im incapable of dating someone that isnt on tumlr cos like… its so hard to get a good understanding as to what ppl like n how theyre feeling but chumblr makes it much easier

so, the thing about meeting a tumblr person in real life and drinking three rounds of holyshit cocktails with them over several hours…is that you end up saying a bunch of tumblr URLs out loud.

and you say them exactly like they’re names.  the kind of thing that’d go on a driver’s license. and you don’t even blink while you do it.

because they’re as real as anything.  the person across from you proves that.

i hope i get to meet more of you irl.

whatever irl means.


My Gosh, Tumblr.

You people are amazing. I really can’t explain myself because you all are just….I love you guys. Marry me? I’ll be the Hugh Hefner if you’ll be my bunnies and I can just go make a Chumblr mansion filled with nothing but anything you guys could ever want. A nonstop party of awesome.

The friends and comrades I have found.

I want to thank you guys for hanging with me while I tumbl pics of first communion shenanigans. I can’t respond to your stuff on the stupid phone…but you made me feel a little less isolated today.

So basically I owe you guys a chocolate cross-pop when I get out of here.


I have 87 vacation hours accrued right now and two personal days. 15.50 hours. The earliest I can take time off work will be around 20 February… I need to get the fuck out of dodge and have a holiday. 

I should visit some of you amazing folks. elenilote, stripey-dani, abhorsen327, a1879, tayloriusrex, syrenpan, all of you UK, Canadian folks… I want to visit, especially the UK. I’ve never been there and my new passport is hungry for stamps.

Travel shenanigan plans activate Y/Y?