Hello everybody,

So I’ve decided to host this small project. It will be a CHIBI Project xD tats why it’s called TINY IRON artist. Something different and cute to draw :3 Plus the money would come in handy since, besides I do Commissions for a LIVING, I’m planning on going to TWO CONS this coming Year. They will be MEGAPLEXCON ‘14 and RAINFURREST '14. Woohoo, now you guys know jeje

So yeah, back to the Project. This will consist of 100 images. So it will have 100 spots to fill in, you can buy as many spots as you like. What you will end up getting will be a 8.5 x 11 inch DIGITAL PNG FILE at 300 DPI of your CHIBI Character, the IMAGE will be fully colored. 

For example:…..6/CHU-%20F.png [Click Download to see the actual size] or

This images will be worth USD$15.00 each. Also if you like it to be shaded as well you could throw and extra USD$5.00 :3 Also if you will like to add any sort of Donations that will also be very much appreciated ♥ If you would like 2 characters on one piece the price will still be the same per each. The payments will be done only via PAYPAL. Thanks for your time, and your help. Spreading the word of my chibis would be really cool if you can, thanks for that too :3

To take one of the 100 spots go to this journal :