Chunhyangga is the most famous pansori (a genre of Korean traditional music) in Korea and it is considered to be the best pansori musically, as a work of literature and play. Chunhyangga tells the story of love between Chunhyang, the daughter of a kisaeng entertainer, and Yi Mongryong, the son of a magistrate. After the two are illegally married, Mongryong goes to Seoul and a corrupt local magistrate attempts to force Chunhyang to be his concubine. She refuses and is faced with death, but is rescued at the last minute by Mongryong returning in his new role as a secret royal inspector. The story is set in Namwon, in Jeolla province, where an annual Chunhyang Festival is held.

There are no records confirming the exact time when Chunhyangga was written. It can be found in Manwhajip written by Yu Jin-han during the Joseon Dynasty, as well as in Mugeukhangrok of the same era written by Juik-Yang. Therefore it is supposed that chunhyangga has existed since before Sukjong of Joseon (1661-1720)

Chunhyangga is the longest among the five pansoris (other pansoris are: SimcheonggaHeungbugaJeokbyeokga and Sugungga). In 1969, master singer of pansori Park Dong-jin sang Chunhyangga for eight hours (surprising his audience). The original version of Chunhyangga was not that long, but has been greatly developed over time.