I love China and Skulduggery

First we get “lessens, but never entirely goes away, does it, Skulduggery?” and the fucker staying quiet. Then we get China actually hugging and thanking Valkyrie for going to save him. China more than likely being the only person okay with her doing this

I think about the two of them alot. I think about what would’ve happened when they met all those years ago. She fell in love with him, he would’ve fallen in love with her and China would’ve used that to her advantage, right? Something would’ve happened between them? Maybe that’s why she got so jealous of his wife, because she took Skulduggery away from her

“When it comes to China, you rarely know what you’re doing”
That’s what Ghastly said. But what made him say that? Does Ghastly know about things they possibly did? We don’t know, but I sure do like to think about it. Plus, the only time China has ever been vulnerable is when someone threatened to jeopardise her realtionship with Skulduggery.

Everything we’ve gotten about China and Skulduggery has been… subtle. You don’t really notice it unless you look. The way she teases him, the way he stays silent. Is he ashamed of the way he let him get to her? Does he not want to be in love again? So many questions and so very few answers. But even after everything China did to him, he still cares about her. He still insisted on getting help when she was dying. “I can’t just stand here and watch you die”

But what happned after all that? China pretty much confessed that she loved him. Sure, his head was probably filled with other things with Valkyrie being gone and all but did he ever talk to China about it? Maybe he remembers how things used to be between them but knows they can’t have that anymore. He still cares about her though, he still loves her and she still loves him. There has to be a history there keeps them together after all these years. We don’t know but goddamn I want to know

China and Skulduggery headcannon/lil story thing idk

Skulduggery is reading in the library and China is discussing something she’s been up to that day with him, Skulduggery only mutters his replies because he’s too focused on his book. China soon realises he’s not paying much attention to what she’s saying so starts basically insulting him. He, of course, is still barely listening but he can still process what China is saying so plays along

“… I had a terrible hassle getting her out of the door though,” China said, tidying some papers on her desk
“All very above board, I take it?”
“Skulduggery, is it my fault people seem to love me so?”
“Yes, dear”
“Well such debates are not to be held at times such a these, are they?”
“No, dear,” he replied, barely lifting his gaze from the pages
“You’re rather engrossed in that book , aren’t you, my love?”
He mumbled an affirmation
“China Sorrows is rather wonderful, is she not?” Questioned the woman, her tone remaining level
“Of course”
“And you happen to possess the biggest ego known to mankind, don’t you?”
The hint of mischeif in China’s gaze apparently gone unnoticed, skulduggery answered, “It would certainly appear so.”
China allowed a grin to spread acroos her lips for all of a second as she walked over to where Skulduggery was seated, perching herself on the arm of his chair and manipulating the bookshelves to close themselves off from the rest of the library, “and yet, you most certainly love me, am I not correct?”
“China, the only persona live I love is myself. I’m incredibly narcissistic like that”
“I belive you just insulted yourself”
“I’m sure my giant ego can handle it”
China was silent for a moment, “you heard everything I said, didn’t you?”
He nodded and she laughed
“You bastard,” her fingers curled underneath his collar, activating his facade. He leant in, softly kissing her lips
He spoke quietly, “now if you don’t mind, I was just getting to the good bit,” and he resumed reading