chudley canons

  • <b> Draco:</b> I will <i>not</i> step foot in that pathetic house!
  • <b> Harry:</b> It's one dinner, and the Weasley's adore you!
  • <b> Draco:</b> Well... I hate them!
  • <b> Harry:</b> No, you don't. We go to the burrow all the time; you can't stop going because of one stupid prank-
  • <b> Draco:</b> One stupid prank? Don't lie to me, I could've died!
  • <b> Harry:</b> You charmed Ron's clothes to shout "I hate the Chudley Canons!" every time he took a step; I hardly think he-
  • <b> Draco:</b> That's besides the point! I was kind enough to satisfy his little prank war, but he has gone too far! I'm never stepping foot near Weasle again!
  • <b> Harry:</b> Don't you think you're overreacting?
  • <b> Draco:</b> He dyed my hair <i>red,</i> Harry! My <i>hair!</i>
Scorpius chats with Ron
  • Rose invited Scorpius over for the afternoon one summer to have dinner with them, but Ron insisted on having a chat with him because he thought they were dating, even though Rose insisted that they were not. So, Scorpius sat down and talked to Ron and...
  • Ron: What’s your full name?
  • Scorpius: Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. Some people call me Scorp.
  • Ron: I hear you tease Rose sometimes.
  • Scorpius: Um... *rubs the back of his neck* I used to in first to third year, but we're friends now. I promise I won't do it anymore. Posie- I mean, Rose- is so funny when she's angry, that's all.
  • Ron: So, Scorpius, you’re how old now? *looking gruff and like he’ll shoot Scorpius*
  • Scorpius: Fourteen, sir.
  • Ron: Fourth year, hm?
  • Scorpius: Yep. Same year as Rose. OWLs will be next year, so I’m pretty nervous. I know Posie will do well though, she’s brilliant.
  • Ron: Yes, well, she’s her mother’s daughter. *chuckles* What’s your favourite subject?
  • Scorpius: Potions, because Dad taught me. But Charms is fun when Posie helps me out.
  • Ron: What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Scorpius: Maybe a Professor. I love Hogwarts. I'm not as good at it, but I think that I’d like to teach Transfiguration though, it’s so cool. McGonagall’s my favourite teacher.
  • Ron: I see. And what about your father and mother, do you get along with them?
  • Scorpius: Well- this is rare, but it happens - Dad loses his temper. He’ll snap at me and Mum. Mum annoys me from time to time. She’s a stickler for dressing up and being clean and all that.
  • Ron: My mum was like that and now my wife is too. Terrible fate, I’ve got.
  • Hermione: I HEARD THAT!
  • Scorpius: *laughs*
  • Ron: You like Wizard chess?
  • Scorpius: Yes, Al and I play all the time in the Slytherin common room.
  • Ron: Really? *chuckles* Reminds me of me and Harry. And what about Quidditch? Do you play?
  • Scorpius: No, sir. I like to watch, though. James is really good and so is that Zabini bloke from my house. And I really love the Chud-
  • Ron: *screams at him and flails his arms* CHUDLEY CANONS?!
  • Scorpius: *looking scared* Uh... y-yeah... it’s my... um...favourite team. Why? Is... is that bad? I'm s-sorry.
  • Ron: *shakes his hand* Welcome to the family!
  • Scorpius: What? But I’m...
  • Ron: My son!
  • Hugo: DAD?!
  • Ron: You Puddlemore supporter!
  • Scorpius: Puddlemore? Hugo, are you off your rockers?
  • Ron: I love this one. I love him. *hugs Scorpius*
  • Scorpius: But sir, Rose and I aren’t even dating. She’s my friend.
  • Ron: What do you think of her?
  • Scorpius: Well... she’s respectable and funny and kind and brave and... *blushes just a bit* maybe a teensy bit pretty?
  • Ron: ROSE!
  • Rose: Yes, Dad? Is dinner ready? I was just working on my History of Magic assignment and I-
  • Ron: You marry this one, okay? *pats him on the back and squeals* He likes Chudley Canons!
  • Rose: What?!
  • Scorpius: What?!
  • Ron: I give up all the things I said about you never marrying a Malfoy. Just go ahead, fall in love! *pushes him towards her* So long as he keeps loving Chudleys. Say, what was your favourite game?
  • Scorpius: But sir...?
  • Ron: *grinning like a fool* Which one? Come on, then.
  • Scorpius: 1988 Winter Games. I saw it on tape with Dad.
  • Ron: I’m calling Draco on the pellyphone to arrange a marriage.
  • Hermione: What? Ron, you can’t! Rose needs to make her own choices. Plus, you hated the Malfoys, why do you change your mind over a Quidditch team?
  • Rose: Dad, I don't want to have an arranged marriage!
  • Ron: *ignoring them* Hello, Malfoy? I’d like to ask a favour...
  • Rose: Um... sorry, my family’s crazy. *blushing*
  • Scorpius: Yep, I can see that. I don’t mind. *smiles at her*
Bi Harry and Ron not realising they're bi

One day in sixth year they’re taking about one of the Chudley Canons chasers at the Gryffindor table

Ron: He’s so amazing and hot…

Rando: Wow, I didn’t know you were gay.

Ron: I’m not gay! There’s nothing gay about admiring a quidditch player. Right Harry?

Harry: Yeah! We have eyes, we can tell he’s fit.

Ron: *nodding* Anyone can appreciate an arse like that

Harry : I mean it’s not like you can ignore it when he’s in the air

Ron: And have you seen those eyes?

Harry: Yeah no-one could argue that those aren’t pretty

Ron: And he just has a really symmetric face. There’s nothing gay about recognising that, it’s called “having eyes.”

Harry: *nods solemnly*

Rando and Neville look confused. Dean and Seamus are in stitches. Ginny shakes her head. Hermione sighs and looks at Ginny.

Hermione: I suppose teaching them about sexuality falls to me, doesn’t it?

I Can’t Believe You’re Wearing My Clothes // Ron Weasley Imagine

a/n: this gif actually makes me cry. Also, requests are open!! 

Request: “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.” for Ron Weasley please! I’m picturing her wearing one of his sweaters or something like that hehe

Tag: @saracons87

Prompt: “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.” from this amazing prompt list

Ron Weasley x reader

At first, you were nervous Ron’s family wasn’t going to like you. Sure you got along with his siblings at Hogwarts, but what about his parents? What if they hated you? If they didn’t like you would he still date you? 

Your mind was racing with these thoughts as you and Ron made your way to the door of the Burrow.

With a loving smile and reassuring voice, Ron said, “y/n, they’re going to love you.” And with that, you walked through the front door

It turns out you had nothing to be worried about, because the moment you walked into the Burrow you immediately felt at home. All of the Weasley’s were so nice and talkative with you, you didn’t even have any time to think of being nervous.

You helped Ginny pick out a dress for a date, played some pranks on Percy with Fred and George, and even helped Mrs. Weasley cook dinner, who had taken an immediate liking to you and insisted on you calling her Molly. 

As you helped her stir pasta in the kitchen, she started asking you tons of questions and measurements to start making your christmas sweater.

“A nice warm sweater sounds amazing right now,” you laughed, shivering a bit. Ron had warned you that during the night the Burrow got cold, but once again you forgot to bring a jacket.

“Oh, sweetheart go on upstairs to Ron’s room and take one of his sweaters, I’m sure he wouldn’t want his girlfriend to freeze!” Molly said kindly.

You thanked her and exited the kitchen to run up the stairs to the room she had pointed to.

As soon as you walked in, you could tell this was undeniably the room of your boyfriend. 

The walls were covered from ceiling to floor in Chudley Canons posters and the few bits of wall you could see were painted a brilliant orange. He had clothes and unfinished homework strewn randomly about the room. You smiled at the framed picture of you and him smiling and hugging that was sitting on his nightstand next to the snow globe he brought home from his trip to Egypt. The entire aura of the room just screamed Ron to you that you took a few minutes to just take it all in.

But soon you remembered why you had come up here in the first place. You searched around the room and easily found a red sweater with an orange R knitted on the front laying on top of his dresser.

You walked over to the dresser and started to pull on the sweater when suddenly you heard the floor creak behind you.

Spinning around in surprise, you finished putting the sweater on and grinned when you saw none other than Ron standing in the doorway. His face was bright red and for a second you wondered if he was mad at you for intruding into his room.

He seemed to be avoiding your gaze as he looked down at the ground and shuffled his feet on the carpet.

“Mum said you would be up here, she wanted me to tell you that dinner is ready,” he said, still not meeting your eyes.

You nodded and then took a few steps closer to him, wanting to make sure he was okay because for some reason, he seemed nervous. Even more nervous than you when you were first being introduced to his family. 

Resting your hand on his shoulder you asked him, “Did I do something wrong?”

Ron laughed sheepishly, finally looking up to you, “No, no, it’s just…like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes” he said quickly, obviously embarrassed by stumbling over his words. 

You couldn’t stop the grin from spreading across your face as Ron’s eyes scanned you in the sweater, his sweater, that you were wearing. 

“It looks great on you,” he said, still watching you with dazed eyes.

You giggled lightly, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear as he put his arms at your waist and pulled you closer to him. You kept getting closer and closer and closer until finally your lips touched. 

Ron’s kisses were usually quick little pecks on the cheek, and you loved them, but this was something different. This was slow and steady and passionate. You felt yourself melt against him as he moved his hand to your lower back, pushing you closer to him.

Your kiss was interrupted by the sound of Molly’s voice yelling, “RON, DINNER!! Don’t make me come up there young man!” 

Wincing against the noise, Ron reluctantly pulled away from you.

You kissed him lightly on the lips before teasingly whispering, “We’ll pick up where we left off after dinner,” and walking out of the room.

After standing alone in his room, his face as bright as the walls surrounding him, Ron followed you downstairs. 

AU: Harry has been brought up by Sirius in the wizarding world, but Sirius is still canonically killed by Bellatrix.

A young boy with a shock of bleach blonde hair looks out the window with complete boredom splayed across his features. His mother sits gossiping with her friends in the seats next to him, but he has already finished his sub-par hot chocolate and is waiting for them to finish their chat. This is when her spots a boy around his age across the street with a florescent orange witch’s hat on. The horrendous accessory is not only far too large for the boy’s head as it flops over his eyes, but also has the Chudley Canons logo blazing across it.

The fair-haired boy rolls his eyes at the ugly hat, but continues to watch as the other boy is taken into the pub across the street by two older men who smile brightly down at him. The three of them look so happy, laughing at the orange hat, that he almost wishes his father was like that with him.

Later that day, as he sits at the dinner table, he is still thinking about that horrible hat. That horrible, horrendous, ugly, orange, chudley canons witch’s hat, that somehow represented something beautiful.

20 years later

Harry Potter drags his smiling boyfriend into Grimmauld place, promising that he will be no longer than 30 minutes. It’s Christmas eve and Harry has just remembered the perfect gift for Ron, if only he can find it. As Harry heads upstairs in search of his old memory boxes, Draco Malfoy enters the kitchen and begins making a cup of tea.

He takes a small velvet box out of his pocket and looks at it lovingly. His Grandmother’s wedding ring sits inside, changed ever so slightly from its original form to fit Harry’s personality. Tonight, Draco will Propose. Mrs Weasley has already baked a cake in anticipation, as Draco will propose when they are all opening gifts tonight. It will be perfect.

When it is Harry’s turn to open a present, Draco will thrust this velvet box at him, muttering something about cufflinks. And when he opens it and looks up, Draco will be on one knee ready to tell Harry Potter that he wants to marry him.

Just then, Harry comes bounding in and Draco quickly shoves the box back in his pocket. When he looks over at Harry his heart, already so filled with love, aches at the recognition of one ugly orange hat sitting on his head. Before he can think about it, Draco is down on one knee.

“Will you Marry me?” he whispers. Harry just stands there open mouthed at the beautiful ring in his even more beautiful boyfriend’s hand. When he doesn’t reply Draco clears his throat and louder this time, says, “Harry Potter will you do me the greatest honour by becoming my husband?”

And with tears in his eyes Harry answers a happy yes with a brilliant smile. Later that night Draco tells Harry privately the reason that he proposed so swiftly. He tells his gorgeous fiancé how that orange hat had been a symbol of hope in his childhood. A symbol that children could augh and joke around, and how now, as a man, Harry was his symbol of hope. Hope of redemption and of happiness and the hope that he too could bring joy to someone else’s life like Harry had done for him.

just some rose weasley head canons

- gryffindor

- isn’t too bright but always tries her best

- bit of a tom boy

- really doesn’t understand her cousin lily’s obsession with pygmy puffs

- fiercely protective

- whenever anyone so much as looks at albus and scorpius funny they have hell to pay

- her favourite things are Chudley Canons, albus, scorpius and butterbeer

- wears a lot of her dads old flannel shirts

- although she didn’t inherit her mothers natural acadaemia, she did inherit her good judgement and rational thought process

- ironically, unlike her mother, Rose is amazing at divination

- seeker for the Gryffindor quidditch team

Next Generation Face Claims:

Benjamin Eidem as Louis Weasley

Louis is Fleur and Bill’s youngest. He is only a year younger than Dominique, but seven years younger than Victoire. Like Dominique, he was sorted into Gryffindor, and in his sixth year, after Fred and James graduated, he and Hugo became the beaters on the house team. Louis is the same age as his cousins Lily, Lucy, and Hugo, and is also close friends with the Longbottom twins, Frank and Alice, and Rory Scamander. He is also fairly good friends with Sage Malfoy, although their friendship has nothing on that of Scorpius Malfoy and Al Potter. Louis has always been self assured. Although the magical veela charms aren’t passed on to male children, Louis definitely won the genetic lottery. Louis is fashionable and a little bit vein, arrogant, but not without reason.
During his Hogwarts years, Louis could pretty much get any girl he wanted, even those in the years above him. Rumors of his conquests spread until every tabloid was convinced that Louis Weasley was a womanizer. But nobody really saw it coming when he began crushing on Sabrina Wood in his sixth year. Sabrina was popular, but quiet, preferring to write rather than entertain large groups of people, didn’t like quidditch, and wasn’t really into Louis, all things that usually sent him off in the other direction. After two years of rejection, Louis finally convinced Sabrina to give him the time of day, much to the amusement of their families. 

Louis isn’t very academically oriented. While all of his cousins, except maybe James and Fred, spent some time on their schoolwork, Louis really couldn’t be bothered. He only really did the bare minimum, and often found the time to take long naps in class, yet still managed to get solid E’s and O’s in most classes. His time at school was spent in detention, on the quidditch pitch, or pining after the pretty girls. After school, Louis signed a contract with Puddlemere United, a team his Uncle Ron had grown to despise. Actually, Ron had grown to despise nearly every team in the league except for the Chudley Canons, although he did tolerate Montrose due to the fact that Al played for them. But Louis’ place on Puddlemere did wonders for his relationship with his future father-in-law, Oliver Wood. Louis isn’t filled with Dom’s self doubt nor Victoire’s self deprecation. Instead, his major flaw seems to be arrogance. His self assured ways often get him into lots of trouble, and even proved to be one of the biggest things his girlfriend couldn’t stand about him. 

Rose and Scorpius dated for a year before telling Ron. When he finally found out, Scorpius was walking up to the front door with his parents. Ron was beside himself with rage, despite Hermione’s attempts to calm him down. He couldn’t believe his daughter would date “Slytherin scum.” All this anger washed away however, when Scorp asked whether or not Ron liked the Chudley Canons. He was welcome whenever he wanted from then on out.

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James Potter is one smug bastard.

Nothing impresses him. When Sirius brings him autographed moving picture cards from not only the captain of the Holyhead Harpies but also Affenius Atwick, the former keeper and current owner of the Chudley Canons, James Potter does not bat an eyelash.When McGonagall transfigures a goblet into a flamingo during advanced Transfiguration, James Potter stifles a yawn. James Potter is not known to get overexcited and red-faced. He is not prone to silly things like being helplessly nervous or vulnerably giddy. James Potter is cool, levelheaded, and an unbelievably smug bastard.

Except of course, in manners concerning a Ms. Lily Evans. 

No one expects anything out of the ordinary on Halloween morning. The Great Hall is filled with the aroma of pumpkin spice cider and warm buttery scones. James Potter and his group of mates sit down at their usual spot at the Gryffindor table when a small clattering diversion distracts him from filling his plate with nutty muffins and blueberry scones. He looks up to see a fiery redhead throw back her head and laugh at something her blonde, curly-haired friend had said. Her nose crinkles and the many freckles that adorn it seem to brighten. She finishes laughing, but her striking green eyes still sparkle from the mirth.

James Potter cannot move. His hands are frozen, the feeling of his feet are nonexistent, and his mouth is slightly agape. Remus shakes him in an attempt to get his attention, but follows his gaze to the brilliant and blinding Lily Evans. Remus looks back at his mate’s expression.

He has never seen James Potter quite so… un-smug.

Firewhiskey Kisses

Lily’s pale, delicate hand rubbed irately at her forehead, an errant curl tumbling into her eyes with the motion. “God damn this bloody paper!” she growled finally, throwing her quill down in a huff to the floor of the Gryffindor common room.

“Whoa, Lils, what’s wrong?” Remus asked, flouncing down the stairs with a pleasant smile.

“I can’t seem to write this McGonagall paper on Waxbury Charms to save my fucking life,” she whined. Remus nodded in understanding before rolling his eyes.

“It’s not due for two weeks,” he pointed out with a wry grin.

Lily’s green eyes glowered at him. “I know, but I just want it done!” Remus, snatched the paper off her desk and rolled it up neatly before tucking it into her bag.

“Come have a drink with us!” he declared. We’re going off to see Rosemerta in Hogsmeade. You’re old enough to drink, poppet! Take advantage of that!” he laughed. Almost as if on cue, James, Sirius, and Peter poured down the stairs, all decked out in coats and scarves, ready to brave the cold passageway to the Three Broomsticks.

“I don’t know,” she sighed. “I really should just finish this up.” Plus, the idea of spending an entire night with James Potter wasn’t the most appealing prospect. She’d spent the last year struggling to squash her feelings for the quidditch captain, and this seemed highly counterproductive to achieving that end goal.

“Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Sirius whimpered, giving her puppy-dog eyes. With a bit of grumbling, she summoned her coat, scarf, hat, and wallet from her room and bundled up.

“Fuck it, let’s go,” she said with a shake of her head. The four Marauders cheered gleefully before starting to make their way to the statue of the One-Eyed Witch, whom Sirius affectionately named Winky.

Twenty minutes later, the five Gryffindors were seated comfortably in a large, rounded booth in the Three Broomsticks, the warm scent of chestnuts and vanilla filling their nostrils. A few radios here and there blared quietly at the wizards listening intently to the news. An elderly couple was seated in the corner, sharing a glass of wine and a quiet conversation. In another part of the room, a few middle aged women were gossiping over margaritas, clearly mad at someone’s husband as the words cheater and bastard were used repeatedly.

“First round is on me,” Sirius said with a wicked smile, flicking his hand up at Rosie to get her attention. The buxom barmaid made her way over to the table in a jiffy and cocked an eyebrow at Lily.

“You must be the girl he’s always on about!” she declared with a beaming grin. “He finally landed you, eh? He wasn’t kidding! You’re awfully beautiful!” Lily flushed heavily and looked down, confused. “Way to go, James!” She continued, ignoring the distinct head shakes she was receiving from the Marauders. “What can I get ya? First round is on the house!” Rosemerta’s blond curls swung around her impressive chest and blue eyes beckoned from under long lashes and smoky eye makeup.

“Let’s have a round of butterbeers and a round of Firewhiskey shots, please,” Sirius answered, trying to read his best mate’s reaction to being outted by the lovely woman.

“Coming right up, sugar!” she called, flouncing away. James coughed, trying to clear his throat, and Lily’s cheeks were flushed heavily, her eyes on the tabletop and nowhere else.

“So, how about those Chudley Canons, eh?” Peter remarked with a sheepish smile.

“Yeah, what a great game against Puddlemere United last night, don’t you think?” Remus added, hoping to help with the obvious topic change.

“Puddlemere is still better,” Sirius said offhandedly.

Remus rolled his ocean eyes ceiling-ward. “You’re only saying that because you think that their chaser is hot,” he laughed, grabbing a shot for each of them off Rosie’s tray when she returned. James and Lily both glanced at each other for a breath and downed theirs without a hitch.

“Fuck, that stuff burns,” Peter commented, shaking his head and taking a sip of butterbeer to soothe the searing in is throat, and waving his finger in a circle to indicate that the table was ready for some more shots.

Six rounds later, and everyone was a little tipsier than was originally intended. “Lily, you hold your liquor like a champ,” Sirius said with a proud smile.

“We redheads have a high tolerance,” she laughed, swaying a little bit, but still speaking clearly. Peter was a little schnockered, but there was no help for that.

Sirius burped loudly and they all fell into raucous laughter that wouldn’t have been nearly as strange sounding if they were sober. Lily leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes.

“You know, we should play truth or dare!” Peter declared with a distinctive slur.

“Okay, mate. You first,” Remus said with an evil look in his eyes as he stared at James and Lily. Sirius caught onto the plan and smirked a little naughtily, but knew it would have to take them by surprise.

“Okay then, Peter. Truth or dare?”

“Truth!” he exclaimed happily, like a chihuahua that was high as a kite.

“Which of our professors would you have sex with if you had to choose?” Sirius questioned with a smile, taking another sip of his butterbeer.

“Oh, definitely McGongall,” he replied without hesitation.
“Minnie is a good choice,” Sirius chimed in with a smile.

“Lily,” Peter began, “Truth or dare?”


“If you had to hookup with a girl in Gryffindor Tower, who would it be?”

Lily snorted. “You guys are pigs. Also, Marlene. Hands down.” The four guys laughed at her brazenness and threw back another shot each. Lily rolled her eyes, but found herself intrigued by the stupidity of the game. “Sirius, truth or dare?” she questioned.

“Dare!” He half-sang it, pretending his shot glass was a microphone.

“I dare you to go up to that older couple and ask them if they’re interested in a threesome with you,” Lily replied nonchalantly, now holding a glass of red wine gently in her hand and smirking at the steel-eyed Marauder. Sirius hopped over Remus, elbowing him in the ribs in the process, and made his way over to the couple with a swagger in his step that only he could possibly pull off.

The Marauders and Lily watched as the older guy flipped him the bird unexpectedly and then dumped the contents of the table’s pepper shaker on his Sirius’s head. Sirius then skipped back over merrily, looking blissfully uncaring. “I think I’m meant to take that as a ‘no,’” he sighed dramatically. “James, truth or dare?” The devious glint in Sirius’s eyes put James on edge.

“Truth,” the Marauder sighed, knowing this was going to be rough.

“Are you in love with Lily?”

“DARE!” James declared, shaking his head furiously at his best mate.

“I dare you to kiss Lily, then. For at least twenty seconds.” Sirius smiled, taking a sip of the water he’d ordered, knowing he’d need to sober up a bit to enjoy this.

“No!” James and Lily declared at the same time, vehemently shaking their heads.

“Guys, it’s the rules,” Remus said with a blithe shrug. James looked wrathfully at his friends before turning to Lily.

Gently, his fingers moved to cup her cheek, looking into her eyes for permission, his own filled with apologies unsaid. The green orbs that stared back at him were hesitant, but not unwilling. Slowly, ever so slowly, he lowered his mouth onto hers and kissed her. It was soft and sweet, his hands knotting in her hair, pulling her closer despite the small proximity of the booth.

The whoops and hollers from the Marauders were drowned out as her hands came up around his neck to weave into his hair. He dragged her closer so that her chest was pressed against his, sucking on her lower lip and running his tongue across it. Her mouth opened and their tongues began to dance together. A soft sigh fell from Lily, and James’s hands came to run up and down her sides in soothing, soft waves.

It was gentle and probing and completely perfect, two halves of a whole finally fusing after drifting in the world for so very long. It was everything they had both hoped for and never admitted to each other, and both were terrified for the moment to end. But it had to end. They parted a moment later, breathing heavily, staring unabashedly at each other.

“God damn, that was like two minutes!” Sirius said with a smile. “Now you two can finally get married and have beautiful babies!” He paused thoughtfully. “Or like, go on a date or some shit. Yeah, do that. Sorry. Ignore that first part. At least for the time being.”

“Will you?” James whispered to her. The others pretended not to be able to hear their hushed words.

“Will I what?” she questioned, curious.

“Go on a date with me? Please?” he murmured, his hand still tangled in her hair.

“You know, I think I will,” she said with a small smile. “Yeah, James. I will.”

Weasley/Potter Careers

Together, James and Fred travel internationally for Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. In the years following the war, George had continued to run the shop on his own, and it wasn’t long before he had to open a second one to deal with the large influx of customers. Then, he opened a store in France, followed by one in Germany and them Bulgaria. The franchise is ever growing, and it is James and Fred’s job to open up the new stores and get them on their feet. They also help develop new products.
Albus was signed to play professional quidditch. He was scouted during his sixth year, but his mother absolutely refused to let him play during the school year. Luckily, the international season took place mostly during summer break, so his mother allowed him to sign on to the English team. He played as seeker, and led the team to victory in the 2022 Quidditch World Cup. After graduating Hogwarts, Al had opportunities all over the world to play, but decided he wanted to play for a club close to home, and signed with the Montrose Magpies, the best team in England. Ron had been holding out hope for the Chudley Canons, and lost ten galleons in a bet with George when Al signed with Montrose.
Lily went on to become a Magizoologist. She’d scored nearly all of her NEWTs, and had been expected to take up a ministry position, as she would have gone far, but despite the amount of time she spent in the library, Lily didn’t have a passion for any sort of ministry job. She wanted to be out doing the dirty work. Right after graduating Hogwarts, she lived in Ireland for a while, helping Newt Scamander on a Unicorn reserve. Unicorn numbers had been dropping considerably due to illegal poaching, but in her five years on the reserve, Lily thrived, and helped the unicorns to as well. After her work with the unicorns, she returned to London where she conducted research on a new fairy species that had supposedly been spotted in South America. It wasn’t long before she travelled there to investigate. Her journeys continued like this, and she never tired of the work.
Rose was extremely gifted. Even from birth, her father was certain she would be the brightest mind of her generation. She sailed through school without having to do much extra studying. In fact, most of her time in the library was spent either helping her cousins with their owns studies or checking out stacks of books for light reading. After school, she could have very well gone down any avenue, but chose instead to jump on the opportunity presented by the great beauty guru Helen Burke. She was looking to retire from the business, and was looking for someone who was both intelligent and beautiful to take over her beauty empire, and Rose fit the bill. Rose put her incredible mind to work and created an assortment of beauty potions and charms. Some of her best selling ones were her wrinkle correcting charms and her lush lip potion.
Hugo was approached by a talent agent, the same one who had signed legendary band the Weird Sisters, and was offered a musical contract. Hugo, along with Rory Scamander and their other two band members, Perer Davies and Kade Nott. They hadn’t planned to pursue music professionally, but ended up touring the world. Their band, the Original Defectors, went down in history as one of the greatest.
Roxanne followed a much more “serious” career path than her brother, becoming a litigator. She defended some serious clients, and testified before the Wizengamot on multiple occasions.
Victoire became a fashion designer. With robes starting to go out of style with the newer generations, a doorway had been opened that brought endless possibilities. Victoire built her own empire, just as Rose had. While Rose calmed their hair and made their eyes look brighter, Victoire dressed them in incredible clothes. Her brand soon became one of the most sought after in the wizarding world.
Dominique became a curse breaker. She needed the constant thrill and sense of danger. She exploded pyramids and ruins, raking in mountains of gold for the goblins at Gringotts.
Louis followed in Al’s footsteps, and was signed as a professional quidditch team. He played as a beater for Puddlemere United, and after a few years, one of the legendary English beaters stepped down, allowing Louis to fill his shoes.
Molly decided to become a dragonologist. Unlike Lily, who worked with any and every magical creature, Molly decided to narrow it down and focus solely on dragons. She even discovered an island in the south Atlantic that had been made unplottable in the 19th century that hosted a completely new species of dragon.
Lucy followed her passion for writing and photography. In her seventh year, she began writing for the Daily Prophet under the false name of Fiona Fawlty. The column was a massive hit, and Lucy took it on full time after she graduated. Years later, she went on to write for Abraxan magazine, the Vogue of the wizarding world.
Teddy decided to pursue a career in dark wizard catching. He became an auror, and after both Ron and Harry had decided that it was time to retire, Teddy took over the department.

Rose always got a certain look on her face when she was preparing to correct somebody. It wasn’t always very obvious, but growing up with her, Hugo could always recognize it.
Rose just before she informed their father that personal opinions aside, the Montrose Magpies were statistically the best team in the league, and were much better than the Chudley Canons.
Taken by Hugo, who was proud of himself for managing to capture “the face” perfectly.

HP24: Oliver Wood's career took off after he left Hogwarts.

Within a month of graduating from Hogwarts, Puddlemere United offered him the Keeper’s position, which he gladly accepted. After the Battle, as a celebration for the death of Voldemort, Oliver invited Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny to a game of Puddlemere vs. the Chudley Canons. To Ron’s delight, the Canons were victorious, but only by 10 points. Oliver soon became the Puddlemere Captain, and settled down with Katie Bell. Katie became a Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies, working with Ginny.

Post-Vacation HP Aesthetics

Because I just got back from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and therefore am all in my hp feels, I think that this is only appropriate. (I literally did like every possible hp related thing i could think of)


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Random Headcanon #2

One day, Ron came back at home after his work. He saw Albus and Rose, who was just twelve, in the living-room with this silver-blond boy who looked exactly like his father. But before Ron could say a word the little boy came to him, a bright smile on his face : “Are you Rose’s father ?? She told me you’re an auror ! He must be an incredible work ? But I hope it’s not too dangerous… She also told me you are already met the Chudley Canons ! How they are ?? I really hope they will win their match next week ! Oh Merlin I’m so sorry, I don’t even introduce myself ! I’m Scorpius. But I’m so happy to meet you ! Rose and Albus talk a lot about you !”

Astounded, Ron could just say a little  “Well… Glad to meet you Scorpius” before running to the kitchen and asked to Hermione “Are you sure Scorpius is really Draco Malfoy’s biological son ?!?”


a little series i’m doing for my trio babes. i’m not sure if i’m proud of it or if it’s complete crap but here it is anyway

Hermione Granger always had a favorite color.
When Hermione was four, her favorite color was pink.
Pink for the roses in her family’s garden and the color of her mum’s scrubs. The ones with the little smiling teeth on them. Pink for the barrettes she wore to keep her hair back and her favorite pair of flats she wore until they were no longer pink. Pink for flushed cheeks and bubblegum and the bike her dad bought her for her fifth birthday.

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