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Deciding Teams in the Glade
  • <p> <b>Newt:</b> Okay now only Y/N and Chuck at left to be picked.<p/><b>Minho:</b> I pick Chuck.<p/><b>Gally:</b> No wait I pick Chuck!<p/><b>Minho:</b> too bad, Chuck wants to be on my team right Chuckie?<p/><b>Chuck:</b> ummm<p/><b>Y/N:</b> Why does no one want me on their team? I always get picked last! And then I'm put on bench! It's not fair! Newt!!<p/><b>Newt:</b> I'm sorry love, I'm just a referee, you know I'd take you in my team.<p/><b>Gally:</b> It's because you're a weak sissy she-bean!<p/><b>Y/N:</b> I am NOT you sexist pig!<p/><b>Minho:</b> Yea Gally, let her prove her strength in your team!<p/><b>Y/N:</b> Min! You're supposed to be my friend!<p/><b>Minho:</b> ...Fine. you can be on my team<p/><b>Y/N:</b> Yay!<p/><b>Minho:</b> Only if you promise to flash when it's necessary though.<p/><b>Y/N:</b> *flings a tomato at him and walks off*<p/><b>Newt:</b> Minho, you're disqualified<p/><b>Minho:</b> Aww come on!<p/></p>
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SPN Characters

Lucifer x Reader

Soulmates with the Devil | The Devils One and Only | Forgiveness For the Devil | The Devil’s Baby (more to come)


Mark Pellegrino x Reader

Affliction | Comatose | Awakening | Recovered (more to come)

Jared Padalecki x Reader

A New Beginning (more to come)

Rob Benedict x Reader

My Savior | Reservations | Bad News | Funeral | Celebration (more to come)


Dean x Reader

Dean? Or Not? | Forever and Always (finished)

Professor!Rob Benedict x Reader

Yes, Professor | Wrongful Love | All That Matters


SPN Characters

Dean x Reader

Best Friends with Benefits

You’ve Always Had Me, Dean

Never Piss Off A Female Hunter

Sam x Reader

Always Remember

Perks of Being God’s Sister

Cas x Reader

Dear God

Peace of Mind


God!Chuck x Reader

Oh Chuck, My Chuck

I Think I’d Like Another Round

Everything I’ve Ever Wanted


Happy Fourth of July

God Loves Tattoos And Piercings

Lucifer x Reader

Surprise! Luci Remembered.


Until the End

Devil in the Flesh

Gabriel x Reader

Never Underestimate A Hunter

God!Chuck x Lucifer x Reader

Heaven and Hell

Michael x Reader

Fondness From Within

Rowena x Reader

Girl’s Day Out

Sam x Reader x Lucifer


Gadreel!Sam x Reader x Dean

Flash of Blue

Charlie x Reader x Team Free Will

Hard Times

Cas x Reader x Dean

A Close Call


Rob Benedict x Reader

A Long Time Coming

Los Angeles Love

Misha x Reader


Mark Pellegrino x Reader

Small Town Girl, Living in a Big Con World

Misha x Rob x Reader

Eiffel Tower of Lust

Jensen x Jared x Misha x Richard x Reader

I’ll Be Okay


Chuck x Reader


Supernatural/Doctor Who

Dean x Reader x The Doctor


Supernatural/The Walking Dead

Negan x Reader

I Don’t Think We’re In Kansas Anymore | The Truth Revealed



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