港大校委盧寵茂倒地被指插水 網民瘋狂改圖抽水回敬 | 熱血編輯部 | 熱血新聞 | 熱血時報

netizens gone crazy recreating images of the fallen dr lo chung-mau during the council of university of hong kong meeting last night. click the article (in chinese only) and check individual recreations. (source: @ 29jul15)

if you are unsure what this all about, please check previous posts on this tumblr these two days.
Meme explosion: HKU Council member's questionable 'collapse' triggers ridicule online | Hong Kong Free Press
An HKU Council member’s questionable “fall” during scuffles between students and officials at a meeting on Tuesday has quickly become a subject of online ridicule. Some 50 students forced their way into HKU Council’s meeting following a decision to postpone the appointment of a new pro-vice chancellor, considered by some as evidence of political interference. …

my personal favorite

教育沙皇再起風波 李國章爭議回顧