My Top 5 Sexiest Characters in Horror Movies

Horror’s always been famous for its atmosphere, monsters, gore, shock, and… HOT WOMEN! I’ve decided to rank my top 5 favorite horror hotties. This was extremely difficult to do, and there’s likely a billion characters I’d want on this list but forgot about, but at the moment I’m fine with this. These are only horror movie characters. Not horror comedy characters, spooky TV characters or any of that, so no Morticia or Lilly for this specific list. Without further ado…


The unnamed “Space Girl” from the 1985 scifi/vampire movie, Life Force is unforgettably sexy. Her hypnotic power over everybody with her lust, her calm, collected, sexy attitude, a damn nice pair, and the fact that she spends 90% of the movie naked get her a spot on here. Hell, she’s so hot that dudes can’t resist kissing her even when she’s in Patrick Stewart’s body.


A classic beauty, Julie Adams was without a doubt the most beautiful and sexy lady to ever grace a Universal Horror film. Even a prehistoric fish-man beast is in a trance when he sees those lovely legs swimming.


OK, so for non-Chucky fans, this is kind of a hard one to explain. The actress, Jennifer Tilly, played Tiffany in Bride of Chucky but she died and became a doll, then the Tiffany doll finds the real Jennifer Tilly who dies and the Tiffany doll puts her soul in Jennifer Tilly’s body, so now Jennifer Tilly in the movies is Tiffany, even though she was the actress who played Tiffany…. got all that?
Regardless, Tilly was always hot as hell. I never understood why she never got more mainstream attention. Like, seriously. Anybody ever see her in Liar Liar? Dayum!


Arguably more cute than hot, I say she’s both. Madeline Smith plays Emma Morton in Hammer’s “The Vampire Lovers”. She’s an adorable redhead with big knockers who has passionate lesbian sex with Ingrid Pitt as a sexy vampire countess. I was originally going to make this list “hottest horror movie moments”, with their scene being on there, but figured characters was easier. When choosing between the two beauties in the scene, I felt Madeline was the hotter of the two. I don’t know what it is about her face, but damn she’s adorable.


A lot of people probably saw this one coming, but come on. That dance she does is guaranteed to make anybody harder than Sex Machine’s crotch-gun. Who can deny the sexiness of a curvy Latin Vampire in a tiny brown bikini rolling her hips?

Who are your favorite horror film hotties?


Chucky is a Fannibal. Good to have him