Good morning from the school parking lot.

Every Friday morning, the whole school goes to church. Really let’s me “Thank God it’s Friday”.

Seriously though. Church takes a glorious 40 minutes out of my schedule. Then I give the kids some play time if they were good. THEN we get out at 2:00 instead of 2:50!

Friday, I love you.

Harry Potter Land with my cousin Katie tomorrow!! THAT is what has been getting me through the week!

THIS CHRISTIAN PASTOR SOUGHT OUT THE CONGO REBELS, HUDDLED IN THEIR DENS OF ANONYMITY - He sought them out, counseled with them, listened to them, loved them, and led them to a different life - one of repentance and forgiveness. The rebels left their lives of war against humanity, joined the national army, and became active in a local Christian church.

I recently had to put together a new and revised photo essay on a story Caught in the Crossfire that I did awhile ago. It was a story based out of the Congo (DRC) and had three parts: rebels who had committed horrible atrocities; victims of such atrocities; and redemption for both rebels and victims. So, I thought i would run the series here, including a few images that I have already posted. 

Read the full backstory here.

I am convinced that if the church went back to its main task of preaching the Gospel and getting people converted to Christ it would have far more impact on the social structure of the nation than it can have in any other thing you could possibly do.
—  Billy Graham
Sometimes It's Hard

When you get lonely
And wanna start taking pills
Or stop eating
And of course
By you I mean me

I got one friend right now
And mostly I am content

But on Sunday’s
When the church doors open
And I see dozens of people smiling
I feel totally unwanted

I know
It’s unfair to be unhappy
Because someone else is happy
Or to be lonely
Because someone else has found a family

I guess this all comes down to jealousy

I know people
Who were born into friend groups
Who will never know what it is like
To not have someone
To be with when they need it

I am jealous of them
I envy their constant relationships
I want a clique like they have

Those Sunday people feel like islands
With no safe harbors to land on

It is hard for me
To be content
And I am happy for them
I want what they have

I want a community

I don’t know if I’ve ever had that
Or if I’ll ever find that
It feels so tragic
Yet so realistic
To just be alone

I don’t know if that’s right
I hope it’s not