hey guys wanna listen to something terrible. 

let me explain….

i had this idea at 2am that the colder nations are really warm and so when they get stuck in a blizzard or something they turn into a big dog pile.

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RS gets really worried when DC comes back from one of his assassination missions with wounds everywhere and in poor condition. He asks him how he got those wounds and gets really protective but DC wouldn't tell him, leading to an argument ended with a kiss and RS carrying a flustered DC to his room.

Elsword had stayed up this late, waiting for Chung, specifically to be mad at him.  Really, he couldn’t just keep disappearing off the face of the earth for days on end!  These assassinations might be important, but-

All of Elsword’s anger vanished the moment Chung actually walked in.  Or, rather, limped.  His Guardian armor was covered with his own blood, his hair lank and matted with the stuff, and his eyes looked dull.  Elsword rushed to his side.

“Chung,” he breathed, and supported Chung as the Guardian began to collapse.  Chung didn’t even protest.

“Chung, what happened?  Why are you injured?  What-”

“I can’t tell you,” Chung murmured wearily.  “Secret…”

Unexpected, Elsword’s anger bubbled up.  “Secret?  I’m your boyfriend, and you just walked in with a fuckton of injuries!  Like hell you can’t tell me what happened!  I want to protect you, damn it!”

Chung looked up with dead tired eyes and gave a tiny smile.  “You were worried.”

Elsword stopped mid-rant.  He’d been with Chung for long enough to realize when he needed to evaluate his emotions, and he did so now, the anger evaporating.

“I was,” he admitted, and then sighed, bent his knees, and scooped Chung up in his arms.  Chung squeaked and clung to Elsword.

He was getting blood all over himself, Elsword knew, but he didn’t care.

“Let’s get you cleaned up, and then you can tell me whatever you’re allowed to,” he said, and silenced Chung’s agreement with a kiss even as he began moving towards Chung’s room.