literally never realised people ever thought there is anything wrong with interracial dating??? i don’t recall race being something to take into account when deciding when to date someone. yeah, so I think the church should be for it!

and i’ve answered your homosexuality question here