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Q: You had a chicken-beer party at Han River with Noh Tae Hyun, Takada Kenta & Kim Dong Han and you looked so happy. How’s your relationship with em?
Yongguk, Tolby’s friend: I became close to Kwon Hyun Bin after elimination. I met him one day and the others joined. Before we ate chicken that day, we grabbed some hamburger first and hung out at Sinsa Boulevard (Garosu-gil). Kim Sang Gyun was the one who led the way but turned out he didn’t quite know the area himself so we went back.

Q: Teacher you remember the most
Call me Yongguk: I am thankful to Lee Seok Hoon sunsaengnim. He taught me many things even after the filming was over. He told us many funny things too. Shin Yumi sunsaengnim’s an impressive teacher. She praised me a lot. “Your hairstyle is much better than before.” “You couldn’t get the rhythm when you were in C class. But now you’re getting better.”. I also learned Korean from BoA daepyonim. 

Sometimes also known as Yongguk on the beat: < 너였다면 If it’s you > is a love song but I don’t know that kind of emotion so I was worried about how I should express it. At the end, I thought about those time when I was lonely and had no friends. During interview, I cried because I felt lonely. I sang the song while thinking about that.

Q: You’re currently preparing for ‘Produce 101′ concert. How do you feel?
Tibetan fox Kim Yong Guk: I’m looking forward to it. It could take 1~2 years for Kim Si Hyun and me to hold a concert so if not now then when.

Translations might be inaccurate because I’m so sleepy now hahahahaha anyway, KIM YONG GUK & KIM SI HYUN PLEASE DEBUT FAST, K?


Good luck to China’s new seniors!

Liu Tingting || Lu Yufei
Luo Huan || Lv Jiaqi
Zhang Jin || Liu Jinru
Gong Kangyi || Fu Yuyao
Zhou Linlin || Wu Jing

Chen Yongdie, Cheung Chun Mei, Deng Shihui, Guo Xiaoyi, Hu Hongling, Hu Lan, Hu Shanrui, Hua Ruixue, Liu Tianyang, Lu Qiuying, Shi Jingyao, Wang Ziyi, Yu Yanfang, Zhang Jin (Hubei), Zhang Wenxin, Zhang Ziwen, Zheng Lin, Zhou Yaxuan and Zhou Yuer.

And I want to wish everyone a very happy new year! Gelukkig nieuwjaar!

Source: Janny, Qiu, Xiuxiu