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I believe John Church Hamilton did know the true nature of his father, Alexander Hamilton’s relationship with John Laurens. Besides being the one who shifted through his papers and letters, he was the one who crossed out those five words–I doubt it was because he was appalled, more that it was an effort to help his father’s image for the time period. (Also John Church named one of his sons Laurens Hamilton–Laurens died at only 23, tragically.)

A Brief Analysis of A. Hamilton’s Personal Correspondence

So I have now spent some time briefly going over some correspondences between Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens, Eliza Hamilton, and Angelica Church. I have done this to get an overview of the differences in H’s behaviour when writing to different people and once and for all debunk a possible relationship between H and mrs Church. I will go over his writing habits to each person individualy. Starting with Eliza.

So when H writes to Eliza he is often very frank and keeps it pretty short. He doesn’t often talk about work matters and the common theme in their correspondences is health. “I hope you’re well, I hope the children are alright, I am feeling ill but I’m fine don’t worry” those sort of things. He often says that he misses her, the children and their extened family but there is very little sexual talk. The raunchiest stuff I can find is from very early correspondence from the first year of their marrige, those letters are also a bit longer. It’s not that the later letters are cold, he is very warm and expresses much love and concern, but they aren’t really bedroom related so to say and he always keeps it short and clean. He uses a lot of nicknames when refering to Eliza, my favorites being “my angel”, “my love” and “my beloved”.

When H writes to Angelica it’s pretty different. Still not very long letters but they are longer than most of the ones for Eliza. This is most likely due to the longer distance and infrequency in correspondence. There is a surprising amount of inside jokes and references. Some of the letters doesn’t even make much sense due to this. Those references might be sexual but I highly doubt it. He mentions other people a lot, Eliza being mentioned in almost every letter. And not only as a goodbye note like “Eliza sends her love” but in the middle of the letter too. He says that he misses Angelica a lot and talks about how he and Eliza would like to go to Europe one day since it’s unlikely that Angelica will make her way back. (It’s always ”Eliza and I” and he often says that the love for Angelica is much shared between him and his wife) There is occasionally some gossip about what’s going on in town, and he talks about his job and politics much more with Angelica than he does with Eliza. Again, most likely due to the long distance. He calls her “my dear sister” and “my dear friend” other than “Angelica” and “Mrs Church”. He is also keen to send his love to mr Church, Angelica’s husband.

His letters to Laurens stand out the most. They are really long and often divided into two or three sections. The first one is dedicated to acknowledging previous correspondence, the second to military events and advice, the third to personal matters. He is very open about his feelings, in a way that he isn’t in letters to Eliza or Angelica. A few of the letters, the most famous ones, are the only ones expressing anything sexual. The others are more about general love, affection and worry. He wants to make sure that Laurens is safe, that he knows that he is loved and so on. He has nicknames for Laurens too, most of them varriations of “my dear” but he also calls him “Jack” a few times. 

My conclution is this. There is a clear difference between Hamilton’s correspondence to the three people he was closest to. In his letters to all three of them he mentions some kind of love. This love seems to be different depending on who he is writing to. He feels strongly for Eliza and judging by his choice of words and nicknames this love is romantic. He likes to keep correspondence short and clean, possibly preferring to have more personal conversations face to face at home. Thanks to being relativly near each other, sending and recieving letters doesn’t take much time, which means one can keep the letters shorter and send more of them. It is also peace time so it’s not so pressing to express ones more intimate feelings and needs. In contrast we have Angelica. Hamilton feels strongly for her too but these strong feelings are shared with Eliza. There are only two possibilities here, either the feelings are romantic but then Eliza feels romantically for her sister too, or they are platonic of the sibling varriant, which in this case seems more likely. The letters to Angelica are longer because of the fact that it takes longer time to send and recieve letters so more information has to be packed in there. Hamilton feels strongly about Laurens as well, and judging from wording those feelings are romantic. They are also, in contrast to letters to Eliza, much more intimate, this most likely due to the pressure from a looming war. If you don’t know when or if you are going to see each other again it’s more important to really say all you want to say before it’s too late.

There is much more to say about the correspondence between H and Laurens but I don’t have the time or space to go into it right now. The main focus being to compare how H writes to different people and debunk any possible romantic relationship between him and Angelica Church.


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John Laurens:Wow! I can’t believe that you had eight children Alexander!

Alexander:Yeah, well I love all of my children equally and I am very proud of them.

John Church Hamilton:Hey I found one of dad’s old letters from John Laurens!



Hamilton icons for u and the squad

Do you ever just think about how John Church Hamilton almost idolised John Laurens and even named his son after him, which may have come from stories his father told him.

Like, just imagine Ham telling young JCH bedtime stories about his ‘adventures’ during the war and all about Laurens. And those stories just sort of resonating with JCH because wow his dad was friends with this cool soldier who did all these amazing things and man, he wished he could’ve gotten to meet him.

If I Could Do It All Over Again

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Part: 8/16

Pairing: Hamliza

Inspiration: this drawing

Summary: After Alexander died, he realized the existence of reincarnation. While most didn’t believe in the possibility, Alexander was one of those special few who remembered everything in their past lives. Because of this, he spent almost all of his lives searching for his dear Eliza. As his lives went on, things began to seem hopeless, all until he runs into her one day in the most unexpected place.

Warning: cussing, mentions of abuse, slight violence

Word Count: 3,696

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Eliza managed to get much better sleep on the couch than she did that night in her own bed. It was a restless night, but Eliza didn’t realize how tired she was until she perched next to Alexander while they talked.

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Hamilton as Parents

Alexander Hamilton: super involved, goes to all the plays and games and concerts and films them all, cheers really loudly, even though Phillip is like Rabbit #2 

Aaron Burr: all the other parents lowkey hate him because he’s always bragging about how Theodosia can already speak fluent French and play three instruments, thinks Theodosia should get bigger parts in plays and stuff (but doesn’t do much about it), tells her all her mistakes after her recitals 

Eliza Hamilton: always has time for her kids, loves to teach them new stuff, makes Alexander calm down so she can hear Phillip’s one line 

Angelica Schuyler: president of the PTA, kicks ass on like 4 different committees, sometimes isn’t home until late because of her job, but always makes sure that her kids feel loved and cared about and devotes any days off to them

Peggy Schuyler: only cooks with organic ingredients, decorates her kids’ rooms with DIY stuff, wants them to experiment with anything and everything, never makes them clean their rooms

George Washington: makes shitty dad jokes, loves playing sports with his kids, wears those “dad khakis” (you kow what i mean) no matter what the weather’s like, wakes them up early on weekends so they don’t miss the day

John Laurens: not really ready to be a parent, but quickly shapes up once he realizes how motherfucking GREAT his child is, totally spoils them

Marquis de Lafayette: names his kids after his idols, teaches his kids how to fence, one day, they come home from school and bam! there’s a puppy for each of them

Hercules Mulligan: his kids love to climb on him, and he loves it when they do, helps them build a treehouse one summer, can (and does) pick up two kids at a time and sits them on his shoulders


“We know the founding fathers but the mothers are a mystery.”
Renée Elise Goldsberry