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Okay. Okay so. I clicked one of the "suggested for you" things after reblogging a Yuri on Ice post and it brought me here and I was like, ooh, this super talented person is making a Yuri on Ice doujin? Sign me the fuck up?? and then and then and then I looked over at your sidebar thing and you are also the author of TJ and Amal???? which I read two years ago and loved so much that I reread it basically every few months???? I can't believe this????? I'm really freaking out??? Hi?????

ahhh hi! :D  Thank you for enjoying TJ & Amal!

And yep, I’m working on a Yuri on Ice doujin with another webcomic artist (I’m not sure if they want me to use their main pen name or not), and we’re hoping to put it out in late February. The title is “Pair Skate” and it will be PDF-only (but printable at 5.5 x 8.5 inches), around 20-24 pages, and for 18+ only. 

Been using it as a way to try out new + faster page production techniques, and it’s fun so far!

(edit to add: I vastly prefer doing sketches/tight pencils on paper rather than digitally, so I’ve been doing that and then using my Surface Pro’s camera to snap a picture, then inking over THAT in Manga Studio. It works really well so far!)

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College!Chudley AU: A new fic ((thanks criticalmemer!!😉 u da real mvp)). Basically Chungles goes to College majoring in 🔥terature and he meets party girl Shidou Da McKorina ((she's Japanese-Scottish and my OC don't steal!! 😝)) and they fall in love 😍 ❤️ Can't wait to work on it ☺️First chapper will 🐝 out soon!! Stay tuned Chud Cuddlers!! 😘~Chelsea

i am literally about to die. @criticalmemer look what you did

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I'm thinking of joining the NDP to vote in their upcoming leadership race. Can you tell me some of the best and worst parts of the NDP really quickly?

Its hard to give a ‘yes/no’ answer to a question like this because whether you think positively or negatively on the NDP (or any other political party) will depend on your personal values. Particularly so because I’m a fan of the party.

So I’ll just explain what the party is about and what kind of policies they support:

The NDP is a Social Democracy party. This means: 

1. a political movement advocating a gradual and peaceful transition from capitalism to socialism by democratic means

2:  a democratic welfare state that incorporates both capitalist and socialist practices

They are Canada’s major left leaning political party. They advocate things like workers rights, fighting against income inequality & poverty, advocate feminist views and support LGBTQ rights. They are in general a party that is strong on the environment, and supports more funding and expansion of our healthcare system (i.e. adding drugs to be covered under universal healthcare).

You can read more here about the views of the party here.

hello everyone, i’ve finally reached 1k followers so i decided that it is time to do a follow forever to celebrate this, big big thank you to everyone who follows me and appreciate what i do and what i blog about (look at the banner, it took me FOREVER to do it, so make sure to tell me what u think about it ahah)

now, here’s the list of ALL the people that makes my life better everyday, really, i love you all, you’re the best, so thank you very very much, i’m italicising people that are very special so YEAH and i’m bolding the people that i see on my dash a lot who seem cool and i would like to know better(even the one that are not bolded are invited to come and talk to me) and sorry if i’ve missed anyone !


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