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Poznan, Poland Autumn Perfect afternoon walking through the lovely autumn scenescapes. Now, off to watch as many “halloween” type flicks I can before the mists of sleep take me. See ya.


Cathedral, Covington, Kentucky - Swooping View by William McLaughlin
In praise of Christian anarchy
By Bonnie Kristian

New from me today at The Week! An excerpt:

This isn’t to suggest Christians must eschew politics. I certainly don’t. It “is not to say that a kingdom person can’t have political opinions and vote, if they feel so led, or involve themselves in social justice movements,” to quote Boyd again. “But kingdom people must remember our unique call has nothing to do with government, and everything do to with a unique way of living.”

And whoever wins come Nov. 8 will have no effect on whether we can live that way. “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control,” and “against such things there is no law” — not even under a President Clinton or Trump. The at-once radical and mundane proposal of Christian anarchy is that how we vote and what happens on Election Day is infinitesimally unimportant compared to whether we follow Jesus and live in those fruits of his Spirit day in and day out. The would-be lords of Washington fade into insignificance next to the actual Lord.

For the Christian, no electoral outcome can fix or finish our world. The promise that all will be made right in the end is no politician’s to offer. But the good news, the very gospel message, is that it has already been offered, and we realize its fulfillment not on Election Day but on Christmas, in the story of power not sought but sacrificed.

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¿Cómo construir una iglesia en la actualidad? Cuando el requerimiento deja de ser el uso, que se resuelve en planta sin problema, el asunto se transforma en volumetría y luz. Lograr un espacio interior con luces indirectas y bien trabajadas para acentuar zonas sagradas requiere un esfuerzo en cuanto a cómo el templo se convierte en un artefacto para convertir el sol directo en una iluminación acorde, lo que repercute en cómo este artefacto se ve por fuera. Transparentar su funcionamiento como ventanas que se elevan en busca de la luz es una de las directrices que tomaron para esta obra.

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