[TRANS] @HeeZZinPang: There were many questions in <Sukira> asking if the last part of ‘Islands’ “We are as one forever~” was really from this body. At that time after continuous recording everyone was listening to the first version. And that part during 'Islands’ came up!! Everyone was like “Who is this?”. The funniest thing was I myself was curious tooㅋㅋㅋㅋ And then Donghae brat said one thing. “Heechulie hyung has always done high pitch well”. Kya~ This kid who knows what is cool. And then Ryeowook who was beside him said.. Ah but I have to put on make-up now so later I will continue to use itㅋㅋ The photo is with KimKyuKimKyu Cho Kyuhyun who made me touched by going around with the song 'Malri Flower’ that I sang 8 years ago on <Young Street> in his MP3.#Islands