I found out today that I’ll finally be seeing Superchunk live next month at the Cat’s Cradle. In honor of this, I offer to you, my tumblr faithful, a three-disc journey through the career of “the little punk band that could.” With 9 LPs, tons of EPs, and not one bad song among the bunch, some gems had to be left out in an effort to keep this to a respectable 3 discs. Be sure to dig into the rest of the Superchunk catalog after you whet your appetite with this bad boy:

download disc 1                   download disc 2                        download disc 3

Disc One:
1.Slack Motherfucker (from Superchunk)
2.Detroit Has A Skyline (from Here’s Where The Strings Come In)
3.Tower (from No Pocky For Kitty)
4.Cadmium (from Hit Self-Destruct EP)
5.Watery Hands (from Indoor Living)
6.On The Mouth (from Mower EP)
7.My Gap Feels Weird (from Majesty Shredding)
8.Good Dreams (from Come Pick Me Up)
9.Act Surprised (from Here’s To Shutting Up)
10.Driveway To Driveway (from Foolish)
11.Unbelievable Things (from Indoor Living)
12.My Noise (from Superchunk)
13.Skip Steps 1 & 3 (from No Pocky For Kitty)
14.Yeah, It’s Beautiful Here Too (from Here’s Where The Strings Come In)
15.A Small Definition (from The Laughter Guns EP)
16.Winter Games (from Majesty Shredding)
17.Sidewalk (from No Pocky For Kitty)
18.I Guess I Rememberd It Wrong (from On The Mouth)
19.Pulled Muscle (from Come Pick Me Up)
20.Phone Sex (from Here’s To Shutting Up)
21.Martinis On The Roof (from Indoor Living)

Disc Two:
1.Late-Century Dream (from Here’s To Shutting Up)
2.Punch Me Harder (from No Pocky For Kitty)
3.Animated Airplanes Over Germany (from Here’s Where The Strings Come In)
4.Stretched Out (from Foolish)
5.Crossed Wires (from Majesty Shredding)
6.Binding (from Superchunk)
7.February Punk (from Digging For Something 7")
8.Untied (from On The Mouth)
9.Burn Last Sunday (from Indoor Living)
10.Hello Hawk (from Come Pick Me Up)
11.Throwing Things (from No Pocky For Kitty)
12.Art Class (Song For Yayoi Kusama) (from Here’s To Shutting Up)
13.Seed Toss (from No Pocky For Kitty)
14.Nu Bruises (from Indoor Living)
15.Like A Fool (from Foolish)
16.Pink Clouds (from Come Pick Me Up)
17.Saving My Ticket (from Foolish)
18.Mower (from On The Mouth)
19.Iron On (from Here’s Where The Strings Come In)
20.Rope Light (from Majesty Shredding)
21.Florida’s On Fire (from Here’s To Shutting Up)

Disc Three:
1.Tie A Rope To The Back Of The Bus (from No Pocky For Kitty)
2.Sunshine State (from Here’s Where The Strings Come In)
3.Rainy Streets (from Here’s To Shutting Up)
4.Marquee (from Indoor Living)
5.Misfits & Mistakes (from Leaves In The Gutter EP)
6.Down The Hall (from Superchunk)
7.Cast Iron (from No Pocky For Kitty)
8.Precision Auto (from On The Mouth)
9.First Part (from Foolish)
10.Green Flowers, Blue Fish (from Here’s Where The Strings Come In)
11.Digging For Something (from Majesty Shredding)
12.1,000 Pounds (from Come Pick Me Up)
13.The Question Is How Fast (from On The Mouth)
14.Why Do You Have To Put A Date On Everything? (from Foolish)
15.The Popular Music (from Indoor Living)
16.Water Wings (from Foolish)
17.Package Thief (from On The Mouth)
18.Hyper Enough (from Here’s Where The Strings Come In)
19.Slow (from Superchunk)
20.Keeping Track (from Foolish)
21.Learned To Surf (from Majesty Shredding)