chun hae joo

Useful phrases if you go to Korea...

How do I get there?
여기 어떻게 가요?
(Yeo-gee eo-tteok-ae ga-yo?)

I didn’t understand
못 알아 들었어요
(Mot al-a deul-ot-o-yo)


How much is it?

Can you recommend me something?
뭐 하나 추천해주시겠어요?
(Meo-ha-na chu-chun-hae-joo-shi-get-eo-yo?)

It’s delicious
(Ma-shit-eo-yo) or (ma-shi-eo-yo) either way you guys are comfortable with :)

I can only speak a little bit of Korean
한국어 조금만 할수 있어요
(Han-kook-eo jo-geum-man Hal-Soo-it-eo-yo)

Little- 조금 (jo-geum)
A lot- 많이 (man-ee)
Thank you- 감사합니다 (gam-sa-hap-nee-da)
It’s ok/it’s ok- 괜찮아요 (Gwen-chan-a-yo)
No- 싫어요 (used when you don’t want to do something) <shil-eo-yo> 아니요 (used when your just saying no to a question) <ah-nee-yo>
Yes- 네 (nae)
Your welcome- 천만해요 (chun-man-hae-yo)

Finally done with this one… Today’s might be a little hard to pronounce so I’ll go over it in the vid…. I put everything in here in formal because you don’t want to speak informal I Korea or else you’ll be mistaken as if you didn’t learn manners…always ask me more useful phrases that you guys thought about!

May Queen: COMPLETED! :) *Spoiler*

After a week, I already finished watching it!
And my heart can’t stop it’s crazy fangirl modeeee!!

I don’t actually like everything in the end, but it’s realistic and Kang San proposal and their breath taking real *by real i know you guys can understand it haha, not smoochhh!!* KISS erase the things I don’t like haha. Bias much T.T But who can’t when you watch your new OTP kissing like this!!!!

I can’t help but post a picture of it hahaha!! Their kiss is really sweet hahahah! And aside from Kang San is my bet from the start, I really love how childishly sweet he is ^^ Ep 38, tops my list of favorite moment because of that lip lock ending! <3
I have repeatedly watched the ending scene T.T

As much as I wanted to write a review, I can’t because my feelings are still on this stage:

And to the writer to love San & Hae Joo to give them a future together 

I love this drama so much that my brother will get mad at me because I will definitely download every episode, here’s a gif brother if you ever read this post ^^

P.S. I will post a review of this drama once my senses comes back T.T