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Out of Mind

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Plot: Based on Out of Mind by Tove Lo.  Bucky just meant to protect you.  He didn’t realize he would do exactly the opposite.

Warnings:  ANGSTY AF, Y’ALL.  Mentions of smut, death, violence, gore, break ups, broken hearts

A/N: So I was on the airplane with no internet headed home today when this song came on my phone, and I was just taken with the lyrics.  Apparently, I love to make our poor little bean suffer from angsty song fics.

Your relationship with Bucky was anything but normal.

From the moment you stepped foot in the compound, you could feel something there.

He felt it too.


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In the Mud in France - Arthur Shelby

Request: Peaky Blinders: I have an idea for a Peaky Blinders imagine. During the war, you were a nurse that had a close bond with Arthur, to the point to were he would fake some sort of illness or something like that just so he could see you and during some attack or something like that you got hurt and die in his arms, prompting the reason why he did everything like fighting and drinking and such. From: anonymous.

In the Mud in France - Arthur Shelby

-21 August 1914- 

There was always a tent set up. A small white tent that consisted of one surgeon, two nurses, and as many supplies as they could move through France with them. They were in Alsace, all the frontier. Far away from the front lines of battle. The surgeon worked as quickly as he could, sewing up men that could be saved as more came through the curtains of the tent. 

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In Too Deep

Dean x Female Reader

Summary: It seemed like a normal hunt.

A/N: I wrote this for @impala-dreamer‘s One Prompt For All Challenge! I hope you love to cry!!!!!!! Feedback would be appreciated. And I implore you, heed the warnings.

Warnings: Canon-typical violence, suicide, graphic depictions of bodily injury

Word count: ~2.1k

Why did it have to be the heart? Werewolves, skinwalkers… Both species went for the hearts of their victims. These are the thoughts passing through Dean’s mind as he examined the gory corpse laying in the street. It’s chest is torn wide open, ribs poking out all different directions. Not only is the heart missing, but chunks of the thighs and biceps as well. Dean feels nauseous looking at it. Sam raises a quizzical eyebrow at him as he stands. “Could be a skinwalker, could be a werewolf,” Dean murmured under his breath while looking at his watch.

“No shit, Sherlock.” Sam says. “This is the fourth victim, Dean. We gotta find this thing.”

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Camp Leader Embarrassment

I received a request from a very creative guy who suggested a scenario I’ve not considered before - he wanted a guy who’s gained a bit of a weight who’s a summer camp leader - and here it is! Keep your submissions coming!

Ben Jacobs had been best friends with Jason Lyle since they were eleven. They’d both been confident that they’d stay friends when they left high school and went to separate colleges and to ensure that happened, they both signed up to be camp leaders at the Lyle Summer Camp that Jason’s dad ran.
‘We’ll stay in touch right?’ Ben asked Jason, the weekend before they left for college.
‘Sure we will,’ Jason said with a nonchalant shrug. ‘We have camp together all next summer and it’ll be a blast.’
Ben knew he was right. He and Jason had always been tied at the hip since they’d first met. They were both average in every way; from looks to intelligence. If anything, Ben was slightly more attractive, whilst Jason was more intelligent.
Ben’s first year at college when by in a haze of classes, food and parties. He’d made a few close friends and was doing well in his studies. By the time the last semester of the year had finished, Ben wasn’t sure that he really wanted do the summer camp, but his parents were adamant that the fresh air, exercise and responsibility would do him some good.
If nothing else, Ben was really excited to see his best bud again and Jason was equally excited to see him.
The leaders at Lyle Summer Camp were told to arrive at 11am on the first day of camp. They would be settled in and have their orientation for two days before the fifty teenagers arrived.
When Ben’s dad dropped him off outside the main building, Jason ran outside to greet him.
‘Ben,’ he yelled as he pulled his best friend into a bear hug.
‘Hey Jace,’ Ben said with a grin.
‘Looks like someone enjoyed the college cafeteria,’ Jason said with a chuckle as he patted Ben’s stomach.
Ben frowned slightly, but waved the comment away. ‘It looks like college agrees with you, bud. You’re stacked.’
Jason had clearly been working out during their year apart and had gone from Mr. Average to Mr Hunk. He was now toned and muscular with a new haircut that made him look like some sort of movie star. Ben had to admit that he looked great!
The two of them chatted non-stop as Jason led Ben to the cabin they’d be sharing for the summer.
‘Okay, dude, your uniforms are on your bed. Get unpacked and then meet me back at the main building.’
The cabin was small, but comfortable. There were two single beds, a couple of bedside cabinets, a small wardrobe each and a tiny bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet.
As Ben started unpacking, he noticed the full length mirror at the end of the beds and Jason’s comment suddenly came back to him.
Ben didn’t look much different facially. He had the same untidy brown hair, the same blue eyes and strong jaw, but his body had maybe changed some. His broad shoulders now covered a frame that was a bit on the chubby side. At 5’10, the freshman 15 had definitely changed his average body to one that was a bit chunky. He didn’t have moobs, but he certainly had a bit of a gut and his once muscular thighs had chunked out a bit and his nicely rounded ass had turned into a seriously ample bubble butt.
‘I never noticed,’ Ben said as he rubbed his gut and checked out his ass in the mirror. ‘I haven’t changed that much.’
Once he was unpacked, Ben headed over to the main building and joined the other camp leaders. Ben really enjoyed getting to see the camp and learning how to lead the activities and it was great to spend time with Jason again. However, the other 3 camp leaders didn’t seem as friendly as his best friend. The other three guys were built like Jason and after stuffing his face in the cafeteria buffet, Ben was feeling more and more insecure about his body; something that the other leaders had no problem in pointing out.
But, Ben refused to let it get him down. He didn’t want the body of a Greek god. He was happy being him. Who cared if he’d gotten a little chunky – it didn’t impact him so what was the big deal?
However, the following morning, Ben couldn’t have been more wrong. The big deal was that both he and Jason had given the sizes for their uniforms when they’d signed up. Jason had had the foresight to get a bigger size with his muscle gain, but Ben … Ben was stuck with a medium shirt and 34 inch waist shorts.
Ben hadn’t considered the sizes on his uniform until he woke up and finished his shower. Jason had already headed off for breakfast so Ben dropped his towel and pulled on a pair of slightly tatty Calvin Klein briefs. He grabbed the khaki coloured polo shirt and pulled it on, before glancing at the mirror with a confused expression.
The shirt was snug to say the least. It hugged him like a second skin and only just covered his gut, but as soon as he stretched a little, he’d flash some skin.
‘Better keep this pulled down,’ he said with a frown.
Ben grabbed the shorts and stepped into them, before pulling them up to his thighs. He struggled with the thin khaki material as he yanked them over his chunkier thighs, but his biggest problem was his ass. As he turned around and looked in the mirror, his briefs barely covered his crack and he couldn’t believe how huge his bubble butt had become. He’d always had a well-shaped ass, but now it was massive.
With a lot of sweating and moaning, Ben finally got the shorts over his ass and done up, but they dug into his hips and clung tightly to his ample ass.
‘I’ll just ask Jason’s dad if they have some bigger uniforms and I’ll try and keep my shirt down. I’ll be fine.’
Ben’s optimism was quickly shattered when he met up with the other camp leaders. The comments about his uniform and the size of his butt made him feel even more self-conscious, which wasn’t helped when he yawned and put his arms above his head, flashing his belly to the others.
Thankfully, Ben got to escape the other leaders as soon as the kids arrived. The camp was for boys aged 15-18, so Ben and Jason weren’t a lot older than some of the guys they were responsible for.
Each leader was allocated ten of the teenagers and the first day was a simple matter of showing them to their sleeping quarters and the cafeteria, leaving them to socialise, explore and settle in.
‘When do we get to go to the lake, Ben?’ one of the guys asked as he lead them to their sleeping quarters.
‘I’ll be taking you guys down there tomorrow,’ Ben said with a smile. ‘So, I hope you’ve all remembered your swim kit.’
‘Will you be swimming with us?’ a different guy asked.
‘Ummm sure.’
‘Sweet, we get to see whales,’ the first guy said.
The boys all laughed and Ben blushed. ‘Very funny. Now, let me show you into your sleeping cabin.’
Ben was so flustered by the whale comment that he dropped the key. He bent down to grab it and struggled to pick it up from the ground.
Meanwhile, the ten guys behind him were treated to the sight of his shorts and briefs riding down half way over his huge ass, his slightly furry butt crack on full display.
‘Nice crack, Camp Leader Ben!’
‘Yeah, put it away, fat ass!’
Ben quickly stood up, his face beet red. He tugged his shirt down and tried to pull his shorts back into place, but without success.
‘Okay, everyone pick a bed,’ Ben said as he pushed the double doors open and stepped back.
The boys ran past him, which gave Ben the opportunity to tug his shorts back into place. The shorts were so snug that Ben couldn’t get his hand under the waistband to yank his briefs up, so he had to settle for pulling up the shorts over his fuzzy cheeks, leaving his briefs bunched up halfway down his butt.
Once the boys were arguing over who had which bed, they had completely dropped Ben’s embarrassing plumber’s crack moment. They spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the grounds whilst Ben prepped their activities for the rest of the week.
The following day, Ben woke slightly late. He grabbed his swim bag and pulled on his snug uniform before heading to breakfast. The other camp leaders were mercifully nice to him during the meal, which was a relief after his embarrassment the day before.
Ben managed to see Jason’s dad and briefly asked him if they had any other uniforms.
‘Sorry, Ben, but I only order them in when I need them. Looks like you could do with a bigger size. I can order one in, but it’ll take a couple of weeks.’
Ben felt determined that a couple of weeks of activities with his group would burn the pounds off, so he waved the offer away and went to meet his group.
‘Okay, guys, we’re heading down to the lake for a swim and some games this morning. Then, we’ll be back here for lunch and you’ll have the afternoon to yourselves. Has everyone got their swim kit?’
All the boys nodded and Ben led them along the forest trail to the lake. As the boys talked and joked, Ben decided that he’d get them to go in and change and then whilst they got out the equipment, he could change in peace. After the butt crack incident, he really didn’t want to deal with anymore teasing.
‘Here we are,’ Ben said as they arrived at the edge of the huge lake was that surrounded by forest. ‘The changing block is over there, so head in and change and meet me back out here.’
The guys all ran inside and were quickly back in their board shorts.
‘Okay, the equipment shed is further down the lake. I want you guys to head down there and retrieve the boards. You’ve got five minutes.’
As soon as they started running off, Ben rushed into the changing rooms and pulled off his t-shirt. He’d put on his board shorts and flip flops and be back outside before they returned. He was never usually that conscious of his body, but after the comments about his ass and his crack the day before, he just couldn’t face them seeing him tugging down his shorts as his briefs would likely come down a bit with them.
Ben opened his kit bag and pulled out his navy board shorts. He breathed in to unbutton his khaki shorts and tugged them down to his ankles before kicking them away. He looked down at his snug black briefs before pulling them off as well. He didn’t want his briefs to be bunched up under his board shorts as it would just be too uncomfortable.
He grabbed his board shorts and had the same problem getting them on that he did with his shorts. He hadn’t worn them since the previous summer and he mentally kicked himself for not checking they fit before he wore them.
With a lot of struggling, Ben managed to keep the Velcro fastener closed if he sucked in and quickly tied the drawstring. The shorts were like a second skin and he blushed when he saw his reflection in the mirror. His bulge was prominent, his thighs looked huge and his ass stuck out like a shelf.
After a quick thought, Ben pulled his uniform t-shirt back on. There was no way that he could go out there shirtless. He just couldn’t face the comments about his squidgy, slightly furry upper body.
Ben threw his shorts, briefs, socks and boots into his kit bag, pushed his feet into his flip flops and headed outside, just as the boys returned with the body boards.
‘Nice shorts, Camp Leader Ben,’ one of the guys said with a smirk.
‘Thank you,’ Ben said, ignoring the sarcasm. ‘Now, you guys are going to get in the water, have a swim and play around with the body boards. Then we’ll play a few games where you guys will need to pair up.’
As the boys played, Ben went to sit down on the edge of the lake, but after hearing a slight popping sound coming from one of the seams on his board shorts, he quickly stood up and stayed standing. After an hour, Ben set them a game after one of the guys had nipped to the toilet inside the changing block. They had to get into pairs and whilst one guy was on the body board, the other would have to swim them to the island in the middle of the lake. Then they’d switch and swim back.
After Ben had laid out the rules, he asked for the spare boards to be handed to him. Ben was being careful to ensure the boards were close so that he didn’t risk falling in, but when the last board was being handed to him, the guy pulled it back ever so slightly. Ben reached forward and had to bend slightly to grab it.
‘Can you pass it here please, Matt?’ Ben asked as he straightened up.
Matt tossed the board over Ben’s head so it landed on the ground with a thud.
‘That wasn’t what I asked, Matt,’ Ben scolded as he turned around to pick up the board.
With all the boys watching, Ben tugged his shorts up slightly to ensure his crack would be covered before bending over to grab the board when the rear seam on his board shorts split open with a loud RRRRIIIIIPPPPPPPP!!!! His huge butt cheeks were on full view and Ben’s face heated with embarrassment as he jumped up and spun around, the laughter echoing around the lake.
‘Okay okay, very funny!’ Ben said, as he tried to quieten them down.
‘Hey, Camp Leader Ben, where’s your undies? I thought we had to wear them under our board shorts.’
‘That’s not an enforced policy. Now, I’ll go and change whilst you guys swim for a bit. We’ll pick up the game when I’m back.’
‘Okay, Camp Leader Ben,’ Matt said with a grin.
Ben did his best to walk backwards, his hands clutching the loose material of his board shorts as he tried to cover up his huge butt, but as he walked backwards, he hit the changing room block and the surprise made him jump. His hands automatically tugged and he pulled open the front of his board shorts with another loud RRRIIIPPPPP, his cock and balls flopping into view, which made the boys roar with laughter.
‘Looks like Camp Leader Ben has a semi!’
Ben turned tail and ran into the changing block, his butt bouncing to the heightened amusement of the boys.
Ben slammed the door behind him and took a deep breath. How the hell had that even happened? He looked down and realised that his tug on the material had just torn the seam through the crotch and up the front. He was mortified. How could he face them when they’d seen his dick?
‘I just need to get changed and head back out there. I’m the grown up!’
Ben removed his flip flops and tattered board shorts and walked along the bench, but his kit bag had gone. He looked everywhere, but it was nowhere to be seen.
Grabbing a towel from the rack, he wrapped it around his waist and held it tightly in his hand. His thigh could be seen through the split where the towel didn’t quite meet, but he was at least sufficiently covered.
‘Okay, guys. Very funny. Who hid my kit bag?’ Ben said as he stepped outside the changing room block.
‘Oh, sorry Camp Leader Ben, I thought it was mine.’
‘It was mine, Luke. Can I have it please?’
‘Sure, come and get it,’ Luke said as he climbed out of the lake and held up the bag.
Ignoring the other boys, Ben walked over to Luke and held out his hand. ‘Bag please.’
Before Ben could take the bag, someone came up behind him and without a moment of hesitation, they yanked his towel off and slapped one of his butt cheeks.
The boy all roared with laughter as Ben grabbed his bag and dashed back inside the changing rooms, the laughter almost deafening.
‘I pray the other camp leaders don’t find out about this,’ Ben said, his face still bright red as he changed back into his tight uniform and wished for the day to be over.
But, unfortunately for Ben, summer camp and his embarrassment was far from over …

Early Mornings: Chapter I

The desire to fall back asleep comes as easily as the urge to draw a breath. Clarke’s frequent presence in the commander’s quarters was an open secret known by the maids and ambassadors alike, though none would dare to speak out of such things after Lexa’s triumph against the false prophets that were felled just short of Polis, her strength and throne assured in the process.

“Heda,” the young handmaiden nodded at Lexa’s wave of dismissal and set the breakfast at the table by the foot of the bed. She dared to glance at the sprawling golden aureate hair and bare shoulder that slipped out from blankets adjacent, quickly averting her eyes.

“You are not required today.” Lexa reconfirmed, bleary eyed and yawning.

“Yes, Heda.” she quickly retreated and Lexa rolled her eyes in the knowledge of the quiet gossip that would come.

She stretched awake, arching the column of her spine and sighing into the relief that followed each loud pop. The blankets were quickly kicked off, though the amount of blankets she had in her possession decreased every night spent beside Clarke’s hoarding shape, hooking her hips around the furs and claiming them one by one.

Next was the trunk. A cumbersome wooden and steel box that came with her station, filled each morning with the most crucial documents for the days and weeks ahead, usually trade agreements and tithe papers. It sat on the table beside a breakfast of fruits and barley water, carried in every morning at the stroke of dawn ready for her appraisal over what was usually a short meal.

Today the trunk was mercifully light with just a few urgent requests for materials from Arkadia, rushing to build their first settlements in time for their first harsh winter. Easily remedied, Lexa mused as she flicked through the list, ripe persimmon between her fingers.

The sound of movement earned her full attention as she set down the papers and turned to face the foot of the bed, leaning against the table, smirking at the sight that greeted her. Clarke’s hand emerged from the blankets first, slapping and feeling out the vacant side of the blankets, sighing and earnest in her disappointment.

“Good morning, Wanheda.” Lexa cleared her throat and smirked, waiting for it.


“It’s time to get up.”




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Love, Lust, and Little Angels Pt. 10

Pairing: Castiel/reader

Summary: You and Cas get a vaycay with a little surprise

Fic Masterlist

Warnings: Smut

Tags: @joanne-egberp @lolurnotsamwinchester @xleeleeboox @fandommaniacx @tala002 @bkwrm523 @imaginelotr @mittcci @trashforwinchesters

Originally posted by confusedmiraclekitten

The next three months went by very smoothly. No danger or threats were issued toward Gabriel, and no one had even tried to infiltrate the bunker. As far as you knew, everyone who knew of Gabie, save for you, Cas, and the Winchesters, was dead. That wasn’t to say that your job as a mother was through with, Gabriel made sure of that. He was quite the explorer and was curious about every little thing in the bunker. You’d be lying if you said you haven’t had to wrestle a - thankfully - unloaded gun from his hands. And as far as growth goes, he could easily be mistaken as an eight-year-old. You and Cas were constantly on the lookout for Gabriel’s antics, which weren’t unlike the ones his uncle was famous for.

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anonymous asked:

Warehouse-kids) Angel and Jean-Luc were fighting again, surprisingly, Jean-Luc started the fight. Angel growled and out of anger, bit him again on the thigh, he started screaming and crying and she didn't let go, if she was pulled off she would probably take a chunk of Jean-Lucs thigh with her in her mouth (shitty starter plz forgive me)

Conscious, still fully shifted, snarls loudly and bites Angel’s arm lightly, using his claws to tap her back a little harshly.

@warehouse-kids (it’s chill because of the terrible reply.)

tokyo ghoul au, murahimu, 1035 words.

warnings: descriptions of blood, death, gore, cannibalism, etc. the usual tokyo ghoul stuff.


“Are you the one who’s been causing trouble?” he asks, the question echoing to the opposite end of the alley where the intruder stands in repose. Quiet energy radiates from him in the form of the dragon mask he wears, silver as the moonlight currently illuminating its surface, black as the shadows that hide it. It’s a classic look, reminiscent of old paintings hung up in palace hallways, and curiously arrogant, acutely aware of its majesty if the chosen mythical creature is anything to go by.

It’s also profoundly boring, in Atsushi’s opinion, as it says nothing about its bearer and everything about what they’re trying to be. He’s met countless ghouls like this, small fry with illusions of grandeur daring to disrupt the semblance of peace he maintains in the ward, fragile enough as it is.

Makes him wish he could eat them, if only it didn’t taste so bad.

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A Passion for Flesh

Also known as The NBC!Hannibal AU

Harry Hart is an analyst for Kingsman, a handsome gentleman with a habit of collecting dogs. His main dog is named Mr. Pickle, a small dog who commands the other strays he pulls in from time to time.

Harry isn’t always completely there, that is to say that he loses time. Sometimes he has trouble sleeping at night, and headaches come to him frequently. His boss, Chester King, still sends him out to the field though, as no one can get into the minds of criminals as well as Harry. Especially when the Chesapeake Ripper, the latest serial killer, is active again.

But Harry feels himself slowly approaching a mental break. Roxy Morton is his co-worker, a young woman working as consultant profiler for Kingsman as well as a psychiatry professor.

“You need to see someone about this,” she says to him one day. Harry had spaced out in the middle of his lecture, and she had walked in on him scrambling to put his thoughts together. “I have a friend, he’s my age, but you should know not to underestimate us.”

Dr. Gary Unwin.

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It’s Filipino Food Monday in my house and I just finished cooking these Filipino home cooked staple dishes side by side.

Chicken Adobo in Coconut Sauce with Pineapple (chicken thigh fillet chunks braised in soy sauce, cane vinegar, worcestershire sauce, garlic, bay leaves, black pepper, pineapple chunks and coconut cream)

Tilapia Fish Paksiw (fish poached in white vinegar, water, olive oil, ginger, garlic, green Serrano chilies seasoned with black pepper and Himalayan pink salt)

And these are eaten with nothing else but fragrant boiled Jasmine rice.