chucky p

Remember when Chuck Palahniuk created this big stir about how people were LITERALLY PASSING OUT at his readings? It was amazing. It was like 1950s horror movie promotion: PEOPLE ARE FAINTING BECAUSE CHUCKY P’S NEW STORY IS SO INTENSE!  HE DARE NOT READ IT ALOUD! PEOPLE COULD DIE!

And it took a few months for everyone to realize that the opening lines of the story tell you to hold your breath through the whole thing.  Bless the hearts of the apparently 67 people who took him at his word and passed out from oxygen deprivation while listening to his gory but mediocre story that is boring as fuck because honestly it was ripped from the headlines of John Edwards’ first successful lawsuit and he (Edwards) brought up a less intestine-focused version of the story up during the 2004 primaries all the time. 

Anyway, this is a metaphor for how Chuck Palahniuk is a genuis at edgelord self-promotion and that Fight Club is not actually a satire or That Deep. 


“Chucky Vane” (click photos to embiggen)

Please understand:

  • I do not own a sewing machine.  This was stitched entirely by hand.
  • I did not have a pattern.  I made this by trial and error.
  • Before this project, I had never sewn anything more complicated than a button.
  • I started working on this in JANUARY.  It took me SIX MONTHS.
  • Because of all this, he is stuffed with 100% pure profanity.

I don’t know if anyone remembers the “Child’s Play” movies, but that’s why I’m calling him “Chucky”.  :P

(Edit: Since this has gone around more than I expected, here’s a great picture of the original character that inspired the project:  Charles Vane from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag)

Tell-All by Chuck Palahniuk

I absolutely love Chuck Palahniuk. If his novels were mixed drinks, they would be two parts pure-as-hell satirical humor and one part revelation-inducing philosophy. This novel was no different, and it was hands-down his most hilarious story. I laughed out loud on more than one occasion. It had so many layers…a layer of beauty, hilarity, inspiration, darkness…it has it all. The end is like a brain-rattling backhand slap to the face. It gets your heart racing, eager to see what happens next, and questioning everything you just read. I think I’m going to read it again, and it’ll be a completely different experience than the first time around. Hazie and Miss Kathie are the best duo since Fight Club’s narrator and Tyler Durden.

I saw Chuck Palahniuk was trending, so I thought I would share a story about how awesome he is.

Chuck Palahniuk is my mom’s favorite author. We both worked in a bookstore together and she was always recommending his books to people and talking him up. A few years ago, he did a signing in Ann Arbor, and my mom couldn’t go. John and I went with a couple of my books and a couple of hers to get signed.

I ended up getting really sick (like pneumonia because it was so cold out and I was already coming down with something), but I waited in line until about midnight to meet him and have the books signed. He asked about the two books John had that were for “Tammy”, and we told him they were for my mom who couldn’t be there and that he was her favorite author.

He was really excited that a mom was into his stuff, and gave us a card to write her name and address on. Mr. Palahniuk made us promise not to tell her, and said he would be mailing something out for her.

A few weeks later she called me at work, shouting and almost in tears. He had sent her a box of little things that had to do with his books, a hand-made necklace from himself, some previously unreleased stuff, and a letter. The necklace was made of different polished rocks, and between the rocks were letter beads that spelled out “TO TAMMY T FROM CHUCKY P”.

I’ve never seen my mom that happy in my life, and it was all thanks to how amazingly awesome Chuck Palahniuk is. She still wears her necklace all the time, and tells people about it whenever they ask about what it says.