chunky babies


(A bunch of messy quick sketches for comparison, but I’ll try…)

  • Babies have very big heads.
  • Big eyes.
  • Tiny, cute features, usually simplified.
  • Small nose and mouth.
  • Chubby bodies and cheeks.  

I like to give baby Papyrus round teeth. :3

Also, for baby Papyrus, I find that tiny eyes look better on him and big eyes look better on Sans.

Big cheekbones for Pap!

Baby Sans can be tricky to draw because unlike Papyrus,  Both adult and baby Sans’ face remains very round. Just give him smaller face and body features.


I have never had such large, chunky babies! Though the colours are fairly basic (black, chocolate, BEW, and PEW) I cannot wait to see the ears that grow on these guys. 10 days old and they fill up my hands easily. 

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baby chunky Cannon pretends to be a rapper #conelicker #tbt

great first date (bellamy blake au)

Plot: After being friends with Bellamy for years and after constant shoves and nudges by your mutual friends, you two decided to date. Of course when it was finally time for said date, your sister decided to go into labour. How rude.

Pairings: Bellamy Blake x Reader, Clarke x Lexa, Lexa x Reader (siblings)

Warnings: none but imagine Bellamy with kids (I died)

A/N: sorry anon, there no actual smut in this. I thought this would be a better piece if it was just fluff with a kiss or something. I still hope you really like it! for the sake of this piece, Wells is not alive. That’s why Clarke and Lexa named one of their kids after him. BROWNIE POINTS IF YOU TELL ME WHO THE NEWEST ADDITION IS NAMED AFTER!! Y/N has been with the kids practically all day, seeing as she left work early. Bellamy came in after work. So no, Lexa doesn’t go into labour and give birth in 30 minutes. It takes a bit longer than that. (also no gifs are mine!)

You and Bellamy were finally supposed to go on your first date, but something a little more important got in the way: your sister Lexa’s water broke. Your sister-in-law Clarke frantically called you on her way home from work, telling you that your sister was in labor and you, as their children’s godmother, had to babysit while baby number three came.

So you agreed, not just because of the godmother card by the way. You left work immediately and got to the kids just as Lexa’s contractions were coming every  seven minutes. The pregnant couple rushed out the door and you took that time to tell Bellamy who offered to come babysit with you after work, seeing as he was the godfather of these crazy babies.

“Thanks so much for coming over, Bell! I have to take care of these little demons,” you open the door for Bell and pick Wells up, blowing raspberries on his cheek while Costia runs to Bellamy.

“Unco Bewwamy!!” Costia squeals as Bellamy lifts her and throws her in the air. “Did you miss me?”

“Of course I missed you, Tia,” Bellamy smiled down at the little girl who in turn covered her cheeks with her hands. “Did you–”

“DID YOU MISS ME UNCO BEWWAMY?” Wells screams to Bell, practically piercing my eardrum as he looked at us wide-eyed. God, I loved these two.

“Of course I missed you, Welly,” this time it was Wells’ turn to cover his cheeks as Bellamy smiled at him.

“Come on inside, Bell. We don’t want the neighbours to think we’re raising a barn,” you chuckle as Bellamy follows you inside.

“Have they eaten yet?” Bellamy puts Costia on his back and Wells demands I give him the same treatment.

“Yes, they’ve eaten. They just had some pasta. Have you eaten?” You hold Wells up as his pudgy little hands use your head as a drum.

“Yes, I’ve eaten,” Bell laughs and I glare at him. “I also had some pasta.”

“Nice! I was thinking of giving these two ice cream, but I don’t want them to get even crazier,” you emphasized the ice cream bit to get their attention and it worked.



“Okay, maybe getting them all riled up while they’re wrapped around our necks wasn’t such a good idea,” Bell hissed at you playfully and you start moving side to side with Wells still on your shoulders.

He squeals and holds on tight while you make airplane sounds for him. He giggles and lifts his arms up, kind of like super man. To end the extravaganza, you lightly throw yourself forward so that Wells lands on the couch laughing and clapping.

All the while, Bellamy was watching you in awe. He never knew you were so good with kids. Your interactions with your godkids made Bellamy’s heart flutter.

“My tuwn unco BEWWAMY MY TUWN!” Costia claps excitedly over Bellamy’s shoulders, waiting for her turn.

“Hold on tight, because this ride… is about to get bumpyyyyy!” Bellamy whooshes around and Costia gasps excitedly, holding onto his head.

Seeing Bellamy with kids made you feel wierd… good wierd. Every turn he made with Costia on his shoulders, every time he made her laugh and squeal. You always knew Bellamy would be good with kids, but seeing it in person made your ovaries crazy.

“And time for a WHOA–” Bellamy did a little shimmy causing the twins to burst into laughter. “Time for a fun wiggly, landing!”

He leaned back against the couch and gently pulled Costia’s arms off of his shoulders, causing her to fall onto the couch, giggling.

“YAYYYYYY!” The kids clap excitedly as you and Bellamy take your final bows.

“It’s time for ice cream!” You sing excitedly as the little demons squeal and clap. “Costia, Wells, you two stay here! Uncle Bellamy and I will bring you ice cream, okay?”

They sing and laugh and talk to each other while Bellamy joins you in the kitchen, a soft smile on his face.

“What?” You whisper, a blush on your cheeks as you avoid looking at him.

“I never knew you were so good with kids,” Bellamy whispers, standing directly behind you.

“Yeah, well I knew you’d be good with kids,” you pull out the ice cream and turn around, coming face to face with Bell. “You’re good with everyone.”

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His eyes are fixated on your lips for a second too long and before you can tease him about it, he leans forward and presses his lips against yours. His hands cup your face, gently pushing away the stray hair that’d managed to fall across your forehead. He pulls his head back after a few seconds, opening his mouth to say something only to be cut off by a phone call.

“I GOT IT!” Wells calls out and you drop the ice cream on the table, but before you can stop him, he’s already picked it up. “Hi, mommy! UNCO BEWWAMY KISSED AUNT Y/N!”

He and Costia fall into a fit of giggles as you snatch the phone away from the little punk.

“Clarke, look I can–”

“I’ll yell at you about this another time! Right now, all you need to know is that we just had a healthy, adorable, chunky little baby boy. His name is Jacob,” Clarke whispers breathlessly. “Lexa is healthy, too. Happier than ever.”

“Oh, thank god,” you smiled and turned to Bellamy. “They had a little boy.”

“Oh that’s great!” Bellamy smiles widely and makes his way over to you, resting a hand on the middle of your back.

“Oh, and Y/N?”

“Yes Clarke?”

“Lexa says you’re welcome.”