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To celebrate Easter, two rival churches on the Greek island of Chios engage in a bizarre tradition. These two churches, who sit on opposite hillsides approximately 400 metres apart, shoot rockets at one another while church goers attend mass inside. It’s no surprise that many locals aren’t fans of this unusual tradition and board themselves up in their homes and protect their buildings from the fire sticks shooting through the sky.


Travel above Mont St. Michel in France - a benedictine abbey that is surrounded fully by water when the highest tides come in and links to land when the tide retreats.


An Armenian woman sings a prayer-hymn called “Lord Have Mercy” in the remains of the Church of the Holy Cross on Akdamar Island, Turkey.


northumberland-5-130914 by Snowpetrel Photography
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St Cuthbert’s Chapel on Inner Farne, a single-cell building dating to about 1370 though its stonework shows traces of an earlier building before it. The chapel was restored in the 1840s and now seems to be used as a visitor centre come shelter from the weather. The whole site has a long monastic history: St Cuthbert died on Inner Farne in 687 - on the Farne Islands, Northumberland, 13 September 2014