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your favorite examples of maximalism in architecture?

Marseille hotel Au Vieux Panier Tilt

According to Patrick Templeton: over the past decade the term maximalism has been tossed around in architectural discourses as little more than a sensational tagline. Many of the authors and scholars do little but use the word as a catchy label, leaving the impression that maximalism connotes nothing more than a superficial visual complexity. It is a pervasive oversight and misuse that has spread widely; used not only among architects and scholars, but by bloggers and journalists to describe apparent complex and eclectic styles.

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The Nevigeser Wallfahrtsdom is a pilgrimage church on the Hardenberg in the Neviges district of the City Velbert in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It was designed by Pritzker Prize winning architect Gottfried Böhm. Construction began in 1963, and the church was consecrated in 1968. The church is built in the Brutalist Style

“God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob,
not of philosophers or scholars.
Certainty, certainty, heartfelt joy, peace.
God of Jesus Christ, God of Jesus Christ.
My God and your God
The world is forgotten and everything except God.
Greatness of the human soul.
O, righteous Father, the world has not known Thee
but I have known Thee.
Joy, joy, joy, tears of joy.”

~Blaise Pascal

(Photo © dramoor 2017 La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain)

Neptune in the 9th House - Ascension Airport

A lost wanderer travels the world and the seven seas searching for the mystic redeemer. The higher mind is illuminated with Neptune in the 9th house, and it becomes possible that during peak enlightening experiences that the individual will discover that she is the guru. Symbolism, mythological wisdom, universal intelligence, and divine intimacy flood the individual with music from God in everyday activities. There is a temple Neptune in the 9th seeks, a unity of all belief and elevated awareness, life is approached like a pilgrimage, the feeling of comfort and safety is evasive. The 9th house represents further education, the higher mind, university, theology, and long distance travel. With the mind, the individual can voyage through Akashic records, stories from stars, alchemy, lost cultures and lands like Atlantis. Meditation can ascend the individual to the sky, the images of divine knowledge pour through like sweeping currants, there seems to be a reconciliation of all faith and insight and inspiration. The individual only has to close her eyes, look into the colours swirling behind the eyelids, and be lifted into marvelous evocation.

God, divine intimacy, kissing the wings of angels, this sort of transcendental, holy experience become the elixir of life with Neptune in the 9th. Often the individual will look to spiritual, theological, evangelist, cults, or mystic studies in search of salvation. The 9th house is a school, and Neptune’s class is filled with delirium, illegible script, and talk of a grand and mysterious master who holds the knowledge of peace. Travel by sea may call the individual, and from island to culture and wildforest the individual pieces of the jigsaw of universal truth and belonging. It is possible for Neptune in the 9th people to perceive a beautiful union in all faith, belief, and religion. The individual can hear the call of God or Allah, and understanwfew1d its one meaning through every land and culture. But Neptune also feigns and masters trickery, living in a hologram, and promising riches in the place of ashes. In desperate search for salvation, the individual may be seduced by cults, charlatans, corrupt astrologers or spiritual healers. She may even follow a renowned evangelist or become fanatical about gurus. The individual can hold onto falsity and empty belief, simulating a false acceptance and tranquility. But this may only compel the person to become more consumed and obsessed with the belief, the hungry satiation for God’s love to fill her completely. There must be a truthfulness in the individual’s pursuit. It is possible that through the ascension of Neptune, and the divine intimacy of the 9th house, that the individual can reach a state of surrender where the spirit is dancing with God. She can reach this by wading through the sea of Neptune images, connecting with other people and coming to empathize with a myriad of beliefs and vision. The individual can amalgamate all, so that even in the darkest moments there is a genie lamp of faith and guidance.

Neptune in the 9th people inspire other people with a gentle spiritual radiance. Escapism can be characteristic of life, there can be a longing strange and exotic lands, a haven of safety where the individual can feel harmony and inclusion, the urge to travel by sea, discover mermaids and treasure, to sensually indulge in the passageways of the globe, in each moment searching for a clue or a message from heaven. Neptune in the 9th wants to find the soul of the soul through people, relationships, religious and spiritual teaching, inspirational voices, and art. The individual’s approach to study and learning is typically imaginative, creative, and visionary. The higher mind is containing the wisdom of all knowing and knowledge, and the individual can access this through Neptune outlets like painting, or dance, prayer, even drugs or psychosis. To complete university may be an ideal, but Neptune can fill this pursuit with confusion or unusual occurrences, like maybe the individual turns up to an exam at the wrong time, or confusingly studies the wrong subjects. Often to massage the higher mind and lose oneself into an intimacy with all of the elements is the ultimate indulgence. There may be a tremendous intuition and psychic talent with spiritual subjects, and philosophy, the individual can understand variants of study like numerology and esoteric theosophy with intellect and intuition, she can think and feel, apply both, and cultivate truth. There is no illusion of separation with Neptune in the 9th. The individual feels the light in her heart mirror the rays of the sun. She can see her freckles in the stars varnished across the sky and her infinity in the stories of Gods and Goddesses, in bare feet and jeans, she is a guide of all ways, space, and time.