When the chumpy wild pokemon refuses to let you run, and you switch to break out the super-effective shit to send a message:

When it summons a friend:

>Desmond and Molly married bliss afterglow.

Pretty cute request for anon of Chumpy’s Zootopia characters, I had more reference of them unlike the first delivery so I tried to stay more true to the original ones. Should probably color this after TT.  Been a while since I tried to color anything, 

Classy Dogs(P.8)

Title: Classy Dogs(P.8)
Pairing: NewtXReader
Warnings: Crude remarks, cussing, sexual content, other triggers to be present.
Summary: Newt, Thomas and Peter(OUAT), have always been good at getting the girls in their small school wrapped up in their blankets before ushering them out of their lives for good. Newt finds a new attraction in the girl that just transferred and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get her before anyone else, but as time goes…He’s not so sure it’s just a chase for sex.


Back at Peter’s house I held onto the leash of my larger dog, Archer, while holding the smaller one in my hands. Perdita was a large and very dopey German Shepherd mix, one ear up, one floppy. Chumpy was a small Borgi, Border Collie, Corgi cross, short legs, big ears and whole lot of personality. 

“Do your dogs normally get along with others?” I asked as we stepped up the stairs to his front door. 

“Yeah they’re a bunch of goofballs.” Peter said with a smile, pulling his keys out. “My parents are still working until later tonight, that’s not a problem, right?”

I shook my head. “It’ll be alright. So what kind of dogs are they?”

He unlocked the door and I could hear the rapid movements of toenails across wood floor along with happy barking. “Reggie is a Pit Bull, Piglet is some weird mix between a Heeler and a hippo.” 

I snorted at the joke, as well as the name. “A hippo?”

“You’ll see.” He laughed, opening the door slowly. The Pit Bull greeted us first, tail wagging in a blur or excitement, he was a steel blue color as he whipped around the room before jumping into Peter’s arms, ignoring the other dogs completely. Piglet, though happy to see the boy, was much more interested in Perdita then anything else.

And he wasn’t wrong. The weird mutt could very well be mixed with a Hippo. She was short, just a little taller than Chumpy, a dappled red color, her stomach nearly dragged on the ground and she was so wide, she waddled when she walked.

Chumpy jumped from my hands before I could stop him, tail up as he hurried up to Piglet, a growl coming from the short black and white dog. “Chumpy thinks he’s tough, but he gets over it in no time.” 

Peter finished loving up Reggie before stepping out of my way so that me and Perdita could come inside. “I have two cameras in my room, we can set one up to face the dog’s eyes and the other can focus on the images you use with your projector. 

“That’s perfect, where do you want to set up at?” I asked, admiring the decor in his house. It was obvious he came from money, everything on the walls and around the room was elaborate and expensive. 

“Let’s let the dogs get to know each other, me and you can go to my computer in the room and write up the steps we’re taking and the theory, get the boring stuff out of the way before we start the actual tests.” He suggested, pointing to the stairs. 

I nodded, following him up the stairs and into his bedroom. “That’s a good idea. You’re room is huge.” My eyes set on the giant circular bed in the middle of the entire thing, it was decorated in a forest green color, satin like comforters and large pillows. 

He seemed to catch my gaze because he grinned. “You’re welcome to make yourself comfortable wherever you’d like.” His eyes flicked to the bed as he moved to turn his computer on. 

I kicked up onto the edge of the bed and watched as he unplugged the laptop so he could sit beside me. He pulled up a word program and started typing out the obvious information, our names, the date, the class. 

For an hour or so we discussed theories and the steps we’d like to take to prove them, he was a fast typer and it was nice being able to relax for once without having to do all the work. In my old school my science partner never wanted to do anything. The reputation Peter’s group seemed to have, I assumed he’d be the same way. 

Amerie had said that he wasn’t like the other two, but a part of me believed she just wanted to keep me from Newt…Not that I was a threat. I didn’t feel anything towards Peter like I did when I first saw Newt, but I felt like I should keep my distance from both of them, at least as far as feelings went. Schoolwork was different. 

The boy shut his laptop once we finished off the report, setting the computer to the side, he turned to me with a small smirk. “What?” I asked, raising a brow.

“How does someone like you, sweet, innocent, sarcastic enough to turn down Isaac Newton, end up with a jerk like Jackson?” He paused, shrugging a bit. “Not trying to pry, but I’ve met the guy a few times at parties…He’s not the brightest…or the nicest.” 

I gave a small smile. “I don’t really know…But I’m not innocent, or sweet…I can be a real bitch, I’ve just been through a lot lately…” My brow furrowed. “And I didn’t turn Isaa–Newt down, I just…heard about your group and–”

“Wait, wait…Heard what about our group?” Peter cut in, raising a brow as he did so. 

“Theresa and Brenda said that Thomas, Newt and yourself were a bunch of players…Hump ‘em and dump ‘em kinda guys.” I answered after a moment, worried he might get upset about the accusations. 

He scoffed, shaking his head. “I think, my dear, that you should pick better friends.” The boy turned his attention to me. “Theresa and Brenda both screwed Thomas over during first year. Theresa led him on, he was head over heels for her and then, Theresa cheated on him, but she didn’t want to tell him so she sent Brenda to try and get Thomas to make a move on her so she had a reason to dump him. Thomas was drunk and stupid at a party, he took the bait.”

I frowned. I had no idea Theresa and Brenda were those kinds of people, but I was sure there were two sides to every story…maybe this was the side she needed to hear. “What about Sonya? She acts like an abused dog every time she see’s Newt.”

Peter sighed, running his hands through his hair. “So maybe Theresa and Brenda weren’t telling the truth about Thomas and myself, but Newt is a player and he did kind of screw Sonya over…literally.”

My frown deepened, I knew he wasn’t lying about Newt, he’d told me himself that that was what he did, but he also said it was that ‘we’ do, was Peter lying to protect himself? But why would he throw his friend under the bus unless it was true? 

I shook my head, I didn’t know why any of it mattered. “I see.” Was all I said, Peter frowned, setting a hand over mine. 

“Hey, I’m not trying to shoot down your interest in Newt, I just don’t wanna see you hurt.” He added, running a thumb over the back of my hand. “I think me and you could be good friends.”

I gave a small smile. “Thank you, Peter…I appreciate it.” 

And then he kissed me, it was light, as if he was afraid I’d break into pieces. I almost kissed back, but I pulled back quickly, my hand over my lips for a moment before I set it down and cleared my throat, a blush staining my cheeks. 

“Oh…Uhm…Peter…” I didn’t know how to react, so I turned my gaze to the clock. “It’s pretty late…I should go.”