Kyuhyun pairings

  1. Changmin/Kyuhyun; I have never, ever seen Changmin act like that around anybody else. I don’t know how much that means to other people, but to me it made me realize that ChangKyu was something different. Really different. And anyone who calls Kyuhyun his greasy carbonara and overly sweet caramel macchiato….. deserves to be my number one Kyu ship.

  2. Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk; Because there is this one hyung, Kyuhyun can troll on but you can tell that he looks up to him and adores him so much. And probably to some extent, wants to become like him (in some aspects). And you can tell sometimes that Kyuhyun is still a little awkward with some of the hyungs but never with Hyukjae. And he’s not afraid to display his affection for him in public which… as demonstrated in the picture below, proves to be something very beneficial to fangirl eyes. And thanks for bringing Dancing Kyu into existence~

  3. Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; Because they are your definition of canon, real, adorable, best friends, caring for each other, squabbling on air, slicing pork cutlets for each other.. Because there’s a force known as the QMi magnet that pulls them to each other on stage. And their voices go well together. Because there’s Zhou Mi and I don’t ever worry that Kyuhyun will feel alone during SJ-M activities.

  4. Kyuhyun/Kyungjong; Kyungjong and Kyuhyun started as friends from the very beginning, not colleagues. And to me, knowing that they are actually friends in real life means more than seeing idols get huggy and kissy on stage. Since Kyuhyun got acquainted with Kyungjong and eventually the rest of MBC Hero, I realized ah, there’s really a socially capable boy beyond this beautiful voice, and yes although 90% of his life outside of work probably revolves around games, at least he’s making good friends through that and yes. Kyungjong is a special boy. I cannot stress that any further. I really think Kyuhyun went more confident and happy after meeting him. Thank you for being in my biases’ lives. Biases as in Kyuhyun and……

Junsu pairings

  1. Junsu/Kyungjong; Is my number one.. no, even before number one.. Junsu pairing right now. Because fans can be like, YooSu is relevant and real and canon forever, or HyukSu omg BFFs for life!!!, or Junsu/Soccer IS OTP!!! (which is a fact), but the truth remains that at the present moment Junsu is closest to Kyungjong and… they’ve been really close for the past year and a half or more, glued together everywhere, attending concerts together, going skiing together, going to the beach together, attending musicals together, gaming together, playing soccer together, lazing around doing nothing together, even spending his birthday together, and just.. All of us can probably tell by now that Junsu doesn’t really become attached to someone so easily, but with Kyungjong it’s just too easy to tell how much Junsu adores having him around as company. And really if there is one person in this world who can out-cute Junsu, it’s Kyungjong. Can I please put him in my pocket. ;__; In any case, I’m really glad Junsu has a friend like him to hang out with these days.

  2. Yoochun/Junsu; Just one simple question, have you -seen- the way Yoochun looks and smiles at Junsu?

  3. Seonah/Junsu; His first musical partner, who guided him through Mozart, and made every scene together seem so effortless and flawlessly natural, adorable and made the Musical Mozart such an enjoyment to watch. Sure I don’t know if they still keep in touch very much since the musical has ended, but the one and a half years they spent working together, I’m sure Junsu learnt a lot during that time and they are forever the best on-stage couple, and I’m really doubting Junsu will ever get this lucky ever again. (And… she’s got the boobs and ass that Junsu loves so much. Mhmm.)

Yunho pairings
(First things first, of course YunJae once had a special place to me and a lot of other people, and is undeniable even as a non-fan, but for many reasons better left unspoken, I am not including it in my list.)

  1. Yunho/Donghae; Timeless. Timeless is when you both enter the company as trainees on the same day, and happily find out that you are both from the same province, and can comfortably speak with each other in the Jeolla-do accent. And when every weekend you take a train down to Seoul together to attend practice, and lurk in PC Bangs overnight and play soccer together and sleep for a while in sauna rooms and then rock up at training early Sunday mornings together, for a few years to perfect those dance routines. When you both envy Junsu Hyukjae and Sungmin for living only one hour away from Seoul. When you watch the 2002 World Cup quarter finals together in the monitoring room with Jungsu-hyung and fall asleep and miss the whole match because you were too tired from training. When the both of you dream together from middle school of one day, performing together in front of an audience of fans. When you dream of one day living together in the same house with your wives. When one of you debut and the other hasn’t but nothing changes. When your dream finally comes true and you release a winter album together, and you guest at each other’s concerts. When every single time you meet on stage you hug like every time is the last time you’ll hug. When all these years pass and you’re the king of kings, TVXQ’s Yunho and Super Junior’s Donghae but when you’re together you are still like children and nothing has changed at all. Donghae is still a brat to Yunho and Yunho still spoils him. With YunHae, really nothing has changed, and nothing will ever changed. That’s timelessness.

    And I don’t even make sense anymore but it doesn’t matter one single bit because I can never seem to be able to care at all how much I embarrass myself when it comes to YunHae.

  2. Yunho/Leeteuk; Actually this should probably be Yunho/Heechul, but I think HoRella has enough exposure, too much for me to become a shipper. Well it just occured to me sometimes that it’s hard to be Leeteuk and Yunho. In particular, the Show Me Your Love stage in SM Town Shanghai 2008 made me realize that. When all the other boys are running around trying to strip each other, splashing water at each other, Leeteuk and Yunho would pick up the mop on stage and mop the floor. And pretty much the whole song, they only get to play with each other, and take turns sitting in the trolley and waving at the audience. Oh, the same SM Town these two (and Kangin and Jaejoong) decided to pull that scary hidden camera on SHINee and SNSD. Hahah.  

  3. Yunho/Donghae/Kibum; When Kibum first came to Seoul, he couldn’t make friends because he just didn’t have anything to say to anyone. It was hard for him to make friends, but Donghae and Yunho approached him and since then Kibum became Yunho’s ‘2nd favourite dongsaeng after Donghae’. The people who brought Kibum along to outings with Heechul, even though Heechul hated Kibum’s guts. And to Kibum who just came from the States, Yunho wanted to give him a good meal so much that they went to order two huge bowls of sharks fin that cost $200, and would have gotten into so much trouble with the company they hadn’t lied their way through. And James Ingram’s “Just Once” is their song, according to Kibum. I can’t with them. x)

Donghae pairings

  1. Yunho/Donghae; Repeating myself because I can. Actually, repeating myself just so I can put this picture here. This was the time when Yunho pretty much dug his way through and broke Eunhyuk and Siwon’s hand-holding apart just so he could plant himself next to Donghae and stand together with him.

  2. Yoochun/Donghae; Although those were just rumours/heresay, I can’t help but believe there’s some tiny degree of truth to it, that when Yoochun first arrived in Korea and was placed in DBSK, there was some unhappiness floating around. But it’s easy to see right away, that Donghae was one of the few who was accepting of Yoochun from the beginning. And Yoochun, who watched Donghae collect coins one by one in the big water bottle of his, and listened to Donghae’s dream of going to America with that money. Although none of us can go back to that time and witness how it was for them, but it’s not difficult to guess that Yoochun must have been drawn in by Donghae’s personality too. I don’t know if you guys can tell, but I’m really trying to refrain from just keysmashing my way through this. Yoochun is really picky about friends, but Donghae is a happy bubble. Ta-dah. I think I really can’t do justice to them through words alone, I guess if people do want to know more about what I feel about them, my Chunhae tag on my blog puts enough into words. Ahh, times like this I really wish the lawsuit never happened. It eats me so much.

  3. Kibum/Donghae; This is almost canon, nothing much needs to be said. And most visually adorable couple goes to them tyvm. Also, this is just about as close to real as you can get when it comes to Kibum OTPs. This, and Changmin/Kibum.

  4. Donghae/Jessica; Some things may have ceased to exist on the surface, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Just like how none of us have ever seen the wind, but it doesn’t mean the wind isn’t there. Even to shippers of this couple it is blatantly obvious that they are no longer a reality, but still every single moment between them is a beautiful thing to hold onto, to the people who are willing to acknowledge it. I will never find another OTP like them.

Leeteuk pairings

  1. Eunhyuk/Leeteuk; Before I start writing another page long essay about how perfect their dynamics are and how they were made to emcee next to each other and how much of an impact Leeteuk (Jungsu) has made on Eunhyuk’s (Hyukjae’s) life and helped him grow from an awkward teenager who was told not to open his mouth on TV to a well-versed, eloquent host and DJ, who’s most comfortable spot is always next to the leader, because that’s where he gets the most camera time— Let me just say that if I had never seen EunTeuk beating each other up on Star King in that nasty pillow fight, I wouldn’t be here writing any of this. I wouldn’t be in love with Super Junior, I would never have found Junsu, and fallen in love with TVXQ, and my life wouldn’t have changed so drastically.

  2. Leeteuk/Heechul; 'Afraid that Jungsu, who had fallen asleep atop the container would fall over, I stood there with my hands on his knees.' 'All the other members have many hyungs to look up to, but to me there’s only Jungsu.’

  3. Narsha/Leeteuk
  4. Jaejoong/Leeteuk (/Yoochun); I.. really don’t feel that comfortable making any comment about Jaejoong and any SM Ent member because well… I prefer not to get in the way of over-protective Jae stans. I suppose I could’ve said something else like Leeteuk/Donghae, or KangTeuk, or KyuTeuk or in particular BoomTeuk, but JaeChunTeuk is special to me for many reasons I guess nobody can relate to. I couldn’t not include them. Also, I would really really really include a whole page about Junsu/Teuk but I don’t have a picture of them. How great. ;__;

Yoochun pairings

  1. Yoochun/Jaejoong; Soulmates. There has never been a more apt description of their relationship. And I’m glad this special bond has pulled them through the last 9 years, to bring them to where they are now: Still together, still going strong. I guess, it’s a pity they aren’t canon. I love looking at everything JaeChun, because.. well besides the deal with the drool-worthy eyecandy looks they both have to offer, it’s heart warming to watch them. Like colors that blend perfectly. Like melody and harmony.

  2. Yoochun/Donghae; Repeating again because I can, same with the Yunhae deal. Words cannot express the frustration I have that I will most likely never get any more ChunHae moments ever again. No seriously.

  3. Yoochun/Changmin; Pictures speak a thousand words and I am also running out of things to say I seem to be repeating myself using the same words for every single couple. So I’ll just leave my favourite Changmin and Yoochun picture here and end this terribly long answer to a simple question.

There you go anon. I didn’t want to put my flawless OTPs under a cut, I hope you understand. And all the other followers I have, I know you love me them too much to mind too. :3

SJ in TVXQ - The 2nd Story Book 'The Way U Are' [Thanks To]


Next, like my very own younger brothers, Donghae, Kibummie! (These two dratted rascals seriously you two are really amazing guys!)
And OKAY* hyungs that I really like a lot.. Jaewon-hyung, Jungsu-hyung, Juheon-hyung, Chihwan-hyung
^^~ Next time let’s play again~!! 4 seasons Youngwoonie-hyung, Heechulie-hyung, and Jongwoonie-hyung (These hyungs are really precious to me)


As always, Jungsu-hyung, Jaewon-hyung, Chihwan-hyung, Juheon-hyung, Donghae… Really us DBSK will do well for you guys! Please look after us~

The people I love, and miss.. The ones who were with me from before, my ever-lasting friend Hyukjae and Sungminnie-hyung.. Really I miss you all.


Heechullie-hyung~ Be healthy, I miss you Youngwoon-ah~, Jongwoonie-hyung~, strong Himchan-hyung~, Fran~, Sehyunie, Chris, Donghae!!, Juheonie-hyung, Jaewonie-hyung, Jungsu-hyung, Chihwannie-hyung~ Really, fightng!! 


Since trainee days, my one and only friend Kibummie~ Come to our house and play more often ^^, Jaewon,hyung, Juheon-hyung, Chihwan-hyung, Donghae-hyung^^, Jungsu-hyung and The TRAX hyungs! Thank you.


Fighting to our SM trainees!! I’m cheering for you!! Work hard and see!!
SM’s greatest rising stars The TRAX and I’ve got a really great feeling they’re going to be daebak, OKAY*!!

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* Okay is the name of Leeteuk and Donghae’s pre-debut group. But Yunho mentioned Donghae already (of course :P) so he didn’t write his name again. AND OH. MY. GOD. CHANGMIN AND KIBUM WAYLT. And as usual Yoochun puts Donghae before the rest of Okay! And well, I don’t have to say anymore, Junsu.. ;___;