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So Long Naota - Celestial Something or Other

anonymous asked:

What's your criteria for the musicians that play here?

we try and maintain the house as a safer space for queer/poc/nondudes and we’ve absolutely no tolerance for bigotry/sexism/homophobia/racism/classism…

other than that just that musicians are respectful and they get their friends to come out and have a solid time. we book so many touring bands its hard to set up shows for local bands but we like to have them on those touring band shows. we do give preference to bands not entirely composed of cis/het/white/dudes and that is because representation is very important to us. the absolute best way to get your act or band or friends band or whatever here is to come out and hang and promote the house events when you/they are not playing.

musically we welcome folks just getting their feet wet and folks who’ve been playing for decades.

thanks for the question!


so long naota - pretty boy (randy newman)

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