chunky crystal necklace

How the Signs are dressed

Aries: A flowy bright yellow summer dress, straw floppy sun hat, lace up gladiator sandals, hair wildly flowing with flowers interwoven

Taurus: Tan colored, long coat with sleeves rolled up to the elbows, patterned maroon scarf, cat eyed glasses, hair in a bun, black boyfriend jeans, oxford shoes

Gemini: sparkly green vibrant cocktail dress, voluminous curls, statement necklace, stiletto heels, red lip

Cancer: hair in a mess bun/ponytail, red hair bow, bustier top, white high waisted jeans, flats, circle sunglasses

Leo: eye-catching red lace dress with a low v-neck, strappy black heels, red lip, smoky eyes, fanned out hair

Virgo: pink circle skirt, frilly crème top, beret, dusty pink pumps

Libra: snapback, knee high socks, cropped varsity jacket, cutoff vintage denim shorts, basketball tee

Sagittarius: lacy bell-sleeved crop top, flared out jeans, chunky belt, cowboy boots, crystal necklace,

Scorpio: Black baby doll dress (backless), maroon lip, chunky platform heels

Capricorn: black leather jacket, black combat boots with laces undone, mirrored glasses, ripped black skinny jeans, hair has dyed red tips, layered necklaces

Aquarius: choker necklace, ripped tights, funky graphic tee, slouchy beanie, platform boots, poofy colorful skirt

Pisces: maxi skirt, flower crown, kimono with fringe on the sleeves, sandals, floppy hat, white crop top

etsy find of the day | CURATION BLITZ 1 | 1.24.14

requested by: rustic-romantic
looking for: shops selling cool, fun bridesmaid necklace gifts

FEATURED: so i know i’ve featured this ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ tulle pom necklace by pamelaloops in the past, but i think it’s the perfect fun 'n girly gift for your varied ladies. available in several candy-hued colors.

other shop ideas:

  • sth234 has all kinds of statement necklaces, including j.crew-inspired bubble necklaces in many hues
  • arkpearl also sells bubble necklace pieces, plus lots of chunky crystal necklaces like this crazy-sparkly bib and this autumn-tone floral necklace
  • payless4fab’s necklaces are super cute AND super affordable. some even come with matching earrings!
  • megjewelry4u - blingy and modern
  • allthingstinsel - crazy sparkles
  • somethingjeweled - more traditional styles, but still gorgeous
  • tzunuum - unique, bohemian, edgy and head-turning
  • bayila - frequently featured on EFOTD for statement necklaces

two lacy jewelry shops:

and some more everyday ideas:

  • seaandcake - minimalistic and feminine jewelry
  • edor - everyday yet special; they will surely wear again

thoughts, rustic-romantic? let me know if i can do any more hunting for ya!