Ricky: Good job! You were really cute


C.A.P calling Chunji a hamster


2016 TEEN TOP CHOREOGRAPHY - I’m sorry  


Chunjia voice that raises the Heavens and the Earth


“I’ve got a question to ask you.” Humming your response, you didn’t exactly give your boyfriend your full attention as you continued your drama binge watching. You certainly gave him your attention when he suddenly snatched the remote away from you and shut the television off. “Hey!” you whined, annoyed as he sat back down, rubbing the flat of his palms against his thighs like he was nervous about something.

“What is so important you had to be rude and shut off my marathon?” Slightly irritated, you hoped he’d just spit it out so you could get back to it. Chunji snorted, his nervous expression disappearing for a moment. “I’m sorry, I was under the impression I was a bit more important than a stupid drama!” Rapping him lightly on the head, you pouted cutely. “Just tell me what it is!” Chunji took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

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TT after Chunji gained fame with his appearance in King of Masked Singers

The fan is shouting “Oh! He’s a celebrity!”