“So it’s not going to be easy. It’s gonna be really hard. We’re gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever.” - Noah, The Notebook

6 years, 6 boys, thousands of Angels, and infinite memories. It hasn’t always been easy these past six years, but it’s always been worth it. Happy 6th anniversary, Teen Top. I’ll love all of you, forever ♡ #6YearsOnTop

[160707] It’s our 6th Anniversary! ‘Love Comes’ for TEEN TOP’s 6th Anniversary?


It has been 6 years since July 10, 2010 when TEEN TOP appeared in front of us with their breathtakingly charismatic performance and error free knife-like dance for their debut track ‘Clap’! (Gong! Clap!) Even up until now, they are continuously receiving love from their fans so they came up with an idea for them.

“We’re always thankful of our Angels so we wanted to give them something.”

To commemorate their 6th year anniversary, they came up with six projects. The first one is the <REMIND 2010 Teen Top Voice>, the revelation of 'Love Comes’. This song was a choice against 'Clap’ that was produced by Changddai to be their debut song. They could’ve been the 'cutie idols’ instead of 'knife-like dance idols’.

Listening to 'Love Comes’ now seems to be more meaningful to the fans as they are able to hear the the voices of the boys of Teen Top  six years ago again. Shall we look back to the classic Teen Top forever! and how they looked like on stage during their debut?


The beginning of the everlasting charismatic stage of the 'knife-like dance idols’

TEEN TOP’s choreography for their debut song 'Clap’ that made them a HOT issue! Whether it was for Chuseok or for New Year, the fans surely has something to look back to when this song was playing.

Out of all of TEEN TOP’s dances, you all probably know the high jump in mid air choreography, right? If you look at the photo in one angle as they fly into the air, their choreography is so accurate (knife-like) that its as if one person is missing… (?) Seems like all the members are very patient learning the dance!

No matter what song it is, the members always manages to be in sync! How to process all of TEEN TOP’s knife-like dances! You all know, right? It’s dangerous to listen to TEEN TOP songs all day!  ㅠ They will leave your mouth hanging~ humming~ It’s as if being(?) the 7th member of Teen Top for a day. (NO?) Listening to TEEN TOP’s hits for the past 6 years feels like a kaleidoscope.


TEEN TOP’s choice! TEEN TOP’s forever classic “This song is good!”

We gathered the members in one place. You must not miss this and look at it one by one~ It starts now!

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Q. Recommend a TEEN TOP song that will likely still receive support even if time passes by. If there’s a song that is giving you f e e l s right now, do recommend it so the fans can listen to it right away!

TEEN TOP: Who’s going first?
L.Joe: Me!

L.Joe: Mine is missing! I mean, I choose the song title 'Missing’!

Q: Is there a reason why you chose this song?

L.Joe: Although its our song, listening to it on a rainy day gives off an emotional feeling. I listen to it too, when it rains. It’s the best!

Chunji: I’m not sure why I chose this song but during our 'Miss Right’ promotions, a lot of our long haired fans went to support us so this song came to mind! The song and the dance is good, too! When you’re feeling happy, isn’t this a melody you’d want to listen to?

CAP: These are so many. (looking around the choices) I choose 'Miss Right’!
Chunji: What? Why are you copying me~!

CAP: ??? Are we not allowed to choose the same thing?
I just really like this song, too. Listen to it, Angels.

It is now happiness Ricky’s turn who still looks like a little prince even with a confused look

Ricky: Hmm~ I want to choose all of them, what do I do? Which do I choose?
Niel: If you’re gonna choose all of them, just say so!!!! kekekeke
Ricky: You’re right! kekeke but No~ I’m thinking…!

Ricky: It’s an addictive song that you will fall in love with just by listening to the intro! It’s fresh and exciting! keke

Political icon maknae Changjo asked the same question to the Angels.
Changjo: What song do you like? Let us know Angels!

His playful charm is here, too!
We have a problem not seeing Changjo’s eyes!
Please show your eyes to the fans!

Changjo: I think our fans really like 'I’m Sorry’
I listen to this song, too, when I think of our fans.

Niel: I just think it feels good listening to 'Lovefool’.
Even more listening to the lyrics, right?
TEEN TOP: It suits you!!

(못났다 lit. trans. 'to be foolish)

TEEN TOP: Also, no matter what happens, 'Clap’ will always be our foundation! It makes you think of 'that guy with thick lips’!


The first off of TEEN TOP’s 6th ANNIVERSARY Project! REMIND 2010 TENE TOP VOICE. Let’s talk about Love Comes!

Q. What’s the very first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the song that you almost debuted with 6 years ago?

L.Joe: The feeling of frolicking up the clouds? It really feels windy~
CAP: A fresh candy? A fizzy drink? I feel like drinking~

Q. From 2010 and 2016, whose voice changed a lot? How about that did not change much?

Changjo: Niel hyung…? I think his voice changed
Niel: For me, its Ricky and Changjo. The voice whose the same from 2010 until now, I think is me!
CAP: I think mine and Chunji’s voices didn’t change.

Q. Who made the most mistakes while recording?

Niel: Changjo!
TEEN TOP: Ah! Ricky~! It’s you! Without a doubt, Ricky made so many mistakes!

Q. Ricky, do you agree?

Ricky: Ah~ kekekeke agree! I agree!

Q. It must feel different listening to this song after 6 years. What has changed?

Changjo: The atmosphere definitely changed! Before we were like babies and had a cute appearance, now we have this mature(?) look. Even just hearing our voices now, don’t we sound like men?
Ricky: I think our faces changed. We were all so young back then, now we’ve gotten cooler.
Chunji: I agree with that~ We are cool!

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Q. My killing part would’ve been?

Niel: Mam-i mam-i manh-i manh-i~~~ This part sounds addictive!
L.Joe: If the wind blows~ you’ll be in my arms~~ Chunji’s voice sounds so clean in that part

Q. Please leave a thank you message to your fans who have been supporting you for the past 6 years.

CAP. Thank you for being with us for 6 years now. Thank you for always believing in Teen Top.
Chunji:  Thank you so much for your support. It’s all because of you the past 6 years have been happy years. Let’s be together in the future, too.
L.Joe: Thank you, thank you, thank you always♡ Thank you for always being there.
Niel: We’re really really thankful for your support… We’ve made a lot of memories together.. Let’s continue to make more memories in the future. I love you.
Ricky: Hey, its Ricky. We’re welcoming our 6th year with this song that’s been recorded 6 years ago, 'Love Comes’ so I’m really happy and excited. Please take care of us! Thank you, Angels.
Changjo: It’s Changjo oppa~ Let’s be together forever~ We’ll show you even cooler sides of us! Thank you always, and I love you!


Remembering 'Love Comes’, draw something that comes to mind.

Please show lots of support for TEEN TOP’s 'Love Comes’, the first off their 6th Year Anniversary Project! Also look forward to the next upcoming projects^^

This has been TEEN TOP, thank you~
TEEN TOP♥ANGEL; fyteensontop


Ricky: Good job! You were really cute