church of tardis

A regular day out.

This one is for @bootymebetter​, kinda based on the idea you sent:

“I have an idea for fluff? Maybe you could like do something where all the avengers people and stuff have movie nights or are generally just good friends and mess each other around a lot. Like, you could even write something like a day in the life of a normal avenger xD or even write what they think or dream a normal day for them is like i.e. ice cream on the beach with their friends or out for schwarma and beer and jollyness xD “

I really liked the idea of the Avengers trying to have a regular day, and how their idea of regular might be a little different to everyone else’s. Thank you for such an awesome idea!

A regular day out. That’s the plan, just a normal day. No mission today, no training, no need to be superheroes. We’re going to be just regular guys ‘n’ gals, doing regular stuff, like regular people. Brunch, a trip out, a walk in the park. Regular.

So, we start the day off with brunch. That’s a thing now, apparently. Back in the ‘30s, if you got up late on a Sunday, you skipped breakfast and went straight to church to atone for your tardiness. Now, you get up late, they got a special meal just for you. Howard shoulda put that into his Expo!

So, it’s me, and Buck, Sam and Nat, we’re sitting in this café eating eggs and croissants and bacon, drinking coffee, talking. It’s nice. Regular. We’re talking about sports and weather and politics and movies. Sam’s laughing at how little me and Buck know, what with being 70 years out of time; Nat’s making the usual jokes about films we haven’t seen, then Sam’s explaining them, which makes Nat roll her eyes. It’s nice. I’m sitting by the window and the sun’s shining on me, got my legs stretched out, one arm across the back of Buck’s chair, the other’s holding a steaming cup of coffee. The sky’s blue, the birds are flying past, the people outside are… the people are running. And screaming.

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Indecent Exposure?

(Based of Imagine from )

It was a long hallway I was being led through by two armed deputes and a sheriff . The walls were a boring grey color. The chipping paint literally falling every time I touched it with my finger as I followed them towards a holding cell. I knew exactly who I was here to pick up. After waking up from a nap in the Tardis, I found that I was all by myself. The doctor has gotten himself into trouble…yet again.

“Mam.” The Sheriff called for me as his key jingled against the metal bars and lock. I stepped forward and saw the doctor attempting to bite of his cuffs. His eyes looked toward us and instantly brightened. 

“(y/n)!” His smile faded slowly as I did not greet him with a smile but with a glare. 

“You’re free to go.” The sheriff said stepping out of the way from the door. But the doctor seemed hesitant too as my face was frozen in a mad expression.

“I was actually starting to feel at home-”

“OUT.” I raised my voice a bit. He stood up suddenly and walked out the holding cell looking everywhere but at me. 

And so after signing some papers and exchanging some words I left with the doctor taking him back into the Tardis. 

As we entered the Tardis he began to apologize.

“Now, I know you’re mad…” He started.

“Wow doctor, you sure are a genius!” I said sarcastically closing the door behind me. I walked up the small stairs onto the main catwalk by the Tardis controls. leaned over the edge and crossed my arms waiting for an explanation.

“Well.” I said watching him squirm in his own skin.

“Where do I start.” He said blushing.

“Hmm.” I grabbed the papers in my hands and flipped over to page the sheriff gave me. “Reason for arrest: Indecent Exposure!”

“I was dressed-”

“Doctor, you were not! Teenagers taped you on the streets! You’re all over Youtube!”

He smiled. “I always wanted to be an internet sensation! Do I have more views than that angry cat?!” He asked excited.

“It’s grumpy cat, and that’s besides the point!”

“But, (y/n), I was literally dressed to go to church!”

I stood over the Tardis controls with my arms crossed and my lips pouted. I was lost for words. My eyes darted over to him and to the floor processing about what he said. My lips pursed together closer as I tried to contain my smile. I saw his smile grow as he saw mine form. I finally let out an uncontrollable laugh as he also laughed. 

“Church!” I exclaimed trying to compose myself in front of him. I ran over to him and jumped into his arms laughing. “You’re something else, Doctor." 

His arms snaked around my short form and pulled me into a big hug. "You know I’m still naked!”

“No you’re no-”

The doctor flipped a mechanism in his hand to show to me.

“Plays with the mind. I’m naked right now, but to you, I’m cloaked with clothes.”

I quickly released him from the hug and watched his grin grow.

“Doctor, please put on some clothes." 

"Right! Clothes!” He jumped, and ran over to a side of the Tardis. “Some slacks! A suit! And a bow tie…” His fingers pressed over some buttons and swiped over screens. “Maybe even a fez.” He said turning to me as if asking for approval. 

I smiled widely shaking my head. “Sure! Why not!”