chunky babies


(A bunch of messy quick sketches for comparison, but I’ll try…)

  • Babies have very big heads.
  • Big eyes.
  • Tiny, cute features, usually simplified.
  • Small nose and mouth.
  • Chubby bodies and cheeks.  

I like to give baby Papyrus round teeth. :3

Also, for baby Papyrus, I find that tiny eyes look better on him and big eyes look better on Sans.

Big cheekbones for Pap!

Baby Sans can be tricky to draw because unlike Papyrus,  Both adult and baby Sans’ face remains very round. Just give him smaller face and body features.


What kind of domestic life do monsters have?

1. If Toffee has parents, I think it’d be funny if they were the kind of New England W.A.S.P. country club people who look down on everyone else. And their egos are such that Toffee’s name is actually a portmanteau of both of theirs! But hey, it’s JUST A THEORY

2. Do you know how short alligator arms actually are? Toffee can’t help but cuddle the chunky reptile babies.

3. It’d never happen, but if Toffee ever babysat buff frog’s kids, he’d probably take it upon himself to make them clothes. And cookies. And a really nifty cross stitch pattern. 

4. If Toffee was nothing more than a guy in a suit who had a house to go home to after a hard day of evil efficiency consulting - I’d be cool with that. 

5. Toffee has a lot of respect for the public sector, but now might not be the best time to mention it. 

6. How do child Septarians work? How many hairdos can you give a lizard?

7. Also, we need more lady monsters over here. I was going for a Rule 63 of Toffee initially, but that kind of fell apart. Ah well. They can just be other female Septarians, how bout that?

A/N: a little fluffy drabble for the lovely @kate-dammit-run


Kurt stirs awake as he feels their blankets rustling. At first he thinks itโ€™s Jane rolling over, but then he feels them being pulled down towards the foot of the bed.

He opens one eye and lifts his head, seeing his daughterโ€™s unmistakable head of curls disappear under the covers. He watches in amusement as she crawls up between them, her little butt sticking up in the air as she shimmies herself up the bed.

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inmyblindspot  asked:

A little prompt, if you feel like it! Jane and Kurt's first night with baby Bethany after Jane returns home. Bonus points for family cuddles ๐Ÿ˜

Dude, I cannot thank you enough for this prompt. It completely shattered my soul writing this little drabble. I hope you enjoy it.

She got a text from him while she was out following a lead with Tasha saying that he left the office early and will see her back at home. He promised her everything was perfectly fine, and that he just needed to run a few errands. They’d only been back home a week and she thought nothing of it.

So when she came home, the last thing she expected to see was Kurt sitting on the couch with baby Bethany in his lap.

Only she wasn’t a baby anymore. She was over eighteen months and more beautiful than of the pictures than Kurt has shown her over the past weeks.

Jane gasped when she stepped into the apartment. Her hands came up to cover her mouth and she felt the tears burn her eyes. He hadn’t told her abut any of this, obviously. Kurt looked up at her and smiled when he heard her walk in, but Jane’s eyes were fixed on the little girl in her father’s lap, babbling away.

When Bethany noticed her father was looking somewhere else, her gaze followed his and found Jane.

The little girl squealed in excitement and all but leapt off her father’s lap. She rushed towards Jane, who dropped everything and went down onto her knees to catch the little girl in her embrace. Bethany wrapped her little arms tightly around Jane’s neck and Jane could not stop the tears that rolled down her cheeks then, especially when Bethany smiled against her neck and whispered, “Mama Jane come home.”

The spent the evening playing with Bethany, feeding her and bathing her, and the whole time it felt like Jane had never left. She knew she owed all of this to Kurt, and Allie and Connor, of course, that they made sure the little girl knew about her and remembered her. She did not know what she had done to deserve any of it. It was all too much.

When Kurt took Bethany into her bedroom, to read her a story and tuck her in, Jane excused herself for a moment. She found herself in their bedroom, sitting on their bed, trying to calm herself down. She suddenly felt so overwhelmed.

She stayed there for a few minutes until she heard Bethany’s voice across the hall. “Mama Jane,” the little girl said, “story time!”

Jane chuckled and wiped her cheeks. “Coming,” she called back and made her way to the nursery.

She walked in to find Bethany lying in the middle of her new bed with Kurt on her right. He carried a large story book in his lap. “You better not have started the story without me,” she teased as she made her way to the other side of the bed. Bethany giggled and shook her head. “No,” Bethany said and shifted to make more room for Jane next to her and her array of stuffed animals.

Jane could feel Kurt’s eyes on her and she glanced quickly towards him, nodding with a smile to reassure him she was ok. Kurt waited for her to be settled in before he started to read the story. A few minutes later, Bethany was already starting to fall asleep, so the adults were both surprised when she started to sit up. But she didn’t say anything. All Bethany did was crawl into Jane’s lap and snuggle against her chest.

Jane wrapped her arms around the little girl and ignored the fact that she had tears rolling down her face. She looked towards Kurt, who had since stopped reading and was just staring at the both of them. She gave him a smile and whispered, “thank you.” Kurt leaned towards her, brushing his lips against her forehead, and then kissing the top of Bethany’s head.

The girl was fast asleep within minutes, and Jane carefully laid her down, pulling the blanket over her shoulders and kissing her cheek gently. She waited for Kurt by the door and when he met her there, he quickly wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly.

“Welcome home,” he whispered and tightened his hold on her when he heard the sob escape her lips.

Kurt stirs awake, hearing Bethanyโ€™s voice coming through the monitor on his nightstand. Except she isnโ€™t crying or calling for him, sheโ€™s talking. Babbling away softly, something about her stuffed giraffe, Gigi.

He rolls over and sees Janeโ€™s side of the bed empty and he smiles as he suspects he knows where she is.

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They’ve got an email thread that’s been going on ever since they found out it’s a girl discussing possible names. Sometimes it’s fun and silly - and he loves it when it’s that because after the days they have it’s good to come back to that - and most of the time it’s more serious. Although he doesn’t appreciate that Allie considers that his suggestion of Princess Leia should go under the silly category.

He shows it to Jane a few days after they get together and asks her for her input. She is hesitant at first because she doesn’t want to intrude - the baby is his and Allie’s and she shouldn’t have a say in the matter. But he asks her again and again and eventually she helps with the suggestions.

Allie is only a few weeks from delivering and they still haven’t picked a name. Their list is down to six names yet - not bad considering they started at somewhere closer to six hundred - but still they cannot seem to agree.

Jane knows Allie has a preference, but Kurt is holding back.

And she also knows why.

“Just tell her,” she tells him softly when evening when they’re sitting on the bench on the porch outside their new home.

Kurt’s replying to Allie’s latest email and Jane’s got her head on his shoulder, arms wrapped around his waist.

He knows what she’s talking about - even though they have never talked about - and he shrugs.

“I don’t understand why you’ve never suggested it,” she says softly, not reprimanding, “in the seventy thousand emails that have gone back and forth, not once did you mention it.”

“I don’t want her to feel like she has to just because -”

“Allie’s a big girl,” Jane says, “if she doesn’t like it, she’ll say so. She won’t feel obligated.”

“I don’t know,” Kurt says.

“She’s your daughter, too,” Jane says, and she turns her head slightly, so that she’s not looking at him anymore, “and I know how much she meant to you.”

Kurt thinks for a moment, and then he deletes everything he had written and types in one sentence: what do you think of Bethany?

He looks down at Jane and leaned closer to kiss the top of her head before he clicks send.

He puts the laptop away and wraps his arms around Jane, pulling her into his lap. “I love you,” he whispers gently and she looks up at him, repeating the words to him before he presses his lips to hers.

They don’t have to wait long before Allie replies to his email.

It’s one line.

I love it. Bethany it is.