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Another goofy religious trope: When the movie/show takes us to a church, and it’s night time, and there’s nondescript organ music playing as the characters conduct their scene

Like dang, what church is this and what budget do you all have that you can afford to have an on-call organist

“Pat? Hey Pat, I know it’s 11pm on a Tuesday but- haha, yeah, you guessed it. The Teens are having an emotionally significant exchange in the church, and we gotta make it clear that they’re in a church. Think you can softly play some vaguely ominous organ pieces? Thanks so much, pal. We’ll add it to your next paycheck.”

Dishonest hypocritical pastor loses it all.

I use to be very religious. At the end of that period in my life, I became involved with a new church that was pastored by a charismatic young pastor who seemingly had everything going for him. But the fucker was greedy. Too greedy. As the saying goes: “pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.” Pastor Hog got slaughtered.

My wife and I were looking for a church. An old friend invited us to a new church that was energetic and full of friends. We started attending regularly and eventually became involved with the leadership of the church.

After a while, I started to become uneasy around the pastor. The way he communicated with people just rubbed me the wrong way. I slowly realized that he was a manipulator and compulsive liar. Quick with an overzealous compliment but slow to explain himself when issues arose.

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And then the crowd parted and he suddenly spotted Monroe, watching him with her usual wry smile, and realized Blue Hawaii had to be near… watching him and Fern too. Fuck. He needed to get away from her, now.

‘Meet me in ‘Church’ next Friday,’ he whispered hotly, moving away from her.

‘What?’ she whispered back, puzzled and looking at him with slightly unfocused gaze. ‘What’s Church?’

‘Google it, Trinidad,’ he smiled at her obvious confusion. ‘They say you’re really good with computers’. He squeezed her shoulders and let her go, taking a step toward Monroe. ‘And, Fern,’ he turned to her one last time, ‘do not come alone’.


Somebody once told me modern/college AU is a cheap shot but here’s one from me anyway even if i don’t know much about dressing up and may have created some fashion victims, screw somebody (with extra crayons and traditional art)!

I did a modern berseria AU comic some times ago but I’ll probably upload more in the future, now i don’t have much idea but i’m always open if you have any input feel, free to talk to me and also feel free to disagree lol ;)

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I’ll delete my blog if someone can show me a Christian church that hates aces the way the Christian church hates LGBTPN people.
I mean explicit hate. The type of hate that warrants sermons about praying the ace away, camps to “convert” your children, official statements refering to aces as slurs calling them possessed, telling them God hates them because they are ace, claims that there are Bible verses that condemn asexuals to hell, calls to round up asexuals in a giant pen away from everyone else where they can die out, and everything else I’ve seen the church say about gay people.
Individual comments don’t count. That’s not oppression. Oppression is policies made, people killed, children kicked out of their homes.
If aces are really so oppressed, if they are so persecuted, there would be evidence. All you need to do is Google “church hates gays” to get pages and pages and pages of churches who will “convert” your children and who preach about LGBT people being perverted and demonic. Show me the church. Show me the evidence. Show me the impact.

brightbluedot  asked:

(1/2) Hello! Finding this blog made my day, you're so helpful! I'm hoping you can help me write an Anglican priest respectfully and accurately. Over the course of my Church-of-England-related-Googling, I came across the Daily Office, and oh, it would be *so* thematically useful if I could show my character repeating a prayer (specifically, Compline) at key points over the course of the story, but I'm not sure I'm approaching it accurately. First question: how common/important is it that this

(2/2) prayer be led by a priest in a church? Like, if I show my priest praying this specific prayer at home would an Anglican reader be like “dude, why aren’t you at church for this?” or is it perfectly normal? Second question: so, as far as I can tell, the format of the prayer is a dialogue. How is that handled if only one person is praying? Would they say only one part, or both, or is the question moot because there’s meant to be a group? Thank you so much for your time! <3

So I’m not an Episcopalian, but I think your bigger issue is that Compline is meant to be said at the end of the day. It’s an evening service/bedtime prayer kinda thing! I think I’ve heard of people using it (or maybe just part of it) as a bedtime prayer, so I don’t think it’s 100% necessary that it be said in a group or led by a priest…but unless the key points in your story all happen in the evening or at bedtime, it would be pretty strange.

I’m less certain about this bit of information (and this airplane wifi kinda sucks, so it’s hard for me to do my own research), but I think there’s more than one Compline. The Book of Common Prayer provides a bunch of liturgy that you can use throughout the year, basically, and it usually gives a bunch of alternatives depending on what’s happening/the time of year/personal preference/etc. So I don’t know which Compline you were reading, but it’s not just, like, a single prayer.

BUT! A lot of the Compline prayers/Collects/etc. are Psalms, or based on Psalms, or the Lord’s Prayer…so maybe your character can recite a Psalm or the Lord’s Prayer at Key Moments instead? That would be normal.

I know you sent this ask a long time ago…but I hope it still helps!



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