hex’s expanded universe fancasting madness: Hapes & Dathomir

  • Tenel Ka Djo - Bryce Dallas Howard
  • Teneniel Djo - Lucy Lawless
  • Prince Isolder - Simon Baker
  • Ta’a Chume - Anjelica Huston

Past FCs for Isolder included Fabio and Will Ferrell (that last one was me and my sister basically going batshit crazy and cackling wildly because Prince Isolder, you guys – he’s trapped in a glass case of emotion), but recently, when I actually thought about BEAUTIFUL BLONDE GUY it was Simon Baker’s face blinking repeatedly in my head. So there you go. Anjelica Huston squeaked by Lesley Ann Warren for Ta’a Chume and my past Tenel Ka was Laura Prepon. She dyed her hair every other color under the sun though, so I exhausted my redhead LP stock when it came to fun edits and stuff. BDH came to me as a gift from the heavens after that and I love her and she can run in heels and I just want to see her in majestic Hapan heels bolting down the hallways of the Fountain Palace going after Caedus when he’s in the process of kidnapping Allana. I NEED IT.

And just… Lucy Lawless as Teneniel Djo – with her being a legit badass on Xena and then her being ridiculous and everything on Spartacus – hang up the phone boo, I’m done. <3

Yeah, ages are off here and there/why fancast when these characters will never happen/etc., etc. I know. I will be over here sobbing anyways.

I’ve had lists and lists of Expanded Universe fancasts since I started getting into this beautiful, messy web years and years ago. They’ve changed over time and even though it’s all not canon any longer, I wanted to share these lists/put them here so I always have them up somewhere for fun. Why? Because yay eu!

( or maybe i just wanted to look at pretty pictures of babes okay.  ( ˘ ³˘)♥ )