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“… I put my hand down in something soft and I looked down. I saw that kid every day for the next two years. Every morning I’d wake up he’d be looking down at me. What about you, Marcus? What do you see?”

“You want to know what’s in my head? Arguing. Mum and dad barking at each other like dogs. Both of them drunk. He’s swinging at her and she’s in a ball on the floor, trying to scoop her brains back in with both her hands. I’m yelling at him to stop, but he cracks her again. And now, now there’s blood coming out of her mouth like a fountain - I’m seven years old. I. I pull his poaching rifle off the back of the door and I shoot a bullet right in the middle of his throat and even as he’s going down his big bloody hands are trying to squeeze the life out of me - that’s for starters. I see this little unwanted boy stuck half-way up an oak tree all the other orphan bastards are trying to knock him down with bricks and balls to send him back to the infirmary so he can spend another night cutting patterns into his arms to send himself to sleep. I see this little boy in Mexico City. His neck is twisted all the way around and his mom is screaming at me from the doorway. I see a housewife in Seattle mixing bleach with tap water and telling her little girl that the water is holy so it burns her when it hits her skin. That is what I see when I close my eyes.

These are Catholic school stories, but they really are incredible so I think they belong here. In no particular order,

-I transferred out to the public middle school in the middle of seventh grade, because howdy doody was I gay

-My buddy Faith, when serving in volleyball, launched it so high up that it got wedged between the ceiling and this strange, disco ball-shaped intercom(?). I believe they had to take it down to get the ball out

-The same girl got a basketball stuck between the backboard and the hoop during practice, and another girl we called “The Hulk” slammed another ball into the ground so that it knocked the first off the hoop

-I also got slammed in the back of the head with a basketball and dislocated my ankle while dodging someone during other practices. The first incident is what I blame for me having depression

-At least half of the seventh grade (which bear in mind was about forty-five students total) stormed the principal’s office over perceived injustices. The woman was royally pissed

-Our social worker was a liberal nun who shared my passion for Lord of the Rings

-The iconic and slightly deranged Social Studies/Geography/8th Grade Religion teacher, who makes a kid stand on their desk every year to illustrate the height of the Persian empire and would probably chokeslam you for saying “Sumeria”

-The time my brother made a sixth-grader cry by saying “what are those”

And last but not least, my personal favorite,

-At the graduation, which was held in the decidedly not air conditioned church the school is connected to, due to the fact that the poor kids were sitting and standing and kneeling and getting their diplomas in a sweltering building without drinking water, my brother just. Passed the fuck out.

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I can explain the church of Hanzo thing! A guy was trying to prove a point about how easy it was to get around certain taxes in Brazil by starting up a church. So he picked one that would be ridiculous and now we have an honest to (dragon) god church dedicated to Hanzo Shimada. He now lives there and I think he's getting around their property tax or something.

…………………that’s fucknig amazing

do you ever realize that church, like actual church, alpha!church, not epsilon!church, is dead 

like hes actually dead and its not really brought up in the show that tucker and caboose’s friend is dead and what they’re interacting with is just a fragment of an A.I. and it’s personality is based on it’s memories of church

and you cry because leonard church died in season 6 and no one even misses him

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Would you be willing to share some of your thoughts about Yuri's motivation over the rings, at least? I'd be curious to read your thoughts especially since that scene in particular has a lot of cultural terminology and background that doesn't translate perfectly for International audiences to begin with.

This is a hard one because, as you wrote, I think there are cultural differences especially regarding the concept of “omamori” (protective charms).

First of all it would be very useful to read this interesting and complete post about “omamori”. Although regarding the part about the rings being round and that symbolizing a bond I’m not sure, I think that might be reading too deeply. At the end there’s also my comment on the meaning of the word “omajinai”, which is also not that easy to translate…

This said, the rest under the cut. Of course this is just my personal interpretation based on the Japanese dialogues in the anime and partly on interviews (I think it doesn’t even clash with the “soulmates” thing in the interview from CREA). All quotes from the dialogues are translated by me and do not use the English sub/dub. I am translating “omamori” as “protective charm”.

Warning: it’s kind of long and has pictures because if I don’t explain it thoroughly it might be hard to get my point across.

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I love you yes you

My family lives scattered
All around the world
But that doesn’t stop
Me loving them
Me wishing I could hold them
My caring for them

And I love this technology
That lets me talk to them
To share stories and
Poetry and laughter
And love so much love

(Without this family
Of my choice that
I made myself I
Would have given
In to the pain of my life)

They are there - a million
Miles away and yet so close
That I can feel their love
And care for me and send
It back to them for this
Is love
this is

can aphobes maybe stop with the “well my church says asexuality is good because sex is sinful!” line of argument? I’ve never met a single ace person who wanted to be stereotyped as “pure and good” because of their orientation. I don’t want to be seen as some twisted version of moral because of my sexuality. It’s not a privilege to be constantly mislabeled as “saving yourself”.

Asexuality =/= celibacy, even among aces who are not having sex.

Why I remain in LDS Church

As a gay man, I have to swim upstream to stay in this church, sometimes it’s really tough. It’d be easy for me to float away. So why do I remain?

There’s several reasons. This is my spiritual home, it’s the language I’m familiar with. This church helps me to connect with the Divine. This church requires a lot of its members, I’m better for all the service I’m asked to do, all the different assignments I’m asked to fulfill. I really enjoy the sense of community and how wherever I move I can plug into a network that makes the transition easier. I also make a difference, I do good inside of this church.

Maybe one day those things won’t be enough. Or my desire for love and a relationship will trump my determination to remain a Mormon. Perhaps one day I’ll be forced out, but until then, I’m doing my best to make it work.

“My father wants me to come home to Botswana. He tells me that he’s getting older and he needs me to come home. I miss my family, but I want to stay here. Life is different for me here. I’ve met so many people from so many cultures. I’ve done half marathons. I even did a triathlon. It’s different back in Botswana. I was completely dependent on my father. Women don’t leave home until they get married. So I’d like to stay here. But my sister is the only family that I have in America. And last week she told me that she’s moving back to Botswana. So now I’ll be on my own. And I’m worried. Because I don’t like to ask for help. But I never had a problem asking her for help. And now I won’t have that anymore. But a few months ago I joined something at my church called a ‘connect group.’ And now I have so many friends. They are like my sisters. We have brunches, and dinners, and go hiking. I feel very loved by them. So I’m hoping they will be like my family.”

Thoughts about Spn 12x10


I have a lot of feelings about this. Also Steve Yockey might be my new favourite writer next to the Dabb and Bobo Berens. So, let’s take a closer look at this.

Lily Sunders

First of all, I really like the way this character was portrayed. And that they didn’t made her into a monster, but instead told us her story, her real story, and through that made us understand why she wanted revenge. And it’s a very legitime reason. Which creates a moral dilemma for Sam and Dean here. Because they get it, and if it wasn’t for Cas they might have didn’t intervene and let Lily get her revenge. So their approach is yet again a non-violent one. They try to talk to her, reason with her. After deciding not to kill the soldiers in 12x09 because they were just doing their jobs and Dean solving the Amara-Chuck-conflict in 11x23 through talking, this becomes a theme.

But Cas is their family. And when they met the other angels from Cas’s old flight and he tells them the reason why Lily wants to kill those angels they are painfully reminded of the way Cas used to be. Still, I think the way Sam and Dean cared so obvious about Cas and tried to help him and reason with Lily might be one of the reasons Lily didn’t kill him. She knows through Akobel that not all angels are bad. And speaking of Akobel: he was such a strong Cas parallel. An angel whose mission it was to observe humanity but instead he fell in love with a human. So Lily recognizes the same kind of devoution Akobel had for her with Sam and Dean and knows that Cas must have changed.

I also think that Lily worked as a parallel for Sam. Both believed in angels all their life, but when they finally got in contact with them they soon realized how evil and conflicted they can be. Both are associated with magic - Lily used it to give her strength and youth, Sam is usually the one who comes up with spells. And just when we think, hey Enochian magic sounds cool, we lern it comes with a prize: losing your soul piece after piece. And well, Sam knows a thing or two about losing your soul (and of course Lily lost an eye in the process - they are the windows to the soul after all).

The angels

I’m always so excited when we meet new angels, because we kind of never know what we get (good guy or bad guy?) and we still learn something new from them.

So, let’s talk about Benjamin here. We first see him playing “Rampage”. According to Wikipedia its a play about monsters (who were formerly human) trying to survive against military forces. Sounds familar? Angels are described as monsters in this episode, taking a formerly human vessel, trying to survive on earth. And speaking of vessels: I think this the first time we heard of an angel thinking of its vessel as a friend. (And the way Cas said friend it kind sounded like more than just a friend???) Normaly angels don’t seem to care a lot about their vessel. In seson 9 we saw countless angels taking whatever vessel they could get, even it kille some of the humans. The only other angel who cared about her vessel was Hannah. (And Cas in a way, but since Jimmy was already dead, he tried to redeem himself towards Claire.) Cas also reminds Dean that Benjamin was no woman, but his vessel was, and I think it is fair to assume angels are indeed genderless. But this tells us a lot about Dean, who humanized Cas since the beginning, and always applied a gender to him. (*shippergoogleson* Which makes his attraction to Cas so complicated because he sees Cas as a man, when in fact he isn’t, and not a woman as well, or even human *shippergooglesoff*) Also kudos to the show for showing us Cas in a female vessel.

Back to the game Benjamin was playing: I wondered a bit about this, why an angel would do this/find enterainment in it. But it kinda reminded me of Cas bingewatching Netflix. Maybe it was a way for Benjamin to distract him as well, a mundane game to fill the void an angel without a mission felt.

The other angels (well, mostly Ishim) were there to remind us what Cas has done, his standing among other angels, and to question his loyality and identity. I think Cas wants to seperate his (former) angel family and his new family that he found in the Winchesters. Previously whenever he had to deal with angel business he did it on his own. This time though Sam and Dean come along. And despite what Dean said not because they are worried Cas does something stupid again, but because they are worried. They’ve met enough angels and know how they think of Cas to be suspicious. And after all, whatever Cas’s problem is is theirs as well; they are family.

This of course creates the great conflict of this episode: the question where Cas belongs. Both sides question Cas why he cares about the other. To Ishim humans are beneath him, they are apes. He thinks Cas doesn’t owe Sam and Dean an explanation of what happened or that they should get involved at all. And that whatever bond formed between them weakended Cas (the way Lily weakened him).

Sam and Dean though don’t get why Cas allows Ishim to talk to him like that, calling him weak and fallen. Cas doesn’t care as long as he is able to might save the remaining angels (because of course in true Cas fashion he blames himself for it and in the end is the only one who shows remorse and apologizes). Though I wished Dean would have told Ishim that Cas has indeed a family and home with them, thank you very much.

And then we had some great plot-twist with the nephilim that wasn’t a nephilim after all. It was a good way to bring thi topic back, though it never really left. We start the episode with Dean trying to find new leads on Kelly (and could it be that the powers of her unborn child help her to disappear?), and end with the brothers talking about it. But what the episode did was to bring back the moral dilemma of it. We hear Lily’s story and even in the first fake version we feel pity for her and that her child didn’t deserve to die. And is Kelly’s situation any different? Even though an archangels child is more powerfull, at the end it is like Sam said: a mother and her child. So we either go the route of non violent conflict solving again (though the British MoL will disagree) or the nephilim does something bad enough the Winchesters have no other choice than to kill it. They also talk about the mix of grace and a human soul, and that that is what makes the nephilim so powerfull. We know that both things alone - angelic grace, a human soul - contain a lot of power. Combining both is like a nuclear bomb. But we know that angels leave some of their grace in a human vessel when they leave it (Gadreel did so with Sam) and some fans headcanon Cas left some of his grace in Dean when he rescued him from hell. So does the grace mix with the soul in those instances as well?

But back to Ishim and his obsession for Lily. Though from his side it was love. And that is yet another ongoing theme: false love. We had it in season 11 with Amara confusing her feelings for Chuck with love for Dean, and this season with Rosaleen’s and Lucifer’s false love in 12x07, or the false love of Magda’s mother in 12x04 (and at some point I might write a proper meta about this, because it leads us to the question how real love looks like). If Akobel worked as a mirror for Cas then Ishim does as well, but as a dark mirror. Like I said Ishim thinks his love/obsession for Lily made him weak and thinks the same happens to Cas, when instead Cas tells him his relationship to Sam and Dean made him stronger. Ishim thought of Lily as his human weakness and killed the one person she loved most in the world: her daughter. And he considers Dean to be Cas human weakness and in order to punish Cas he wants to kill Dean. If we see Ishim’s love for Lily as romantic (and I think it was intended as this) it means Ishim thought of Cas’s love for Dean as romantic as well. Also this line:

You know why we’re meant to stay away from them humans? Hmm? It’s not because we’re a danger to them. They’re a danger to us. 

Because humans corrupt. They make angels start to question their orders, their existence. They make angels feel. Not just love, but also pain. Lily broke Ishim’s heart, so he broke hers.

Also, Ishim calls Cas a spanner in the works. Which of course are the exact words Naomi used, so I don’t think this was a coincidence. Did he work for/with Naomi? Lily said he is a big name up in heaven after all.

And at last that abandoned church was one of the most beautiful sets that had lately. And I think it is intersting that Ishim used a church as a safe house. I feel like there might be some connection between churches and angels: the first episode that mentioned angels (2x13) takes place in a church. They first encounter Anna in a church (I think her human father was a deacon). And human!Cas seeked chelter in a church in 9x03. Someone write some meta about this.

The Winchesters

So Mary is hunting again. This gives the show a good excuse why is not around. And the reason she didn’t ask her sons for help is because she might already work for the British MoL and knows they won’t be happy about it.

Also Dean and Cas give each other the silent treatment and Sam is awkwardly stuck in the middle of it. And let me tell you, I loved every single minute of it (especially the moment Dean stormed into the diner like a jealous boyfriend) . This was such a classic example of Anger Born of Worry. For Dean Cas action at the end of 12x09 and his speech are a painfull reminder just how much Cas loves him. And Dean can’t deal with it. Because who is he to deserves such love? To let Cas put himself in such danger just to save him? And what Cas said at the end, that he doesn’t regret his decision even if it costs him his life, made me worried. Because right now Cas really doesn’t care if he lives or not. He cares about the Winchesters and making up for his mistakes. But not about himself.

And Cas reminded us yet again how special he is. He remembered Lily, unlike Benjamin. He killed Ishim after he realized Lily told the truth. And he was the only one to apologize to her, to show remorse, and to leave his fate to her, given her the decision to kill him or not.

And that is the reason she didn’t. Because she realized how much he changed. How special he is among angels. If only he could see himself like this as well.

I noticed a lot of Nasuverse fans (especially ones that got into the universe through later installments of Fate) want to get into the worldbuilding of the Nasuverse more but have a gaping hole in their Nasuverse portfolio: the entirety of the Tsukihime franchise.

I mean, I get it. I get why. Tsukihime was Nasu at his rawest and most unfiltered, both in good and in very very bad ways. I understand that a lot of fans would much rather wait for a remake that’s never coming.  but seeing how that’s going, it could be quite some time.

With that being said, would anyone be interested in a Tsukihime primer? Basically I’ll write about all the worldbuilding you might have missed by skipping the series: the Dead Apostles, the different factions within the Church, The Atlas Academy, connections made to other Nasuverse franchises, The Demon Hunter families, etc. I would keep it as spoiler-free as possible and as easy to read as possible, and perhaps insert some commentary here and there (that I willmark as commentary don’t worry). I know you can read this all up on the Type-Moon wiki yourself, but that site’s not the easiest thing to navigate nor is it the easiest thing to read. 

I want to do this because I love seeing Nasuverse meta and I really think it could benefit a lot of these writers (or encourage would-be writers) to be on the same level as those who have played Tsukihime and the Melty Blood games.

RvB season 15 episode 16 aka let’s (mainly) talk about Sarge

What I really wanted to do is just write incoherent thoughts as I watched today’s episode, but the first scene already caught me off guard.

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okay but I’m still not over iris hastily blessing herself after she turns over the photo of the guy who died lmao.

In the Walls

In the Walls

I wrote a short story for my Narrative Studies class. It’s a Modern AU, but I think Hiccup and Astrid are in character. It was based off of a nightmare I had the other night. I write them down and make them into happy stories to take the edge away. Hope you all enjoy.

Lake Edge Baptist Church.

A hot bed of needless drama and self-righteous Pharisees. It was the very church people imagined when they heard the word ‘hypocrite.’ In fact, there was a single person left in the church that came for the sole reason to worship God, one Phillis Hofferson. Despite this, God himself had turned his back on the building, and there was no Sacred Divinity left in the walls. Just a building, with an awful secret.  

For this reason, Astrid Hofferson, now Astrid Haddock, had stopped going to her parent’s church when she left for college. That, and she moved out of state and met her husband and moved to his hometown.

But as for right now, Astrid and her husband, a man affectionately known to his friends and family as Hiccup, had come home to visit, and stayed for a few days. And despite her hang-ups, she and Hiccup attended Lake Edge Baptist Church, because it was the polite thing to do. The service was nice, had nice pretty music with organ accompaniment. The pastor, an older man with no sense of humor, had spoken about Cain and Abel. Hands were shaken, niceties were exchanged, and then they adjured to a room in the basement for coffee and finger food. All the while, Astrid could hear the gossip.

“I heard she married him for his money.”

“I heard she went to one of those liberal colleges, and he got her pregnant.”


Astrid sighed, and did her best to ignore it. It was only one morning in this vile place, anyway.  

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