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Chuck Grant speaking
Chuck Grant speaking

A compilation of Chuck quotes, partly inspired by my post about his voice. 

Some I left out due to the uncertainty that it was him, with an inclusion of one that may not be him. Also excluded was his small part in the Landsberg scene. Since I suck at editing, the volumes didn’t really even out, so just a warning that some parts are a bit louder than others.

Special dedication to fellow Chuck lovers @ruinsrebuilt and @charles-grant :)

Deciding Teams in the Glade
  • <p> <b>Newt:</b> Okay now only Y/N and Chuck at left to be picked.<p/><b>Minho:</b> I pick Chuck.<p/><b>Gally:</b> No wait I pick Chuck!<p/><b>Minho:</b> too bad, Chuck wants to be on my team right Chuckie?<p/><b>Chuck:</b> ummm<p/><b>Y/N:</b> Why does no one want me on their team? I always get picked last! And then I'm put on bench! It's not fair! Newt!!<p/><b>Newt:</b> I'm sorry love, I'm just a referee, you know I'd take you in my team.<p/><b>Gally:</b> It's because you're a weak sissy she-bean!<p/><b>Y/N:</b> I am NOT you sexist pig!<p/><b>Minho:</b> Yea Gally, let her prove her strength in your team!<p/><b>Y/N:</b> Min! You're supposed to be my friend!<p/><b>Minho:</b> ...Fine. you can be on my team<p/><b>Y/N:</b> Yay!<p/><b>Minho:</b> Only if you promise to flash when it's necessary though.<p/><b>Y/N:</b> *flings a tomato at him and walks off*<p/><b>Newt:</b> Minho, you're disqualified<p/><b>Minho:</b> Aww come on!<p/></p>
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Next parts will be coming in the near future

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This might sound like a weird question, Tracer, but I'm American so can you humor me a bit? If you were to meet a cute child and wanted to call attention to the cute child without accidentally insulting them (like assuming that the child doesn't like being called a kid or something) how would you do that? All the slang I found online for 'kid' or 'child' sounds like it would be mildly insulting to say to an actual child. [by call attention to them I mean in a "hey look everyone it's a kid" way]

alright, i could humour you, luv ! i say “chuck(ie)” a lot, but that could be used for either an adult or a child, its like a friendly form of address. it isnt a substitute for child, though, you would refer to the child directly with it. “petal” is common here too but it’d probably be used to a girl or a baby. “cherub” and “duck” and “poppet” are used as well ! theres some cockney you could probably throw in too but it would most likely sound like gibberish. tell me if you would like some more !


[[ Request: cute Happy imagine where you two like each other a lot and Kozik knows so he helps you make Happy jealous by asking you to slow dance with him at a club party and Happy gets jealous and calls you his woman and confesses that he likes you ]] - I know I mentioned that I would be posting Tig & Juice imagines next, but this one was easy for me to write because I already had the idea and I just really wanted to post something for you guys to read. Hope you like it. 💞

You sat at the bar, nursing your beer and wondering how you ended up in the situation you were in. You were at the wildest party SAMCRO had thrown in weeks, which was saying a lot. Yet here you were, sitting at the bar by yourself and watching Happy Lowman stumble around, playing pool and downing shots like it was going out of style. You sighed loudly and threw your beer back. How you ended up falling for a guy like Happy was beyond you. You had told yourself for years not to get involved with the SAMCRO guys. At least not romantically. But one look at Happy, and you were hopelessly hooked. 

“You alright?” Kozik asked you as he took a seat at the bar beside you. “You’ve been workin’ on that beer for like, an hour.” He laughed and nodded towards Chucky. “Hey, yo, Chuck,” he glanced at you and smiled, “Can I get a couple shots for the lady?” 

Chucky nodded his head and began pouring you shots of whiskey. You raised your eyebrows and gave Kozik a questioning look. “What are you up to?” 

He smirked at you and shook his head. “Not a thing, babe.” He pushed a shot of whiskey in your direction. “Just tryin’ to liven you up a little.” 

You rolled your eyes and took the shot. Kozik knew what your problem was before he had even walked up to you. He knew you had a thing for Happy. You were convinced that it was painfully obvious to everyone besides Happy himself. You were miserable, that much was obvious, and Kozik wanted to do something to make you feel better. And he had just the right plan.

“Come on.” Kozik stood from the bar, took the other shot, and grabbed you by the hand. 

“What are you doing?” you asked, a small smile etching its way onto your face. You had no idea what Kozik had up his sleeve, but you weren’t going to argue. Anything had to be more fun that sitting at the bar and staring lustfully at Happy all night.

“We,” Kozik responded, pulling you to him and grinning mischievously, “are going to dance.” 

You let out a delighted laugh as Kozik spun you around the clubhouse floor. He dipped you, and your face spread into a wide grin. “Why are we dancing?” you asked between laughs as your head hung upside down.

Kozik pulled you up to face him again. “I’m going to help you make Hap jealous.”

You tilted your head to the side and smiled. “Koz - ”

“Look,” he placed a hand on the small of your back, his other hand still grasping yours, and began slow dancing with you. “You got a thing for Hap. I know that.” He gave you a little spin before placing his hand on your back and pulling you close to him again. “And he’s got a thing for you.”

You felt your heart skip a beat. “How do you know?” 

Kozik smiled. “I just know.” 

He must have been right, because within two minutes of dancing with Kozik, Happy had taken notice, and he was not liking what he saw. His eyes narrowed as he saw Kozik’s hand pressed to the small of your back. He felt his pulse quicken as he saw how close the two of you were pressed together. He felt anger, and he felt jealousy. He wouldn’t admit it for anything in the world, but Happy had been harboring feelings for you from the moment he laid eyes on you. He could still vividly remember the first day he walked into the SAMCRO clubhouse, back when he was still a member of the Tacoma charter, and saw you. You had caught his attention immediately, and he had had a thing for you ever since. Before he really realized what he was doing, Happy had marched over to where you were dancing with Kozik, his jaw rigid and his fists clenched. He never thought he’d say anything about how he felt about you. But now, seeing you with Kozik, he knew he didn’t have a choice. He couldn’t stomach the thought of you being with any man besides himself, especially not if that other man was one of his brothers. Happy grabbed Kozik by the shoulder suddenly, pulling Kozik’s hands away from your waist.

“What the hell are you doing with your hands all over my woman?” Happy demanded. 

“My bad, man.” Kozik glanced over his shoulder at you and winked. He turned back to Happy and shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly. “Didn’t know she was your woman.” 

Happy looked Kozik up and down, his face still stern. “Now you do.”

Kozik smiled back at you one last time before walking away. Happy quickly took his place. He slid one arm around your waist and pressed his hand to your lower back. He took one of your hands with his free one and began to slow dance with you. You smiled up at him, unsure what to think. First, Happy had called you his woman. Second, you had never known Happy to slow dance. With anyone. At any time. Ever. It was all very new.

You danced in silence for a few moments before you finally worked up the nerve to say something.

“So,” you bit your lip, “I’m your woman?” 

Happy nodded his head. “Yeah.” His face relaxed into a light smile. He placed a loving kiss on your forehead. “You are.”

You rested your head on his chest and took in a deep breath. “I think I’m okay with that.”

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i bet i know who ur crush is (it's chucky cheese)

Chuck E. was originally going to be named “Rick Rat”, but this idea was immediately shot down by the team at Atari. In the first showtape, he had a completely different persona than the rest of the later incarnations. He was a rat down to the heart, and directly made fun of the other characters onstage. Chuck also originally smoked cigars in advertisements, and even on the first few animatronic portrait figures. This was eradicated from the later shows, ads, and with the Cyberamics.

He was known as “The Big C” by the other Pizza Time Players, and even with his harsh actions, he always made it clear that he really cared for his friends onstage. He became softer until Concept Unification, where the character switched to Tux Chuck.

“Tux”, as he is called, took a drastic turn from the earlier, harsher Chuck E. Cheese character. He now wore a tuxedo as opposed to the familiar red vest, and had a much more snappy, upbeat personality. The band itself, now known as Munch’s Make Believe Band, really adopted the whole band dynamic at this point. This era was during the boom era in the 90’s, and though it was short lived, it is arguably one of the most iconic and remembered eras.

The third incarnation of Chuck E. began in 1997 when the showtapes were being made by The Walt Disney Company. He still had the same personality as Tux Chuck E., but an earlier version of the voice Duncan Brannan used later in this era. The Disney phase didn’t last long, and the shows were made by the entertainment part of Showbiz Pizza Time Inc., which would later be named “Department 18 Productions”.

1997 was the start of the Awesome Adventure Machine period, which was a test stage that never made it past the three test locations. Duncan Brannan’s voice was slightly lowered for these shows, and Chuck E. as a character had a slight shift. He invented a machine to take the band wherever they wanted, and this would result in the adventures they would go on. This period was cut short, as the AAM failed and it was back to the drawing board with the new stage concept.

In 1998, Studio C was introduced to the public with a new look, and another Chuck E. shift. Chuck was this time voiced by Jeremy Blaido, who would eventually become the voice of Jasper T. Jowls. Studio C was meant to replicate a news studio, which unfortunately gave Chuck E. a bland personality. After CEC Entertainment couldn’t afford to replace the existing stages with Studio C, they dropped the News Show format and went back to the band dynamic. This is when the modern Chuck E. really started to form. Duncan was hired back on the job of voicing Chuck E. and he was in that role til 2012.

In the early 2000’s, the Avenger Chuck E. was introduced. He was dressed as a skater gear in the advertisements, but never had the personality of one. Avenger Chuck went back to the roots of Tux Chuck and became an every man who loved to entertain with his friends. He always tried to keep things in control, though he has lost his temper with the band in a few shows. He was also shy to have Helen’s crush on him, even though in the music videos they’re most always seen holding hands. At the end of the day, he loves his guests and wants to be where they are.  Avenger became the most well known Chuck and a favorite amongest fans.

Chuck E. Cheese had an immediate switch with a new ad campaign for the summer, “Say Cheese It’s Funner”. This was the first time the character was presented in CGI in the promotional material, replacing the hand drawn Avenger ads. The Duncan Brannan voice was switched to Jaret Reddick, the lead singer from the then obscure band called Bowling For Soup. The redesign was initially met with backlash from fans and regular customers of Chuck E. Cheese’s. His personality changed again to be more like a Rockstar, and radical to the current generation of children. In the shows, he’s typically trying to do this his own way, but the other characters stop him from doing so. He always tries to appeal to kids and take birthdays seriously.