chucky boy i love you so

Chibs Telford imagine #1.

Hope you like it!


Seeing him on a day to day basis was never my plan after things went downhill. But I was extremely stupid to think that I would never see him again. I work at his shop for Christs sake, of course I’d see him. And being friends with the one woman that accepts me, Gemma, I’d be bound to catch a glimpse of him.

But maybe I stick around because I do want to see him. Its like a magnet finding its connecting side. I immediately find his face in crowds, no matter who is in the way. I catch glimpses of the goatee, the sunglasses that frame his face, and the scars on his cheeks that I ran my fingers over while he slept late into the mornings and afternoon.

It seems like just yesterday I was curled up on his chest tracing the outline of a tattoo inked permanently into his skin, listening to the soft breaths that leave his parted lips and that little ‘pat pat’ of his heart beneath my ear. But it has been weeks since that last happened, months even and I’m still not over him.

He’s the only man I’ll ever want, even if he’s well beyond my age. The only old man I could ever be with. And the haunting reminder of his crow tattooed just under my breasts spread out to curl around them has me rarely looking at my nude body in the mirror. I can no longer look at myself without wanting to drown in tears.

The crow was supposed to mean forever and always, like a wedding ring and signed legal papers. But apparently that isn’t the case anymore and I’ll have to soon enough get Happy to black it out for me. Or live with the horrible reminder for the rest of my life.

He’d told me as Happy moved the tattoo gun over my skin, black ink being punched into my skin forever, that he’ll always be by my side. And that lie has left a permanent knot in my throat, leaving me with the threat of tears dripping down my cheeks. Will I ever be over him? Probably not. Gemma says I’ll get passed it, but I don’t think I will.

Sat in the office of the TM, I’m looking over paperwork Gemma had left behind for me to finish up for her, typing into the computer before filing things away. Chucky is helping, the little sounds of his kazoo making me smile. It isn’t until there are heavy foot falls of boots and a soft knock at the door that I look up from my work, my heart jumping into my throat at the sight of Chibs. He’d been avoiding coming into the office when I worked but he’d apparently forgotten that Gemma had taken off to be with her grandkids because the look of surprise and almost shock on his face says it all.

He clears his throat and Chucky slowly stops playing his kazoo, looking between us too. “Give us a minute, Chucky boy?” Chibs breathes and Chucky looks to me, taking hold of his kazoo so he can talk. “Do you want me to leave?” He asks and I take a deep breath, putting down a file and nodding. “Just a few minutes, Chucky.” I smile politely to him and he nods. “I accept that.” He states before sauntering out, eyeing Chibs as he does.

Chibs runs a hand through his hair before he pushes his sunglasses up over his hair. “In here workin’ alone, love?” He asks, his accent sending shivers down my spine, and I rest my elbows on the table, shaking my head. “I have Chucky.” I manage to get out without tripping over my words, my hands beginning to sweat out of nervousness.

He just nods and takes a seat, sighing softly. “How’ve you been?” He asks and I thoroughly think this question through. Does he really even care? “I’ve been good.” I finally answer after a few prolonged seconds, giving him a bit of a forced smile. I can’t tell if he realizes it’s fake or not, he’d be able to recognize if it was considering we’d been together for going on five years.

“That’s good, lass.” He says and I immediately look away from him, my chest aching. “I have to get back to work, Chibs.” I whisper and he inhales deeply. I only ever called him Filip, resorting to Chibs when I was mad or upset with him. He stands, glancing around the office for a moment. “I miss you.” He whispers before he walks out and leaves me sitting there.

I sit, my hands grasping at the edge of the desk, tears uncontrollably falling down my cheeks, gasping in breaths. Chucky comes back in, noticing the tears immediately and moving to help clean them from my face with a paper towel, shushing me softly. He’s no help, my chest rising and falling unevenly. Gathering my things, I apologize before I rush out to my car, knowing the boys can see my tears as I pass them. But I’m gone before any of them can stop me.

The sobs break through when I’m alone in the safety of my car, my throat aching and sore after just a few seconds, gripping tightly onto the steering wheel.

I miss him too.

Gallagher + Galchenyuk

lets be honest…


they’re so cute. But together…



perfect. They have the type of friendship I want with my friends…

I mean… come on… its too cute… but don’t even get me started on them with Prusty…

I mean look… its so adorable

but back to the boys…

 where do I sign up for a friendship like this?


look at how brendan’s looking at him. I want him to look at me like that.

Are they ever separated for more than 2 minutes?

i guess not…

how much you wanna bet chucky was right beside him in this but someone just edited him out. 

same here. but they were the cutest rookies tho



lets face the facts… they are the cutest. I just love them

Who Needs Normal?

Request: Hii, I’ve never actually requested before but I’m a big fan of your writing and I was wondering if you would do one where juice and the reader recently broke up because he chose someone else (the club prefers the reader) but then the reader finds out she’s pregnant & the club is super supportive and keeps it a secret from juice until he accidentally  finds out. I know this is super specific sorry lol hopefully it inspires somethin?

Pairing: ReaderxClub, Ex-ReaderxJuice, and implied future HappyxReader.

AN: This was a really good prompt and never worry about giving me too many details, it lets me know what you guys want out of the story and i enjoy making the readers happy  :)

   Your eyes widened and your stomach dropped as you looked down at the positive pregnancy test in your hands.
   You had been throwing up these past few mornings and your rings barely fit anymore because your hands were swollen.
   You had prayed that you weren’t pregnant as you went to the drugstore and bought a few pregnancy tests, brought them home, and peed on them.
   Fifteen minutes later here you were, a cold sweat breaking out on your skin and thoughts racing through your mind but the biggest problem sticking out to you the most.
   How were you going to raise this baby alone?
   Juice had left you 3 weeks ago.
   You still saw him everyday because you were a member of the MC but you rarely ever saw him without that whore Ima on his hip.
   If he wanted to leave you for a skank who would probably just use him and leave him that was fine but there was no way in hell that your child was going to be around that.
   You had to talk to someone about this, someone you could trust, so you called your best friend.
   The phone rang for a few minutes before you heard his familiar voice.
   “Hey babygirl, what’s up?”

   “Happy, I need you. Can you come over?” you asked
   He knew that there was a problem immediately because you weren’t the type to say you needed anyone, you had been hurt so many times that you would rather die than say  those 3 words.
   “I’ll be over in 10.” he said before hanging up.
   Your mind was still spinning and you were still in shock when you heard your front door open.
   You heard Happy call out your name and you gave him a small noise in acknowledgement.
   You heard his heavy boot treads and he soon appeared in the bathroom doorway.
   He took one look at the pregnancy test in your hands and knew what the problem was.
   “Dammit (y/n), i thought you out of all people would be careful about this.” he told you taking the test from you hands and setting it on the sink before pulling you into a hug.
   You clung to Happy as a sob ripped it’s way out of your body.
   You would never admit this to anybody but you were scared out of your mind.
   “What am I going to do Happy? I can’t raise this baby alone.” you told him fear coursing through your veins.
   “Hey look at me.” he said taking your face gently in his hands. “You will by no means raise this baby alone. You will always have the club and you will damn sure have me, I don’t care if it’s not my baby.” He told you.
   You let out a watery thank you before pulling away to wipe your eyes.
   “I have to tell the club though, they need to help me keep it a secret, at least until I decide to tell Juice. If I don’t tell them they’ll figure it out and don’t need them thinking that i don’t trust them on top of everything else that’s happening right now.” you told him, grabbing the pregnancy test and throwing it into the garbage.
   He nodded his head in agreement.
   “When are you going to tell them?” he asked as you walked out of the bathroom.
   “Now, it’s better to just get it over with.” you said grabbing your keys and putting on your jacket before you both exited the house and got on your bikes, heading in the direction of the clubhouse.
   When you go there you noticed that everyone was outside sitting around the picnic tables, all except for Juice.
   This was most definitely the right time to tell them because you didn’t know how long it would be before they were all together without Juice.
   You got off of your bike and walked over to the group, Happy following behind you, and you were immediately greeted.
   “Hey guys. So i need to tell you something.” you told them immediately earning their undivided attention.
   “What’s wrong?” Jax asked probably noticing your shaky form.
   You opened your mouth to speak but suddenly it was almost as if you couldn’t form the words.
   Happy noticed this and placed a hand on your back as an act of encouragement.
The contact told you that he supported you which helped calm your nerves.
“Okay well you boys know that Juice and I were together for about a year right?” you asked them earning nods in return. “Well apparently he and I weren’t careful enough while we were doing the deed because….I’m pregnant.” you told them.

You had found that your eyes had somehow made their way to the ground and when you looked up you were met with 5 very shocked faces.
“I’m so sorry guys.” you told them, the tears starting to make their way back into your eyes.
“You have no reason to apologize.” Chibs said getting up from the table and pulling you into a hug.
Kozik, Tig, Bobby, and Jax all following so that you were involved in a long line of hugs.
“We’re going to be here for you the whole time.” Jax told you as he pulled out of the hug.
The boys all let out a form of agreement.
“Thank you so much guys, that means a lot.” you said smiling at all of them.
Just then Juice and his porn whore pulled into the lot on his bike.
The clubs smiles immediately dropped, including yours.
They got off of the bike and walked over to all of you smiles on your  faces.
“Hey guys.” he greeted you, his eyes wondering until they rested on you.
He was only greeted with small grunts.
“Hey (y/n), I was wondering if Ima could borrow some of your clothes, her’s got a bit messy on the ride over here, there was a lot of mud.” he asked you.
You raised your eyebrows in surprise and you saw Ima smirk at you.
You didn’t know why but you felt a sense of protectiveness wash over you.
“I gotta tell you Juice, you’ve got a pair. No she may not wear my clothes, in fact i’ll tell you what.” you said stepping up and getting in Ima’s face. “If i ever see you near my clubhouse or the boys again I will find out where you live and you will wake up with half a pool cue in your stomach, got it?” you said before turning your back and walking to your dorm, deciding to lay down for a bit .
*******Time Skip******
When you woke up it was dark outside and you could hear the sound of classic rock playing at an earsplitting level.
You knew the boys were probably having a party so you tried to straighten up your hair a bit and wipe some of the smudged makeup from underneath your eyes before going out and joining the boys for the party.
You walked out and noticed that all of the members were busy with a whore except for Happy who was at the bar nursing a beer.

You walked over and sat in the stool next to his, asking Chucky for a water.
“How come you aren’t workin’ your magic on one of these lovely ladies.” you asked him, giggling.
“What kind of friend would I be if I let you sit here at the bar all night like a loner.” he chuckled
   “Well thank you Hap but i’m a big girl and i can handle myself so if you-.”
   “(y/n), I’m hanging out with you tonight.” he said giving you a look that said ‘end of discussion’
   The rest of the evening went well, that was until Ima walked in and started to do things to get under your skin.
   First it started with her throwing out comments about you gaining weight then it finally escalated to her flirting with Happy.
   You couldn’t help but think that she had already taken one man from your life and she was not getting another.
   You turned to where she was standing, next to Happy’s stool, trying to bat her eyes at him.
   You got off of your seat and walked around Happy to stand in between the two.
   “You, my skanky friend, need to leave, right now.” You told her
   She raised her eyebrows at you before speaking.
   “Or what, you’ll get one of your pimps here to beat my ass?’ she asked in a challenging tone.
   “No, i will” you said before throwing a punch that landed on her nose.
   You were about to throw another when you  heard the sound of a gun cocking.
   You immediately froze and watched as she pulled a gun from her purse, pointing it at your stomach.
   “Ya know, i’m getting real damn tired of being abused by this club, maybe if i make an example out of you then they’ll stop.” she said placing her finger on the trigger.
   Before she could pull it Juice walked in. He saw the scene and rushed over.
   “Ima, put the gun down.” he said trying to calm her down.
   Happy, who had stood up when you punched Ima was now also trying to talk Ima out of shooting you.
   “You don’t want to do this.” said Happy trying to nudge the gun away from your abdomen.
   “Actually i’m pretty sure I do.” she said digging it deeper into your stomach.
   This must’ve caused Happy to panic because he blurted out “SHE’S PREGNANT!”
   Those who weren’t already tuned in to the scene were watching now.
   “What.” Juice and Ima uttered at the same time.
   “I’m pregnant.” you  said stepping away from the gun.
   The shock must’ve gotten to Ima because she let you go.
   Before you knew what was happening Juice had grabbed your hand and was pulling you out of the clubhouse out into the cool night.
   He leaned against the table before taking a deep breath.
   “Are you really pregnant?” he asked you, his voice shaking a bit.

  “Yes, i found out this morning.” He started to ask if it was his before you shot him a look and the question died off.
   “I want to be involved in it’s life if that’s okay with you.”
   “That’d be fine Juice, but I don’t want my kid around that whore.” you told him staring him dead in the eyes so he knew you were serious.
   “Alright, i just found out she’s been cheating on me anyways so she was gonna be out of here soon.”
   “I’m sorry Juice.” you said.
   He laughed.
   “Oh (y/n), only you would feel sorry for the man that left you.” you let out a chuckle at his words.
   “I’m just glad that this  baby is going to have a man to be around when i can’t be.’ he said
   “It will?” you asked confused.
   “Darlin’ i’ve seen the way Happy looks at you. He looks at you like I used to.” he said giving you a small smile.
   “Yeah, this poor kid is going to be raised into one jacked up little family.” you said placing a hand on you still flat abdomen, knowing that it would start to grow in a few months.
   “Ah, i wouldn’t say  jacked up, just interesting.” he said causing you both to chuckle.
   That was true but as you sat there with the father of your child and the rest of your biker family inside you realised that there was no other way you would rather raise this baby. Who needs normal anyways?

Sick - Gally Imagine

Little anon requested:

Can I have a Gally imagine where Gally has been really sick and in the medjack hut and so one night he sneaks out and into bed with y/n, and you’ve both been having trouble sleeping without one another. In the morning Clint (or) Jeff are really angry he left and are looking for him in the morning and are yelling etc. You can make the rest up! Really fluffy please! Thank you :)

I love Gally Imagines hehehehe

The Glade was a pretty small place, so when someone was sick, everyone was the next day. You had a strong immune system, so you didn’t caught the virus, unless some other Gladers. Newt was in his bed for the whole day, and Zart too. It wasn’t a really bad virus, just a little flu.

But Gally, your boyfriend, was the worse. He caught the virus, but, you didn’t knew how, it had a more intense effect on the boy. He was literally not able to do anything, so the Medjacks forced him to go in their hut, with the other sick people. Since you were the best builder, Gally gave you the right to give orders to the others and be kind of the leader until he comes back.

You were missing Gally. Usually, the two of you would goof around and laugh together while working. Now, you were alone. You got along with almost no Builders, just Ben, and the boy didn’t liked when we distracted him from his work. So you were working alone, talking to no one. Minho was a close friend of you, but he was out running. When you finished your work, you walked to Jeff, who was near the Medjacks’ hut.

“Hey, Jeff. Can I see Gally ?”

Jeff shook his head.

“Nope, sorry. There are full of sick people in there, don’t want another shank to get the virus”

“C’mon, Jeff. I don’t think I’ll catch it if I enter for five minutes”

“Not taking the risk, (Y/N). Sorry”

You sighed and crossed your arms.

“When will he leave ?”

“He’s getting better. Maybe tomorrow or a day after”

You sighed again and walked towards the Homestead. You saw Chuck, leaning against the Glade’s wall.

“Hey” you said, stopping next to him.

“Hey ! Gally is still sick ? I saw you talking with Jeff”

“Yeah, still sick”

“Awwww, you look so sad ! I find it cute. You seem to really like Gally”

You smiled.

“I do”

“Do you think one day I’ll feel the same for someone ?”

“I hope so, Chuckie” you said, patting the boy’s shoulder.

Love was a wonderful feeling, and you wanted everyone to live it.

* * *

You ate your plate with Minho. The boy told you about today’s run, but you weren’t really interested about him describing a weird-shaped rock he saw. You’d love Gally to be next to you, his hand on your thigh, like he always does. You wanted to be with him, to kiss him, to touch him. But you couldn’t, because of shucking flu that every Glader catch.

You sighed and kept listening to Minho.

* * *

You yawned and took your hammer. You didn’t slept at all last night, or more than two minutes. Usually, you always sleep with Gally, his arms around you, feeling his warm breath against your neck. The night you just had was horrible. You were cold, with no one besides you to stroke your hair or kiss your neck. You wanted Gally to be with you. You sighed and kept working.

You ran towards Jeff, who was standing in front of the Medjack’s hut, his arms crossed. He raised his head, looking at you.

“Gally is getting better, but we must keep him to check if he’s right. He may go out tomorrow”

You sighed.

“Really ?”

The boy shrugged.


You mentally cursed the flu and walked away.

* * *

The stars were weakly lightning the Glade, surrounded by the Glader’s snores. You were in your room in the Homestead, so you couldn’t hear them, and you were glad about it. Fortunately, Gally doesn’t snores.

Gally. You felt a bit sad when you thought about him. You wanted to be with him so bad, and being on the same bed he had been in so many times frustrated you. You and Gally did so much things in this bed. Cuddling, kissing, loving each other… you smiled at the memories, but the smile quickly fainted, as if it never appeared. You sighed and closed your eyes, pretty sure you won’t be able to sleep.

* * *

You felt a thing on your waist. You didn’t opened your eyes, but you tried to figure out what was happening. Who was holding you like that ?

You recognized the way the arms were placed.

Gally ?

You turned and saw the boy, still up. He raised his eyebrows.

“Oh, uh… sorry, didn’t wanted to wake you”

“Weren’t you supposed to be in the Medjacks’ hut ?” you asked.

You weren’t able to stop smiling. You were so happy to see him.

Gally shrugged.

“Well… yeah, but I wasn’t able to sleep without you, so… I sneaked out like a ninja and I’m here”

You smiled more.

“Jeff will kill you”

“At least I’ll die happy” he said, holding you tighter.

You raised your head and kissed the boy’s chin, since his lips were too far. He looked at you and kissed you, running his hands through your hair. You closed your eyes. You wanted to be with him for so long, and here he was. You kept kissing him, not wanting to stop. He didn’t broke the kiss. You felt him smile against your mouth as he slipped his hand under your shirt, his hand running on your back, like he used to do when the two of you kiss. He loves to touch your soft skin. You shivered under his touch, but kept kissing him.

When you broke the kiss, you smiled.

“I love you, Gally” you whispered.

“Bet I love you more”

“Oh yeah ?” you said, stroking Gally’s cheek with your thumb.

“Maybe we can arm wrestle about this”

“I don’t want to use my hands for something that I obviously am the winner”

“Maybe Newt can do it for ya”

“No, he’ll just walk away”

Gally laughed, and kissed your neck. You shivered again.

* * *

You were woken up by screams. People were screaming Gally’s name. The boy was next to you, still sleeping. You gently shook his shoulder. He opened his eyes.

“(Y/N) ?”

“I think the Medjacks are looking for you” you whispered, trying your best not to laugh.

“Oh, shuck”

You laughed.

“Better sneak your way back in the Medjack’s hut like the ninja you are”

Gally got up and took your hand, bringing you outside of the Homestead. You giggled as he put his finger in front of his lips, silently telling you to be silent. Both of you sneaked between the trees, slowly getting closer to the Medjack’s hut. But you tripped on a rock and fell on Gally, who face-planted on the ground.

“Ouch !”

“Oh ! Sorry !”

But you couldn’t stop laughing.

“Stop ! The Medjacks will notice us !” he said.

But he was laughing too.

“GALLY !” a voice screamed.

You looked up and saw Jeff. You get yourself off Gally and help the boy to get up. The Medjack was angry, really angry.

“What the shuck were you doing ? You weren’t supposed to go out ! YOU COULD HAVE SPREAD THE VIRUS, GODDAMMIT !”

“C’mon, Jeff. I’m sure that I’m right” Gally replied.

“Come with me ! We still have to examine you”

Gally sighed and walked away with Jeff. You were still laughing. You saw Gally turning his head towards you and winking at you.

Hope you liked it !