I’m not against him wanting to leave to do his own things because it’s his decision and I respect that but damn…everything hurts. I’ve liked Teen Top since they debuted and I am Chunji and L.Joe bias so seeing him leave is really ripping my heart apart. When I heard a Teen Top member was leaving, I had this sudden rush of fear and begged for it to not be either of them. I don’t want ANY of them to leave. Excuse me as I go watch their mvs again and cry to myself.


I always thought Changjo’s reaction was so funny in this game. But I was too shy to make this gif set. XD. pwahaha~

Ricky laughed while trying to pass the paper to Cap. But then Changjo kneeled and was like, “Please let us try one more time!” hahaha my inner changrick shipping was like: (◡‿◡✿) u go changjo

This is my New Years gift to all my followers! 

 Hope everyone lots of treasures and wonderful memories come your way in the year 2014! Year of the horses!