My predictions on Chuggaaconroy's next LP

He said familiar characters in an unfamiliar place
Ahem time for my highly inaccurate predictions based on it

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga: The Bean Bean kingdom is pretty unfamiliar

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword: Skyloft could be considered an unfamiliar location with familiar characters

Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass: It’s a sequel to wind waker (according to the timeline) and I believe it does not take place in Hyrule making it fit the quote

Luigi’s mansion dark moon: again it fits the quote and is a sequel to a game he has previously LP’d

Pokemon Platinum: This one is a wild card because there are some familiar pokemon in this game and he did hint on LPing it eventually. It also takes place in an unfamiliar location for his channel with the pokemon series.

Alright those are my guesses yous are all welcome to reblog adding your two cents to this.