chung trinity

Chung Trinity - Yandere!Aoi AU

“til death do us part”
is not a phrase to be taken lightly.

He was angry. He was so damn full of hatred and rage and pure jealousy, his mind was foggy and he couldn’t think straight.

He found himself gripping one of his pistols.

i want him DEAD hes fucking mine if i cant have him you cant either i love him so much i want him to die

He made his way into the sleeping Tactical Trooper’s bedroom, quiet and assassin like. He saw the sleeping blonde, and he couldn’t help but smile.

A sadistic, hate-filled smile.

He pressed his Silver Shooter to the other’s forehead.

fuck you and your fucking smiles and your laughs and your cute face you fucking stole him from me i want him dead hes mine you fucking asshole

Then he woke up.

Dazed, yawning, and he found the other’s cerulean gaze, and he froze.

“A-Aoi wh-why would y-you…” he trembled, putting a shaky hand out to the other.

The Deadly Chaser smiled again, and he pulled the trigger.

Blood splattered across the bed, pillow and headboard. The trooper’s head slumped over, lifeless.

you fucking killed him what the fuck is wrong with you youre a fucking psychopath

He couldn’t stop smiling. He took two fingers and shut the now-dead blonde’s eyelids.

“Love you.”