@ cis women in Texas – Now is your big chance to put all those posts saying you support Trans women and hate terfs into practice. We need you all to fight against the proposed WPA, which was made to prohibit Trans women from being in women’s bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms.

We need -your- support because this bill is being written in your name, and because both politicians and the media are more likely to listen to you all than to us. We’re framed as a bizarre fringe group, and when we speak up for ourselves it’s easy for these institutions to silence us.

Please, help us keep the public accomodations we so desperately need.

El Paso, TX.

For me, El Paso is the perfect city and I am lucky to live here.  Others may disagree and I would argue that they are mistaken.  But I won’t argue.  

Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner, my absolute favorite time of year.  Some will say it’s hot, I will say passion should be hot.  Some will say El Paso has nothing to offer to them, I will say they have nothing to offer to the city.  

Some will say they hate this place, but this place will always love them.  The people that proclaim their “hatred” know this.

“There are cooler cities,” they say.  But none more genuine.  

“El Paso has a small town mentality,” they say.  But they are small minded.  

“El Paso is boring,” they say.  They have chosen to be bored.    

El Paso welcomes all, even people who’d rather be welcomed elsewhere.