ConnectiCon 2014
July 11-13, 2014



I’m so happy I was able to be a part of this shoot and i cant thank Cai enough for all the wonderful photos. I was so happy to have chularin an hatos as my Koujaku and Noiz. I havent had a professional photoshoot in a while and I generally dont have anyone willing to cosplay and shoot with me.I had so much fun and Im so happy with the outcome. 


a mix of cosplayers from ctcon

chularin is koujaku
riyuski is the aoba 
ohmicaiah is the mizuki
rostrums is the ren
snafutype is the younger version of virus
dickstrudler is the younger version of trip
haihane is the virus
hiwamu is the trip
shmookazoo is the ilumi
corgihustler is the hisoka
secretninja312 is the machi
(if you know anyone here please let me know so i can tag them. thank you!)