church of the holy eternal rapture

This is the only entry on the list that’s not from a movie, and it’s the response I got most often when quizzing people for their choices. Like all lovely people with exceptionally nice genitalia, I’m a huge Arrested Development fan. If you’re not familiar with the show, read some of my columns about it. That won’t really help you, but I always enjoy the page views. Thanks!

Anyway, “Her?” is a running gag on the show. George-Michael (portrayed by Michael Cera) has a girlfriend, Ann, whom no one seems to approve of. And even though George-Michael is seemingly no catch, the whole family is sure he can do better than Ann. Accordingly, everyone has the same one-word reaction when they learn who George-Michael is dating. 

Season 4 might have had the best “Her?” joke of all, as Ann’s father is a minister at the church of the Holy Eternal Rapture. The church name is abbreviated above her head on her wedding.

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