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Girls On Film

Summary: Rumbelle AU.  Tempted by the thought of making some quick money, Belle answers an ad for a model.  She finds a very attractive photographer waiting for her.  This is my first attempt at writing a Gold who isn’t Rumpelstiltskin, and I suspect it will be my last, although I might revisit this verse for some future PWP.  Rated T

The half-column ad caught Belle’s eye.

She was between jobs, the library she had worked at having closed as a cost-cutting measure. The branch on the other side of the city had no current openings, and while she had put out inquiries and hoped to find another position in her field within a month or two at most, she had thought it best to find something temporary to pay the bills so she didn’t have to dip into her savings too much. To that end, she had been perusing the classified ads in the morning paper.

MODELS WANTED! Looking for fresh new faces, non-augmented bodies. All shapes and sizes. Partial tasteful nudity required. Competitive rates.

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