Phoenix: What are you targeting me for? What did I ever do to you?
Edgeworth: We’ve been through this before!
Phoenix: What did I ever do to you, honey?
Judge: Um… what?
Edgeworth: And that’s where we stop the trial. Good night everybody.

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Today’s happen to be the birthday of one of the Let’s Players I watched videos often three years since, and the Ultimate Pun Master, Chuggaaconroy. One of the things I remembered from one of his LPs were the OP of the pink Winged Pikmin, and I included them in just because I thought it would make this adorable. 😊

Chuggaaconroy: Pokémon Platinum - Episode 19
  • Chuggaa: So she got this from a friend in Johto... who has a lot of them.
  • Chuggaa: She's friends with him, and she's a PC Administrator.
  • Chuggaa: ...Well whoever he is, I sure hope he pays his Bills on time because that'd suck if the PC System went offline.

arranos  asked:

I have to ask after seeing Chuggaa's latest video. What is the current state of the Octarian's home & what does Tetrox think of it?

You mean the strange noises in Octovalley? Like Chuggaa himself said, apparently the developer had no idea those voices are there so they are more than likely a prank by sound department. Thus I do not pay much mind to them.

I do think octovalley is in energy crisis and need to do something soon but their domes are not collapsing and octarians are not screaming in agony in my canon. Heck, I established in HOI that inklings and octarians mostly have friendly relationship and they are negotiating over the sources. That is why there are octolings in Inkopolis and Tetrox is allowed to play.

It is the extremists who are/were on Octavio’s side and tried to steal the great zapfish and use its power to conquer other lands. Not save their homes. (in European Splatoon, Octavio clearly talks about conquering all the other remaining land) 

Edit: and heck, even in the end credits we see Inklings and Octarian hanging out friendly together. So even the game seems to hint that there is some sort of understanding and friendly relationship between the inklings and octarians

anonymous asked:

So chuggaaconroy (you know him, right) has been in LP business for 9 years now. How long are YOU doing this?

Let’s see, Cut Man Perfect Run was uploaded on Jan 2nd, 2009, so I guess I’ve been at this a little over 8 years, so yeah, I guess Chuggaa’s been at it longer than me.

Reminder that when talked to politely, Chuggaa understood the whole -sexual vs -gender thing and will try to use the latter in the future.

Reminder that chugga tried to explain to someone who automatically called him transphobic his intention behind the nasally voice, and the other person just ignored his explainations. “Nope, you’re transphobic for making a mistake once.”

anonymous asked:

Sorry if you're getting too many requests at this point, but are you familiar with Therunawayguys? If so, you should do the scene at the beginning of Mario Party 2 Horror Land where Chuggaa makes fun of Jon's mother, where Tim is Setsuna, Chuggaa is Azama and Jon is Hinoka. Oh, and if it makes it any easier, it was made into an animated short, and I believe it was called "Jon's mother"

This took me so long omg… Why did I absolutely wanted to add these stupid hats…

Anyway, I hope it does your idea justice ^^/

Meet the Jepsons

Chuggaa: “Meet Josh Jepson~”

Josh: “Oh my God…”

Chuggaa: “His boy, Chuggaa~”

NCS: “Oh my God. Thats-“

Jon: “F- You-“

Chuggaa: “Daughter Johnny~”

Jon: “You-…”

Chuggaa: “Tim, his wife!”


Jon: “You need so much mental help it’s not even funny.”

And I’m just like “Thank you Chuggaa.”


DESTINY BURGER - Stephenvlog with Chuggaaconroy