Allana Djo Solo was the daughter of Jedi Knight Jacen Solo and Jedi Knight Tenel Ka Chume'Ta Djo, Queen Mother of Hapes. In addition to her Force-sensitivity, she was by the blood of her father, the niece of the Jedi Master Jaina Solo and the granddaughter of the heroes of the Rebellion, Leia and Han Solo. As the Chume'da of the Hapes Consortium, Allana was expected to ascend to the Hapan throne in succession to her mother. She was purported to have died in 41 ABY during the Battle of Uroro Station, after the Moff Council sanctioned the use of a nanokiller, designed to target the royal Hapan bloodline, of which Allana was a direct matrilineal member.

Not a Khaleesi, a Chume'da.

I’ve never drawn Tenel Ka before, but must do it again! I’m so nostalgic about Star Wars for a while now I might re-read the Young Jedi Knights and further, because I had this HUGE crush on Tenel Ka when I was 14/15. (Guess I have a type: wild gingers. *coughs*) Also I know some spoilers and must read the stuff for myself.

Are the books, like the Legacy of the Force series, good?