chunkys chicken


So my husband calls and asks if he can bring any dinner home for his sick wife. It was so tempting to ask him to bring home some chunky chicken noodle soup or, even worse, my all time favorite comfort food: McDonald’s.
But alas, I had decided this afternoon to try out my new spiralizer and
Why didn’t I know about this earlier?

I haven’t had KFC in 20 years. For one thing, my family was more loyal to Popeyes. And I am just not that into fast food/fried chicken (chicken dumplings are my jam).

But ever since Louis’ enabling ass said KFC was his favorite, I’ve wanted to revisit. So on Friday, I ordered a bit of everything, and it was a lovely revelation.

The chicken pot pie is the BEST. Hands down. The best. Chunky/thick pieces of chicken, savory gravy, flaky crust, plump peas and carrots that all blended together and reheated perfectly. Mmmmmm.

I also had mashed potatoes and gravy which were great (but I’m the kid who loved school lunch mash potatoes so I’m easy to please, lol) both the original recipe and more ‘healthy’ grilled chicken (moist and tasty), corn on the cob (yum), greens (just ok. But I’m in harlem, a soul food capitol, so just any greens were not going to do), potato wedges (YUM! Are these new? Crisp and soft) and the biscuits that come with those meals (I remember this being a highlight as a kid but nope. Not my fave). Also, honorable mention to the little chicken snacker sandwhiches which are basically fried chicken strips, pickles and a bit of mayo inside a bun (so tasty and delightful).

But that chicken pot pie though. It was giant and an entire meal in itself. I’ve had two days of leftovers, and I’m so sad it’s gone now.

Also, all the food lasted nearly all weekend, were the perfect kind of leftovers to refridgerate/reheat in the oven, and it cost $23 in total for two 2-piece meals (that each came with two sides AND a medium drink AND a biscuit), the pot pie, and two little chicken snackers. Not bad.

Damn you Louis!

We may eat a lot of food additives, but most consumers know very little about them. These often misunderstood substances go by unwieldy names like “diacetyl” or “azodicarbonamide.” They are in everything from salad dressings to Twinkies. But how many of us actually know what they look like or, more important, what they’re doing in our food?

Ingredients, a new book by photographer Dwight Eschliman and writer Steve Ettlinger, seeks to demystify 75 common food additives, from acesulfame potassium to xanthan gum, by providing an easy-to-read encyclopedia of sorts of various food additives, their uses and their history.

‘Ingredients’: An Eye-Opening Look At The Additives In Our Food

Photo: The ingredients found in Campbell’s Chunky Classic Chicken Noodle Soup. Credit: Dwight Eschliman/Regan Arts


c’mon ya chunky chicken nuggets