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Good Times Antics of R & V
The Dylan and Eric Laugh Track
Good Times Antics of R & V

As promised… the D & E laugh track compilations audio!

Yes, now YOU can hear and experience the nuances between
a Dyl and a Rebby in mid LOL..   Enjoy. :) 

* Dyl laughing his wicked little bad ass snickers and goofy, mirthful IRL chuckles

* Rebby laughing away in his high pitched chipmunk tittering from:

Radioactive Clothing 
Car Wax Commercial
Hitmen for Hire (no Eric laughs on this one)
Rampart Range

anonymous asked:

Hi! My otp is jeonghan(Savage dude) and Amber(you)

i’m flattered but also very undeserving of this title??? i’m crying???? this is so funny hflksjlfkklddls;k

FFXV, in my experience so far -

First few chapters: casual AF, prolonged camping trip with the bros, making Iggy drive me everywhere, I want to ride my chocobo all day.

A couple chapters in: the addiction begins, bastard stole my car, I hate running.

Suddenly PLOT: the chocobo song is ruined, reaction buttons, can’t save, can’t quit.

Chapter 11: prolonged screaming.

HALLWAYS: screaming intensifies, evil chuckling for hours, perspiring IRL, rip this controller from my dead hands.